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100 thoughts on “Famous Logos Then Vs. Now

  1. Nintendo is originally a Japanese company so it kinda makes sense for it to be written in Japanese…..but I think that changed it to American writing so Americans can read it too…. Japanese are so nice!

  2. Amazon: "Let's put a smile on that face." Everybody: "You are a online store. Not The Joker." Like if you thought this was funny.

  3. Tal ,the Nintendo is wrong the words on the old school one,the words are Chinese (I’m Chinese Hongkong ,best city in China)

  4. Starbuck's breasts.
    Random Person: Did someone say breasts?
    Me: Uh…
    Random Person: Ima lick the nipples!
    Me: ;-;
    This happend in real life

  5. I think the canon is the camera and kwanon they take the ca of camera and put in the place of kwa in kwanon

  6. I have already seen the Starbucks one before because i went to Washington where the first Starbucks was and they kept the old logo

  7. The starbucks logo is called a siren, an ancient mythical creature that would sing and get men's attention, they would come up to them and then the siren would grab the man and drown them underwater, creepy, right?

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