Epson ColorWorks TM-C3500 Label Printer Speed Test

Hello everyone it’s Ben from Printerbase and
in this video we’ll be seeing how fast the Epson TM-C3500 can print. This is a full colour
inkjet label printer boasting a print speed of up to 103mm or just over 10cm per second.
A number like that isn’t easily visualised, so I felt a demonstration was in order. I’ve
designed a pretty standard label using the software and now I’m going to print off 50
labels and see how the machine performs. So there you go. Fast output, great quality and
most importantly, no misprints. Each one, identical If you’d like to know anymore just click the
logo at the bottom of the screen or give us a call. Our number is 0800 170 7234, you can
find us on Facebook and Twitter, and you can also visit our website at
I’m Ben, and thanks for watching.

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