Etude House One Brand Makeup Tutorial & Review | Indo sub | Molita Lin

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100 thoughts on “Etude House One Brand Makeup Tutorial & Review | Indo sub | Molita Lin

  1. u might have known by now , but i jus wanna tell u the make up brush holder , that brown layer with green wording plastic can be peeled off and i'll be full black 🙂 LOVE YOU BTWWW ❤️💜💛💚💙

  2. Ugghgghgh u look so cute. And for some reason, i like it better when you speak in bahasa(?). Hayy cute hahahaha

  3. OMG ANOTHER GIRL CRUSH FOUND ㅠㅠ you are so pretty! and i looooove how you did your brows! have you ever tried eyebrow trimming tutorial? i'd like to see how you trim your eyebrows after growing them out so i can have an idea on how to do it on my own.. hehe

  4. Etude house one brand makeup tutorial – Molita Lin

    1. Double lasting foundation
    2. Brush drying rack
    3. Big cover cushion concealer
    4. Drawing eyebrow
    5. Play color eyes in the cafe
    6. Blend 4 eyes with rose
    7. Colour cleaner
    8. Brown stylish eyeliner
    9. Asther
    10. Play 101 stick
    11. Dear darling tint

  5. I saw your instagram and I can't believe your already a mom. You look so young, I thought you were 18! By the way, your son is so cute. And you look like Apink's Naeun.

  6. fresh banget look nya, ya ampun 😍. cantik banget sih ce. gampang juga diikutin. gak nyesel kalo download videonya cece 😍😍😍💜💜💜

  7. Yessss setuju battt. Aku udh sangat2 cinta dengan pensil alisnya but for the eyeliner yg jenis styling ini sangat tidak recommended. Selain susah diaplikasikan krn bentukannya crayon dan tidak runcing… Lalu mudah patah, dan easily smudge :"(

  8. Really, you look like naeun from apink. That why when first time I saw your video I feel familiar with your face

  9. Karena keseringan nonton udah hapal banget sama kata"nya,meskipun ngomongnya pake b. Inggris gk perlu lihat subtitlenya. Tetep suka 😍😘

  10. Мне очень нравится твой канал.) Хоть я ничего не понимаю из слов, всё равно тебя приятно слушать ^^

  11. Is she singaporean ? I just came to see eyeliner tutorial but ended up watching the whole thing because shes so pretty😍😍

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