Extreme Mario Maker

Hey dudes! Video Bastard here with another sweet Mario Maker video… This level is by Ross from Game Grumps… …or as I like to call them, Game Chumps. ‘Cause *laugh* ‘Cause look at this…look at this… This is like watching their videos. There’s no effort. No effort on it was made. It’s a shame, though. They should… they should be ashamed of this. This is a poor quality level. This is a very, ver– And I win! …what?! Oh shit. LET ME UP! LET ME UP, YOU FUCKING THING! LET ME UP! OH GOD Oh god! Gogogogogo– *laugh* Bowser is chasing me… *laugh* So I guess one of these… Eventually I’ll hit the one that’s not there. Jesus Christ… …the fucking… Fucking Game Chumps… …goddammit… Oh! That’s the one.
Here we go. So… Oh, that’s actually kind of clever now. Now I have to make my way back on this shitty level that I’ve kind of…designed…while playing. That’s– That’s actually–
That’s actually pretty neat. I gotta give a shout-out to Game Chumps; they did a pretty good job on this one. Pretty good job. Not one of the hardest levels, but um… a unique concept, well executed… and… Nope! Noooo, no no! Fuck you. Fuck Game Fucks. No. They suck. “Amiibo dressing room.” What’s this? Okay… That’s– Okay. That was a fucking cakewalk. “Don’t press anything”?
That’s a trap. That’s a— Yep, that’s a trap. Nope. I ain’t listening. Nope! I ain’t falling for that one again. Whoo! Here we go. Easy, easy! “You’re fucked.” By maller… Okay. Okay, thank you. Thank you. At least it… it lived up to its title, I guess. What’s this now… CAN WE STOP THAT? CAN WE STOP MAKING LEVELS LIKE THA– “Die bitch.” “Die bitch.” This is one of the hardest levels on this game. I’ve heard a lot about it. It’s 31… 31 clears out of 400,000 plays, okay? You could beat it like a nerd lame-o, like this guy… Or… You could do it the real man’s way. Okay? Now, what you’re gonna wanna do is just drag the finish line… Right over here, to the very first second. And what do ya know? Fucking child’s play. Here we go, another baby level… This game, man… So far this game has been really easy. I gotta admit. Oh! It actually got me! Okay, Giga Bowser. You wanna play for real? Alright– Ohhh, okay. Okay. Alright, I got it. I got it. Wooo! Eh– ooh! Ooooh! What did I say? What did I say, people? Didn’t I say that this game was for children? And I stand correct, as always! Now watch and lear– AUGH AUGH Gotta get the mushroom! What was I thinking? What was I thinking? I gotta get the mushroom for this part. See? ‘Cause… Just gotta learn the pattern on the hammers, really– OHHHAUGH See that? See, Game Trumps? Now that’s clever. That is a u– That is a cool idea. The bombs blow up the level! That’s cool. I don’t care. I don’t care that I lost the mushroom. I don’t care. That’s a cool level design right there, I gotta admit. Alright… Alright, no more now. No more. Let me through. Okay, now. What is– it’s still going? It’s still– this is– This is really long. This is a long level. So I guess you just gotta– You… Fuck. *audible thump* HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK WHAT Okay, now it’s just– It’s a simple matter– It’s a simple matter, ladies and gentlemen… I just jump over here– and you– Aaaand you– FUCK YOU JESUS FUCKING CHRIST STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP Why…? …Oh, my favorite part… of the game… It’s… It sucks. At first, I liked this one… But now I just realized it’s stupid. This. This jump is just… A– oh! Oh! It rewards… It rewards a skilled player for their effort put in! It’s the best kind of level, really. It– It lets a good player be good. I’m gonna say that. It lets a good player be good at Mario. And– and there’s still m– oh god. No *laughing* No… WHAT IS THIS SHIT *incoherent babbling* *laughing* Let me win! LET ME WIN– Okay, there we go. There we go. And it’s… It’s simple as… …there’s more. And there’s still more. What next? [boss music begins] ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? BOWSER? YOU HAVE TO F– THIS IS AN -HOUR- LONG LEVEL! IT NEVER ENDS! THIS IS AN ENDLESS GAUNTLET! C’mon! Mushroom! Get the mushroom! Get the mushroom, you– FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK [audible thump] I need to take a break. I– I’m uh… I’ll be right back, guys. [music] It’s not like I’m bad at Mario… You guys, you gu– I’m probably better than, y’know, at least 90% of people who play Mario, you know… That’s a fair number. I started with 90 lives, and I’m on 56 now… I– *cough* At least… I’m pretty good at the beginning now. *deep breath* C’mon. This is the one! This is the one! I’m done playing. I’m done playing games. This is real life now! I’m done playing. Fuck– nope– nope– fuck you! Fuck you, Thwomps! Nope! Here we go, ladies and gentlemen. Here we g– hey, hey Boo! Hey, Boo! See ya! See ya, you fuckin’ idiot! Now watch this. Watch an all-new trick that I found out! Hey. Look at that Hammer Brother. Pretty cool enemy, right? Oh, wait a minute! Or is he… OH! Oh, what happened? What happened, fuck-face? Did you lose? This is a pretty good run! This is– this is good! I was… I was about to say that was the furthest I got with the mushroom… *sigh* But then I lost it. Okay, c”mon… What? What? What? W– no, no, fuck you Game Grumps, no— This is the one. This is the o– OH! This is the one! This is the one, no more fuckin’ around. No more fuckin’ around. Big boys now, c’mon, c’mon… Fuck my life. C’mon. C’mon, no, no– nope! Nope! We’re done with that bullshit. We’re done with that. Now I get the mushroom here, no harm no foul. Here we go. I got a clean slate… Let’s do this! Hey, Bowser! Fuck you, suck my dick and balls! *laughing* Whoo! Nice try, Bowser! But you can’t hit anything! ‘Cause you’re fuckin garbage at this game. You’re fuckin’ garbage. Oh, oh, you missed! Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh… You can’t hit shit! You can’t hit shit ’cause you’re fuckin– god damn it Come on, c’mon n- wh– WHA NO! NONONONONONONONO– BWUH T– g– gimme the fuckin’ thing! Gimme the fuckin’ thing! Come on! [unintelligible] Whoop! Nope, nope, nope! I win. I win. Fuck you! I win! Fuck you Bowser, goodbye! And there’s still more! And there’s still m– d– WHAT? WHAT!? BWUH WHAT? WHAT!? WHAT!? I win! I win… [long whistling noise] [*plunk*] [death jingle plays] [gunshot]

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100 thoughts on “Extreme Mario Maker

  1. Dude the last death.. PISSED me off so fucking bad!!! Whoever made that is pretty much one of the worst humans ever.. seriously go suck yourself you fuck! You fucking fuck! Fuck you!!!!!

  2. I feel like he'd be jumping in that first clip. If I was doing that level I'd probably jump just for fun. Either way, dunk is the king of youtube.

  3. The only reason he found it so difficult is because he was yet to set the world record on bowser’s bean burrito

  4. 1:09
    When you’ve put it like that, it’s actually PRETTY FUCKING GENIUS !!!

    Wooooow, daaaang; I still can’t wrap my head around how good of a concept this is…

  5. 3:18
    Ora ? ORA ? ORA ?? O R A H ???

    H O L Y S H I T, I S T H A T A M O T H E R F U C K I N G J O J O’ S B I Z A R R E A D V E N T U R E ? ? ? ?

  6. Your telling me this is the guy who beat Bowsers big bean burrito?

    Right if he beat Bowsers big bean burrito then im batman

    What he should play more of is Bookworm Adventures deluxe.

  7. You know it really is something to look at dunkey's old work and realize, man he was playing with a USB steering wheel the entire time.

  8. the gamer grumps are good and you say there bad???????????????? if u say that grumps game are bad i will get ur mad and even maybe get reggie because i know him because my dad works there and he say that he hates your chanel and your bad so stop being super mean and stupid and now when a youtuber is excellent

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