Epson ColorWorks TM-C3500 Label Printer Review

Hello everyone it’s Ben from Printerbase and
in this video we’ll be taking a look at the TM-C3500 label printer from Epson. The C3500
is a desktop label printer designed to help businesses print a wide variety of long lasting
and colourful labels on demand. With the printer you get a power cable, all of the documentation
you’d expect, some ink cartridges, a roll of paper, a maintenance box, and a user manual.
The inks used for this machine are Epson’s DuraBRITE ultra inks that are smudge, water,
and fade resistant. Not only does this make for a great looking print, but it also reduces
the risk of contamination, as the ink is less likely to run when exposed to condensation,
perfect for food labelling. There are 360 nozzles for each colour and the printing method
is Epson’s micro piezo technology, that gives more consistent ink droplets, making for a
better quality print overall. Most label printers on the market are thermal printers, but with
thermal printers, you can’t have the vast range of colours that you can with inkjet
printers. So as many labels have some form of graphics on them, it makes sense to, it
makes sense to make them with a high quality inkjet printer. This machine has a maximum
print width of 104mm, so you can get some pretty large labels. there’s also different
types of media to print on, including sticky back labels and paper, in both matte and gloss
finishes. For larger print jobs, the C3500 also takes labels in fan fold configuration.
You can connect to this machine with both USB and network cables, and as it’s compact,
it’ll integrate into almost any working environment. There’s a cutter for continuous media and
it’ll also print on die cut labels with the use of a gap and black mark sensor, making
sure everything is positioned exactly where exactly where you want it. You can design
labels in Microsoft word and adobe illustrator making label design extremely easy, as long
as you’re using a Windows laptop or PC, as this machine does not have any compatibility
with Mac or linux systems. Changing the ink cartridges is simple too, simply pop the out,
and pop them back in again. It gets the labels out quickly, and all in all, it’s an easy
to use, practical high quality printer, allowing you to bring labelling in house, giving you
full control over what gets printed. If you’d like to know anymore just click the logo at
the bottom of the screen, or give us a call. Our number is 0800 170 7234, you can find
us on Facebook and Twitter, and you can also visit our website at
I’m Ben, and thanks for watching.

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3 thoughts on “Epson ColorWorks TM-C3500 Label Printer Review

  1. H Ben, we just bought this printer in Australia and having alot of trouble with it – getting the continuous labels roll is a trouble and also wondering what software you recommend to use with the printer? we have tried a few software programs, and it's not as easy as it seems to use it. I think the glossy labels we were given with the printer from our guy in Australia are dodgy as the labels are all smudgy. Do you sell bulk continuous roll labels ?

  2. This is the worst kind of printer you can imagine and Epson doesn't give any support… it's evil the way it's bad….

  3. You didn't evaluate it in any way, how is this a review? Basically just read the brochure for the damn thing…

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