Explanation of the Raelian Symbol (subtitles: French, Spanish,Chinese, German.)

The Raelian symbol consists of a triangle pointing upwards which represents the infinitely large, a triangle pointing downwards which represents the infinitely small and a swastika which represents infinity in time The whole symbolizes the infinite in time and space. To better understand let’s start from our level in the infinitely large starting from a human being like us sitting in a park On planet earth in our solar system which forms – together with other solar systems – our galaxy that forms – together with other galaxies – our universe which is a particle of a giant atom of a molecule of a cell of a giant being perhaps a human being who is also on a planet in a solar system and so on this cycle is repeated to infinity towards the infinitely large. Be noted that in our case we are in a living being but we could also have been in something non-living Let us briefly come back to our level on planet earth to continue this journey in the infinitely small we are made of. We are made of cells which are composed of molecules of atoms composed of particles that are infinitely small universes containing galaxies with solar systems with planets on which there is life human beings like us and so on, this cycle is repeated to infinity towards the infinitely small. Let us briefly come back to our level on earth to understand that in this infinite time wich is represented by the swastika is inversely proportional to the mass That is to say 100 years on our scale represent approximately a millisecond to the being infinitely large in which we are and millennia for the infinitely small civilizations living in us. In this infinity of time and space what is essential is Love Freedom and Universal Fraternity

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