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100 thoughts on “Famous Logos With Huge Mistakes & Secrets Most People Don’t Notice

  1. Are we going to point out that the “O” in Monster is spelled with “Ф” which means “F”

  2. well Disney is trying to buy all the famous franchises, so maybe they're trying to sneak in all those illuminati references and all that other Antichrist stuff! they got Marvel and STAR WARS so what's stopping them from taking over the world by trying to get little children to watch their Addicting movies and TV shows? maybe they're secretly Nazis or some weird cult looking to get more followers… I don't know, I guess they're just money hungry or something!

  3. You keep talking about the chinese letter not saying "wi" but there's obviously the greek omega, so of course not all letters are supposed to spell "w"

  4. If you look at the Pepsi logo then turn it upside down, it says Pepsi is ded.

  5. The pepsi logo is meant to represent somone drinking a can of pepsi not a fat man you can make that assumption from any circle logo.

  6. The switch logo is meant to be off center as the switch controller is also off center this is to try and make it as ergonomic as possible have a look at your switch controller and you will see it looks exactly like the logo.
    But however there is a mistake with the button size as the filled out button does not fill out the border so makes the button look smaller and the filled in button includes the button in the border

  7. love how people can take a logo and manipulate whatever they want out of it.. like the three I in monster energy drinks.. yup it looks like your 666 guy.. but… its in ENGLISH so it doesn't mean that.. got a problem with it? well then you can step in line to the complaint department.. here pick a #.. oh.. oh I dont like the number you picked cuz its offensive in my country..

    but alas, your in my country… DEAL WITH IT. lol

  8. "Geometrical perfectionists worldwide" don't exist, and if they do, they're surely not designers or graphic artists. Also, define "geometrical perfection". My god, these people…

  9. 666 illuminati
    report pls
    fake clickbait

  10. 3:53 That is the stupidest shit ever…I don't wanna know who the hell thought that would be Lisa giving a bj 😒 Even the Iranian team….come on man, complaining at a logo

  11. Geometric perfectionists worldwide can kiss my …tiara 😀 It's called art and no, it doesn't have to be geometrically or any other way perfect. I understand the perfectionists as I have such moments myself, but some of them don't realize that people as such are not "geometrically" perfect…

  12. I understand logo designs, but to most of these designs the clients are always gonna win in the end. And whats with all these people trying to find conspiracy on a vaguely writen tripple six numbers. Get off people. I may be religious bit this is getting radical.

  13. and YOUR JUST BEING MEAN I mean come on man WHY DO YOU HAFT TO BE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Y'all who made this video do know that all of these designs had to be viewed by the proper people before being published so if there is a mistake it's the the people who signed off on it who are at fault

  15. I believe that these companies do worship the devil and the three six's are intensional matter fact symbolism is a way of worship sometimes with the consumer not even noticing they are representing evil this is a plan 100%

  16. The fact that ppl are doing all this just to shit on companies says alot about the world and it's mentality
    Tell me who would sit and look at a logo so long to draw a fat man of a Pepsi logo it's just a logo
    We already know sugar makes u fat

  17. You're right. I am amazed. Amazed that so many people can find so many things wrong with sweet FA.

  18. I'm an Iranian but I don't get that issue at all (the thing about "ZION") because we don't have any word pronounced like that in Persian or even in English could you please explain that for me???

  19. I am amazed. At how absurd this video is. The only huge mistake was making this video. More like this and I’ll unsubscribe.

  20. i disagree with the reference to the simpsons on the logo for london but did see 2 figures fucking don't fucking say shit like that

  21. By this video you can confirm that there are so many judgmental people in the world they noticed ever small mistake you make

  22. Turn the new pepsi logo, you get one of the old flags of France. Turn it the the opposite way, you get the present-day flag of France.

  23. Google ought to hire me for writing their films synopsis, their synopsis are most often way off mark and writer must watch that movie before writing in shortest possible lines what the content is all about.

  24. To everyone in the comment section: it is one of life's pleasures, nay, LUXURIES, to be able to sit down and enjoy something so funny and stupid as this video. Relax, and have fun!

  25. The only mistake here was not blocking this channel, already.
    Idiots with opinions to view, not actually anything to learn from.

  26. Very interesting to know!! 😳😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮

  27. I'm a MASSIVE WWE fan and I never noticed that !! 😮

    So thanks for fuckin' that up for me ! 😠
    It's ok. We still boyz. 👊

  28. So exactly what does “Pepsi “ stand” for “ y’all brought it up…but then you just blew by it?? You never said exactly what it meant

  29. The newer Pepsi logo looks like absolute dog shit!!! They had a great logo previously, but felt they needed to jazz it up to be hip with "the kids", and this fugly monstrosity is what they landed on (looks like an evil eye!)! I enjoy both sodas, but Coke has their shit together, and Pepsi will always be Number 2, chasing the leader. Watch the little turd bounce along behind the svelte Coke logo! bounce, bounce, bounce…
    The lower case N in 7-11 is just a design decision. Mixing cases was all the rage for awhile. Your example of how weird a cap N would look is because your N doesn't correctly match the weight and style of the original! And the cap N is a disruptive shape, like a Z. The lowercase is friendlier and maintains better letter density and flow.

  30. the switch logo is actually perfect because the bigger circle made it look more like the switch in real life it will look a bit bigger the uneven buttons mean to be the same as the control and the side is to make it look a bit detached for people who notice becasue the controllor detaches

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