Fandub Fire Emblem Heroes Comic – Entrusting Command

Robin: I’m Robin, the tactician behind Chrom’s Shepherds. Kiran: Well met, oh honorable High-Deliverer! Kiran: All right, let’s move out! Tiki! Move forward one space! Tiki: Got it! Robin: Uh. Um, you… Never mind, don’t worry about it. Kiran: Uhhhh…. Kiran: Catria! Move diagonally and to the left! Catria: Okay! Robin: Uhhh… Kiran: Uh… wha? Robin: Ah, all good. Continue as you were. Kiran: Oh, High-deliverer, If you see a problem with my tactics, then PLEASE SAY SOMETHING ALREADY!! Robin: I mean I would but you keep making ridiculous decisions… You keep insisting on playing checkers when you should be playing chess. I kind of rather watch you get checkmated. I mean, look, if your command decisions are that timid it will take you forever to clear out the enemy About as long as it’ll take for us to make another one of these comics’ dubs… Kiran: What was that, Robin? Robin: UHHH…

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42 thoughts on “Fandub Fire Emblem Heroes Comic – Entrusting Command

  1. Bruh Robin is savage.

    He'd probably critique my tactics 24/7, but hey – I GET THE JOB DONE, ROBIN!

    Also, thanks again – love these <3

  2. Hey Robin what do you think of my new tactic?

    It goes likes this: I'll fodder you for bonfire because that's you're only good for (Air Horn)

  3. I'd love if Robin could teach me tactics! But he'd question my bad choices all the time… I'm not very good at it but Robin would be an awesome teacher.

  4. Robin is me when i play chess with my friends at school. Just that i actually get to warn them, and they tell me to shut up…

  5. I am very simple with my tactics. I either have one soldier out with 3 backups/supporters, a few soldiers out and the rest as back up, an all out attack, or everyone huddled goung 0-2 steps at a time with long range/healers in the back trying to keep my heros alive without dying.

    I only go for an all out attack when my heros are really strong, no one needs to level up a lot currently, and none will. Die from 1-2 hits from the opponent

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