Fans RAGE Over Byleth in Smash Ultimate, Great Astral Chain Sales & New Fighter’s Pass Vol.2 Info!

What’s good everyone okay here welcome
back to another video and oh my gosh it feels good to be back making videos for
you guys sorry that I’ve been gone for the past few weeks guys I was kind of
doing some stuff checking out on Twitter if you want to see kind of what I was
doing over the past few weeks but we are back and it feels good and I came back
at a great time because we’ve got some huge news on Super Smash Brothers
ultimate the fifth fighter in the DLC fighters pack one has been revealed and
we also got some more details on what we can see in the future from Super Smash
Brothers ultimate DLC we got fire emblem three houses DLC revealed and a sales
update on astral change so let’s go ahead and get right into this guys so by
lift to the pleasure and joy of everyone online every single smash brothers
player or every single Smash Brothers fan online pilot has been revealed for
Super Smash Bros ultimately the DLC character and I was obviously joking
with that if you didn’t get my sarcasm so yes violin is the fifth and final
downloadable content character to join Super Smash Brothers ultimate as part of
the $24.99 fighters past Nintendo has announced the character won’t Sakurai
has announced the character will launch on January 28 this month so it’s coming
very soon here and can also be purchased individually for $5.99 a Nintendo also
announced a fighters past vol 2 which will add six new downloadable content
characters to Super Smash Bros ultimate by December 31st 2021 now other newly
announced content includes me fighter costumes inspired by cuphead rabbits
alta air from assassin’s creed which is just weird
Mega Man X and Mega Man Battle Network which are due out on June 28th alongside
by live now there’s a bunch of other stuff that you guys can check out in the
description there will be more information on the me fighters the
spirit boards new amiibo there’s all sorts of cool stuff but I didn’t want to
go over the fighters past vol 2 and what information we have on that before I get
into my thoughts about piloff and
mismatched four there’s ultimately and it doesn’t do bothers reveal new details
were announced about the Super Smash Brothers ultimate fighters past vol 2
which will include six more fighters currently under development by
purchasing fighters pass vol 2 for suggested retail price of $29.99 players
will get access to six more yet to be announced challenger packs as they
release each pack includes one new fighter one stage and multiple music
tracks those who purchase fighters past vol 2 will also receive an exclusive
costume for me sword fighter the ancient soldier gear The Legend of Zelda breath
of the wild game just makes you want to rush out there and go get the fighters
passing through because of a me fighter outfit now this will be available any
game start on January 28 so let’s go and get into this because this was pretty
controversial online when it comes to Smash Brothers I mean this is something
that I think sac and I even knew would have some backlash and everything
because in the presentation for viola the joining like a lot of the complaints
that people have a lot of the same like verbatim complaints that people have is
like oh there’s always sword fighters or oh it’s just too many Fire Emblem
characters or others just complaining about this or other complaining about
that whatever the case is but those are like the two complaints and with viola
‘the like that was stated in there right i can kind of like baked it into the
presentation about violative and how oh so the sword fighter a little bit
different this time because violence can use multiple different weapons and it’s
not just like oh well this is just like one thing here or there it’s like
actually using each one of the different forms of the hero’s relic that violet
wields in the game so you have this big old huge axe you also have a bow that
does attacks in addition to shooting plus you have that spear as well as
multiple attacks and each of them have unique properties in terms of what they
can do how to juggle opponents big strong hits super armor so it’s not just
like a cutting face oh let’s just make this a different weapon just because
there’s actually different attributes towards each one of those weapons the
hero’s relics that buy lift wheels and i’ll be honest here guys
i thought it was gonna be something different but looking up what we’re
talking about next when it comes to fire boom three houses of the dlc and how
that’s launching mid to early next month it makes sense that they got violent out
now at this point they and wait till later because at some
point you have to add violence like violence was going to be into this game
just because of how well Fire Emblem 3 houses has done like that game is
selling extremely well at Nintendo wants to push that game even more which is
funny because the sales on Amazon got like a huge boost after violet was
announced for Super Smash Brothers so that’s exactly what Nintendo was trying
to do but my thought process on this at least if we can kind of DV just a little
bit is that Nintendo actually shuffled whereby this was going to be like put in
I think that violet might have been part of the Fighters past too but they just
said you know what let’s just go ahead and get it out now and the DLCs ready
let’s just go ahead and get this thing going so they just shuffled it or might
have been to where violence might have been the one before the last reveal tere
but they just kind of switched the placing just because I think that that’s
just what they wanted to do with the dlc with firearms and it’s working people
are buying the dlc people are buying fire bloom three houses now that violet
is in the game because they want to know the origin story and kind of what’s
going on with the character but kind of getting
back to bout them what i think of everything obviously if you don’t know
well now you’re gonna know I’m a huge huge Fire Emblem three houses fan it’s
actually my favorite fireman game of all time but I love Fire Emblem so like I’m
not bothered by the amount of fireman characters in there I do think that
there’s opportunities for them to add different types of characters right I
think that like Rex and power people talk about that chrono I mean there’s
Travis touchdown those lots of characters like Dante there’s so many
other characters that people are suggesting but I think at the end of the
day like there’s no way that you’re ever gonna make everybody happy because
anytime you announce a character something’s just gonna be mad that
Master Chief didn’t get in there somebody’s gonna be mad that this
character didn’t get in or chibi-robo need to get in or something like that
right like so no matter what you do this is just like so many different
characters up there so somebody’s always gonna be mad about something no matter
what and I think that with this fire spaz vol 2 to me that’s what kind of
says okay well this is not too bad at least for me at least I’m a huge fireman
fan so obviously you know I don’t have a problem of bottle of being in because I
love violence I love the different heroes relic weapons I think it’s gonna
create the most fun Fire Emblem character to use in the game because all
the firearm characters all you do is pretty much just fair people all day
most all right let’s just be real I mean with like Roy I mean obviously like jab
to like back air or something like that or even fair but yeah like a lot of them
are just like just faring people like Mars and that humming Robbins obviously
not but there’s a couple fairies in there too so for me this one is going to
be a very nice character to use but I do think that like going for but that
fighters past vol 2 I think there’s gonna be a lot of opportunities gonna be
a lot of cool characters in that one as well I think the finest price volume one
I thought it was pretty good I mean a joker you have Terry yeah banjo we have
a lot of cool characters in there hero a lot of popular characters from big
franchises so I think that’s going to continue with fighters pass vol 2 but
overall I mean I think it was I would say I mean I wouldn’t say it was split
but there was definitely the hardcore pyro fans showing up today man like it
was so cool to see all the fire in the plants kinda just like rise up and say
oh heck yeah Bob it’s in like what these cool you know you need weapons and like
Sakurai even alluded to their be tall like males right like with the fighters
fast like not enough you okay cuz well here you go
we’ve got female violence in the game too which is a main character as well I
mean I know some people talk about what’s default is the male or not it’s
whatever man like their poke they they’re both the same character so it
makes sense in that regards but overall excited foreign fighters fast vol 2 I
will be pre-purchasing that be playing each one of them as they drop I’m
excited to play as viola definitely gonna be my main in the game or one of
my mains I do like Fire Emblem characters like in Smash Brothers I use
Lucena I have that as a pocket main so I’m definitely gonna be playing violent
as well just because that move set looked really really cool I know Sakurai
put so much time and hard work into these presentations and into making
these characters I mean the attention to detail I’m bothered is absolutely
phenomenal it’s like so good especially if you play five of them three houses
only Sakurai could do this mad but I honestly think that Nintendo is really
pushing for this one just because I want to maximize the sales of fire moon and I
think we’re gonna get a lot more cool characters and the volume two for the
fighters past so what do you guys think about all this let me know your thoughts
in the comment section below alright so move on to the next topic
here guys we’ve got some Fire Emblem three houses DLC that’s been revealed
the side story this comes part of the expansion past so we’ll go in again to
this so the downloadable content centered shadows will launch via the
Nintendo eShop on February 13th as part of the game’s $24.99 expansion past
Nintendo has announced a cinder shadows players will unearth this
secrets beneath the garret mark monastery and explored the abyss which
is home to the monasteries secret fourth house the ashen wolves firing three
houses available now for them Tendo switch and just like I talked about on
Amazon the sales are getting boosted quite a bit big sales boost for firemen
three houses after the announcement of violet for Super Smash Brothers and
obviously it kind of coincides with this new dlc with fire emblem cinders shadows
and I think that the action wolves that’s a really cool name I think the
designs for the characters are awesome I absolutely love the designs for the
characters I think it’s really cool and I love how even like with updates for
fireman three houses and let you kind of go into like the beneath the Gary Clark
monastery right with like so this and you can kind of get some different
weapons and items and stuff like that get really explore too much but they’re
kind of talking about it quite a bit leading into what was going on here and
there’s also some text about it you know all the unknowns of underneath Garret
monk monastery so it makes sense that that’s where they’re gonna have it and
I’m excited to see warm and I’m really excited to see more with this it does
look really good there’s gonna be some pretty cool new weapons in terms of
abilities with the different ones as well different magic spells and stuff so
I mean I played so much fire three houses of the blue lines path while I
was gone I put like 2030 hours into that man so I’m looking forward to tackling
this one as well and of course I’ll be doing streams and gameplay for you guys
so what do you guys think about this man when it comes to firearm three houses
thus endured shadows expansion dropping off every 13th let me know your thoughts
in the comment section below all right I’m moving on to a final topic here guys
we’ve got some good sales news for astral chain on the Nintendo switch and
some people already dubbed this game a flop and how it needs to not be on the
Nintendo switch and blah blah blah despite them not knowing any types of
sales numbers or even platinum games or Nintendo saying anything on the matter
well now we actually have another little bit of an update I know the Dickey
community a while ago saying that it sold well enough but now taka he saw
tudi who is the producer of the game he’s the guy that pretty much did all
the interviews was play it was awesome game he says that astral
chain sales have surpassed expectations at a new Fed Mitsu interview so this is
kind of how it works out guys with sales determine whether a game flop whatever
the case is they look at the budget of the game they look at the sales market
of the game they look at maybe where is the market how many people buy this type
of game and they set a certain level they want to sell in order to be
profitable and in order to have a good projection and that’s where a game if it
flopped or not you’ll be able to tell because not every game is made the same
not every game has the same budget and everything so wherever their budget was
they set aside a certain number that they wanted to sell in order for the
game to be a success or what they wanted to do and astral chain sales according
to taka he saturda has surpassed that expectation already within a number of
months since its release mid last year so I think that’s really good it’s
really good and I think it’s going to continue to sell I know there’s been
some sales on the game recently at certain retailers and if it ever gets to
that spot words consistently I would say like $39.99 I think that’s a great price
for people to pick that up after they’ve got their onslaught of holiday games and
everything and it’s kind of winding that a little bit a lot of the bigger games
are getting delayed to later in the year or to April or so May and all of that so
I think Ash will chain has a fantastic opportunity especially if there’s some
discounts here and there to kind of get some eyes on it at this point especially
with this news here this game is awesome it was one of my top 5 games for 2019
was my second switch game in terms of what I thought for best games and it’s a
really solid and really really good game so go pick up Ashley Shane if you
haven’t already done so but what are you guys thoughts on all the different
topics here when it comes to super smash brothers ultimate DLC with violet also
the fighters past vol 2 Fire Emblem three houses DLC as well and of course
these astral chain good surpassing expectations sales I love to hear you
guys his thoughts in the comment section below alright guys that wraps up this
video here it goes couple into description below we got Facebook and
Twitter gonna give us a like enough on our social media hit that like button if
you did like this video let’s we know you guys
contras come from the future and subscribe the players’s for his RPG
Japanese Nintendo gaming news thank you so much for watching I’ll catch you guys
for the next one peace

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100 thoughts on “Fans RAGE Over Byleth in Smash Ultimate, Great Astral Chain Sales & New Fighter’s Pass Vol.2 Info!

  1. People need to stop pissing and moaning. YOU do not get to choose. That is up to Sakurai. Leave that poor man alone! He literally is working himself to death. I'll cut every last one of you ungrateful shits!

  2. Because its another fire emblem which already ton of them already in the game not the character which disappointed me most

  3. I'm a bit finicky when it comes to DLC purchases, but I love Smash and 3 Houses enough to justify buying DLC for each game(And I already purchased the 1st fighters pass and the expansion pack for 3 Houses).

    I wasn't thrilled for Byleth, but the overall package is good, and I'll be maining Byleth for sure.

  4. Welcome back. the complaints about Byleth are the same things they said about Corrin 4 years ago, to them it doesn't matter that they made Byleth different he/she is still a FE character and FE is ;not allowed; to have 8 characters meanwhile Mario has 13 and Pokemon has 10. Even if it's because he/she is another sword user, these are the same people that wanted sword characters like Dante and Sora.

  5. am still not sure if i should get the FE expansion , guess it'll depend on the amount of content the side story will offer cuz all i see is some costumes being added and a bit of side quests

  6. People don't seem to get that fe gets all these characters because of how the series works. Zelda is essentially always about 3 same characters who are already in smash. One character is cloned three times. Mario and other platformers have thier major villains and heros in but the rest of the cast isnt playable becuase they are minor (ie waluigi has never even been in a main line wario or mario game).
    The second complaint ive seen is this moveset cpuld have been on another character. Other than monster hunter i dont think thats true and monster hunter devs are very particular about portrayals outside thier game.

    Honestly this is juat the smash community being its immature toxic self. Its not gonna stop. Im glad i didnt see people of influence other than jwitz be super mad. Its funny because characters smash commmunirt claimed to be the most excited about (banjo) isnt played and the character people werent excited for (terry) is played alot. Smash community doesn't know what it wants. Byleth looks like a better Belmont that could be very interesting.

  7. Personally I’m happy with Byleth coming since I expected them to come at some point or another. I was laughing so hard during the announcement because I knew how salty some people would be.
    I’m way more hyped for the DLC honestly because it shows a lot of fun new things to do in the game.

  8. Nice to see you back and so funny to see some say "no one is happy about Byleth" and downvoting the direct when the video has twice the amount of likes. Lmao
    They easily forget that FE Three Houses won the people's votes at the game awards.

  9. People will praise more Pokemon and Mario characters added to Smash but will riot if there is more Fire Emblem characters added just because it's the lesser popular franchise

  10. Feel neutral about it (since theres still more characters on the way),but lets be real, it wouldve been cooler if it was another 3rd party character. I think Byleth shouldve been available as a new character when Smash Ultimate first released. Feels odd as a dlc character, imo. Especially since they started off the fighters pass with a bang.

  11. People should really stop sending death threats to Sakurai just because of a character. These kind of people are honestly an embarrassment.

  12. Fire emblem is one Nintendo longest running series and getting bigger each game of course they put other one. If we do get more dlc after second pass don't be surprised we get other one.

  13. All these ungrateful people !! There’s still 6 more characters coming. He didn’t have to give us anymore characters, but he worked hard and brought more content to smash. Enjoy what is there and show him some respect.

  14. I need to go back to Three Houses. I hated the path of Black Eagles, I didn't know about the split in the story at the time. I'll have to go down the 4th path and hopefully it changes my opinion of the game.

  15. Why sell a character for Smash when you can also sell thats characters game plus that games DLC. Maybe this is the business model that will make Smash a ten year game. Keeps the cost and risk of developing a completely new Smash down while generating revenue through cross promotion.

  16. Only character the was good from this whole fighter pass was Banjo. Won’t be buying the second fighter pass until I see the full roster, and there are more good characters to trash characters ratio…

  17. “Astrol Chain sales have surpassed expectations”.

    Expectations: 200,000 units 😂

    OJ said it would sell more than 2,000,000 units 🤦🏽‍♂️

  18. The controversy really gave me special powers lol. This was actually my most wanted character. Wish we could've seen your reaction cause I know you would've flipped lol

  19. those that are ragin' and whining that are all salty, are f**kin' self-entitled cry babies. Being slightly disappointed is fine, but some are taking it way too far.
    I think Byleth seems like a pretty damn awesome character with lot's of sweet attacks, with great distance attacks.

  20. I counted..there are 8 playable FE characters, 10 Mario, and 10 yeah..I think what they are most mad about is the fact that counting Mii Swordfighter..there are 17 sword users and 11 of those are what could be seen as "Anime" sword fighters..that being all the FE characters, Cloud, Shulk, and Hero…I think that's what they really are complaining about. But because Cloud was in the last game as DLC and opened up a LOT of doors as to what we could hope to see for DLC and Shulk is from a VERY well liked game and series..those two got a pass from the complainers.

  21. WB, bud. It was the holidays, we get it. 🙂 Well, if they add more FE characters, who thinks Hector the Axe Lord from FE7 will make an appearance just to mess with people? I mean I come to peace that Lyn wont move over from an assist trophy, so let's see some more from that.
    Now, for Astral Chain; I own it, but real haven't played it much as I have soo many other games to "catch" up on. Good problem to have, I suppose. Does make deciding what to play next a minor PIA, though. 🙂

  22. I can understand the disappointment. Until now, each character was from a franchise that was never represented before. Byleth is just another FE character in a game with plenty of other FE characters. It's not nearly as exciting as if we got someone else to represent a new series, like the other four. Also, no other first party franchise gets this kind of treatment. As some who likes Zelda more than FE, I wish we can get some characters so half of that franchise's representation isn't just Link. But instead, we get the inclusion of Byleth.

    It's not terrible though. 4/5 fighters being cool picks is still worth celebrating. Plus, there are six more coming.

  23. "There's too many Fire Emblem characters" … There's only 8 Fire Emblem characters including the DLC out of 69 non Fire Emblem characters. Obviously they don't play Smash Bro they just pretend and have fake rants about it on Twitter because they're thirsty for retweets.

  24. Byleth is okay… I would have preferred a weird weapon like a morning star.

    But it is disappointing that Nintendo went back on having all DLC characters be guest characters.

    It should be okay, but moving forward they better not release another FE Character… cast is way too stacked on a single franchise.

  25. All the haters still maining jigglypuff and won’t use any new fighter anyway. Sakurai pours his life into this game for the fans and people still throw salt in his face. Sometimes the internet needs to shut the f up.

  26. I wasn't too happy that Byleth was the last character since i'm not a FE fan, but we got more characters coming, so being outraged about this is a bit immature.

    ((There is never a guarantee that a character you liked was gonna be announced in the first place lol))

  27. Sakurai made byleth a weapon master I finally have a weapon emblem character similar to Robin being a magic master emblem.

  28. Brah whoever thinks Byleth doesn’t deserve to rep Fire Emblem: Three Houses in SMASH needs a moment of reflection 😂

  29. I think it’s a nice inclusion but, could have waited until season 2 imo. Oh well can’t wait for season 2. I would have liked to see Travis Touchdown since you know NMH3 is coming soon! Can we get the police dog costume from Astral Chain for smash as a costume?

  30. I’m on the opinion that the choice of Byleth was uninspired, but I generally don’t like using any of the Fire Emblem characters in Smash

  31. Fire Emblem 3 Houses is basically one of the top game of 2019 for Nintendo. One of the most highly reviewed game in 2019 and gamers voted as "GOTY".

    For some reason Byleth is not "worthy"?

    ToO mAnY fIrE eMbLeM

    The game has almost 80 characters and out of the actual 74 now none of them have an interest to play?

  32. astral chain did so well that platinum went out and got a fat loan, so they can self publish their games without needing Nintendo or square.

  33. On Byleth being smash dlc: Everyone got themselves overhyped and their expectations came too high. Three houses was excellent and it was kinda expected that we would get some kind of representation for it in smash. ngl kinda expected a spirit event like the current astral chain one. But in the end it is the choice of Nintendo/Sakurai (honestly forgot who makes the overall choice in dlc) of who gets in as dlc. As well it is kinda a lesson in tempering expectations. That's a lesson I've had to learn too many times before.

    On astral chain: I really hope there's some kind of continuation. I picked it up over Christmas and liked it.

  34. it's Fire Emblem's 30th anniversary

    1990 to 2020

    30 years of Fire Emblem

    there is going to be a 18th main line Fire Emblem game coming out this year, i'm calling it right now
    , i'm so happy

  35. Fighters Pass 2 Predictions:
    1) Itsuki
    2) Kana

    In all seriousness though… It would be awesome to see the next Cross Over with Fire Emblem be Soul Calibur, and have the Soul Calibur team make a Fire Emblem fighting game.

  36. I'm one of the ones who is happy that Byleth is in Smash. It was my game of the year last year and so really excited to play Byleth in smash and its cool they added some of the characters from each house in the background. And also excited for the FE3H 4th DLC as well. Love the look of the new characters. Thanks for the video!

  37. I might just pick up the Fighters Pass 2, even if World of Light is stonewalling my efforts to unlock the main characters normally… (Any help?!)

  38. So glad Byleth got in instead of Master Chief. These cringy bastards want first-party characters. Non-Nintendo characters should be THIRD PARTY ONLY!!!

    I wish Akira Howard was considered instead of having spirits from Astral Chain. Platinum Games is owed another rep, am I right?

  39. I was very disappointed in the character reveal. I get it fire emblem is popular. And there are 6 more characters on the way. 8 fire emblem reps now is a bit excessive if you ask me. But ehhh. I won't be using him and just hope the next 6 fighters are something more in my liking

  40. Even though I am disappointed in the Byleth reveal, I'm not mad. It's just that it seems weird to close out Fighters pass 1 with a first party character when all the others before it in that same pack are 3rd party.

  41. Back baby lets go PE Ninja Master :-D.

    DLC Fighters Pass 2 for Smash Ultimate is gonna be more fun n hype and disappointment aswell lol. Byleth is defo a very cool Character and FE 3 House is a dope game, the Announcement fell flat compared too the other Announcements no two ways about it and leaving it for Fighter Pass 2 would have been better but brought forward too coincide with the FE 3 Houses DLC dropping, marketing purposes which is working.

    The new 4th House DLC for FE 3 Houses looks awesome :-).

    Glad too see that Astral Chain has sold well and is a success aswell cuz the game is a top notch cool stylish action game :-D.

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