Fear of God – Brand History & Knowledge + Who Is Jerry Lorenzo?

Hey guys ticktocksully here, or just sully
back with another video and today I wanted to bring you a video on the brand Fear Of
God. This has been a popular brand over the past
few years and I don’t think it’s going to be slowing down anytime soon, with the
clothes that are always in high demand, to the designs that are constantly being replicated.
Fear Of God has had a strong few years in the industry and that’s basically been its
whole lifespan as it’s only been around since 2013. So let’s take a look at how the brand was
able to become one of the most highly sought after brands in streetwear and how the owner,
Jerry Lorenzo was able to create such a celebrated brand.
As well as take a look at Mr Jerry Lorenzo’s life leading up to Fear Of God. So let’s get into it and hope you guys enjoy. Kicking It Off, Jerry Lorenzo was born in
1976 in Sacramento, California. His family moved around quite abit so they
didn’t stay put in California and eventually moved to Chicago. Jerry’s father also named Jerry Manuel had
a position as a Baseball Minor League Coach in Chicago, which led to this move for the
Manuel family. His father had also previously been a professional
MLB player, moved into Minor League coaching and co-ordinating, which then led to managerial
positions at top MLB teams such as the Chicago White Sox and the New York Mets. So Baseball was a big part of Jerry Manuel
Sr’s life, in turn making it a big part of Jerry Lorenzo’s life growing up which
would have an influence on him later on. Another theme that was central to Jerry Lorenzo’s
childhood was his Christian faith. Both his mother and father were practicing Christians
and they would sometimes read religious literature together such as Devotionals
– Which are books that concentrate on Bible verses whilst explaining them and allowing
the reader to ponder on the verses. Through this – Jerry was exposed to a family
favourite devotional titled ‘My Utmost for His Highest’ by Oswald Chambers. We’ll get back to this book later on in
this video but Jerry continued to follow the natural process
of school and he attended a high school that was predominantly white which is where he
was exposed to some of his grunge influences such as Metallica and also attended his local
black church where he was exposed to the contrasting hip-hop scene. So this is an example of a time where this
juxtaposition of influences was introduced to Jerry and this is important to mention
because it’s what we see realized into his brand Fear Of God today. Around this time he had also began to find
interest in Vintage t-shirts, which he later began collecting eventually garnering a considerable
collection, a collection so large he even ended up selling some off in the form of Fear
Of God merchandise. After he graduated high school, he graduated
college and then decided to go to Loyola Marymount in Los Angeles to study business. Whilst he was here, he worked retail, as many
students tend to do, varying from work at the Gap, to a stock boy at Diesel. So he had
pretty obvious interest in clothing, even though he was headed in a different direction. After graduating Loyola with an MBA, Jerry
continued to follow his journey in sports, specifically baseball as explained, and with
a little help from his father’s relationships, he landed a job for a sports agency back in
Chicago. This job introduced Jerry to celebrities and
sports stars and he did this for a little while before deciding to move back to LA where
he continued his role as a sports agent but also began hosting club nights under the title
‘JL Nights’ after he failed to find hip-hop orientated nights that attracted him and others
like him in the city of LA. So he took advantage of this gap in the market. JL Nights which he ran with his partner Javier
Laval ran 4-5 times a week and this played a big role in introducing Jerry to more of
the celebrity circle after these club nights began to attract all the right people from
the hip-hop crowd ranging from Kid Cudi and Big Sean to Tyga and Chris Brown.
Even Kanye West and his crew, which included the likes of Don C, Ibn Jasper & Virgil Abloh. Jerry also met Dodgers player Matt Kemp whilst
out in LA whom he began representing through his career as a sports agent aswell as doubling
as a stylist for him. JL Nights was a popping night out in LA and
this ran for some time, allowing Jerry to form genuine relationships with these celebrities
that he would eventually create clothes for. In 2009, Jerry had a cameo in Keri Hilson’s
Knock You Down video after helping a little on set showing he was further penetrating
into this crowd of hip-hop musicians. And again in 2012, on Tyga’s Still Got It
video. But before Tyga’s Still Got It video could
release, Jerry had found himself in a relationship with his soon to be-wife, Desiree Manuel. And after enjoying his ventures with JL Nights
and working for Matt Kemp whilst in LA, Jerry continued to style Matt Kemp, which brings
us to 2011 and the beginning of the inception of Fear Of God. Around this time, Jerry was looking for clothes
to put Matt Kemp in, where he found himself dumbfounded with what was available. Not only was the stuff on the market saturated,
but there was also a void of clothes that still had yet to be conceived, and not only
did Jerry want it for Matt Kemp, he also wanted these unavailable pieces for himself which
got him to thinking that if it was missing from his wardrobe, then it surely has to be
missing from other males’ wardrobes too. This led Jerry to begin designing in hopes
to create a few pieces. One of the earlier notorious pieces that was unique to Jerry
Lorenzo was the short sleeve hoodie with the Riri side zips, not only creating something
casual but creating a new ‘luxury casual garment’ which was the niche he found missing
from the market. Not long after, Jerry had ended up designing
multiple pieces whilst also visiting local LA factories, learning as he went along as
well as using the money from JL Nights to help fund this new venture. Before the year was over, Jerry had found
himself with enough pieces to create a small collection. This is when we return back to his childhood Jerry one day was visiting parents in California
and upon enjoying meditation with them in the California sun, they found themselves
in conversation on the previously mentioned family favourite devotional ‘My Utmost For
His Highest’ by Oswald Chambers. In this book, Chambers talks about the fear
of God humans should have whether that be out of respect through knowing God or uncertainty
through being distant from God, and this really resonated with Jerry in the juxtaposition
that the statement was making, as well as how the bible and religion was being presented
in a new and cool manner. This would inspire Jerry’s brand in it’s
brand name as well as attempt to remove the pre-conceived notions of Christianity, or
just being religious in general, as a colourless and boring concept. This was the message Jerry envisioned, and
the garments he produced were to be perfectly crafted closet essentials for men which when
combined produced the brand that is Fear Of God. And this brings us to 2012 where the Fear
generation would begin, kicking off with Big Sean. Jerry’s soon to be wife Desiree who was
friends with Big Sean’s stylist introduced the two and Jerry showed his Fear Of God garments
to her in which she thought Big Sean would really like them. And She was right; it started with the longer
t-shirts by Fear Of God to later the short sleeve hoodie in which Big Sean was happy
to wear because it was casual luxury, something Jerry knew people were looking for to keep
them stylish and comfortable. Not to mention this was the renaissance era
in fashion so it was the perfect time to inject Fear Of God into the scene. This then led to Kanye West seeing these pieces
on Big Sean which would prompt him to getting in contact with Jerry in which Jerry provided
Kanye with some Fear Of God merchandise as well as showing him the rest of his collection.
Kanye was so impressed; he hired Jerry to help work on his latest fashion venture, which
was the Kanye West x APC collaboration. Kanye was seen wearing Fear Of God on multiple
occasions, integrating the pieces into some of his more iconic fits of those years too. Jerry Lorenzo was also later recruited to
help Kanye on his Yeezus tour merch and even his Yeezy brand. But after 2012 after Kanye and Big Sean had
fell in love with Fear Of God, a domino effect began in which other musicians and celebrities
became interested in the Fear Of God label. Hype had begun to circulate around this new
LA brand, which nobody knew too much about seeing as Fear Of God had yet to even make
their pieces available to purchase. And in 2013 Jerry would go ahead and finally
preview his first collection. He released a lookbook for this collection,
which would be an approach he would continue to use in presenting his future collections,
And by Spring 2013, his first collection for Fear Of God would finally arrive; featuring
the iconic pieces we saw Big Sean & Kanye West in, as well as other memorable pieces
including a grey side zip hoodie and a leather kilt. Around this time, Jerry’s wife Desiree also
gave birth to twin girls, which would make Jerry a father of 3 having 2 girls and an
older son being Jerry Lorenzo Manuel the third. By 2014, Jerry had released a second collection
for Fear Of God, this time with a refinement on the first collection, still highlighting
the original pieces whilst adding a few additional pieces. And by 2015 the third collection was ready
to be released, by now, Fear Of God’s resurrected vintage t-shirts had become a thing and the
third collection would feature a pair of sweatpants the Fear Of God consumers would find to be
an essential they never knew they needed. By the fourth collection, Fear Of God has
becoming one of the hottest brands of this new era and Jerry continued to dominate the
fashion scene by releasing some iconic ripped denim, which would highlight his fourth collection
and sold out on a recurring basis. Mixing and matching the collections was a
great way to style outfits, as they all seemed to be cohesive upon each release keeping to
the vision Jerry initially had for the brand. Near the end of 2015, Jerry would also get
into footwear design and introduce some new silhouettes to the Fear Of God brand being
a high military boot, which later followed with a mid basketball sneaker. Around this time, Jerry and Desiree would
finally get married and Jerry would continue to work on his Fear Of God ventures by branching
out and collaborating with Pacsun to bring a new diffusion line to the brand being FOG
which would appeal to the younger demographic and allow them to access the brand with its
lower price range. In 2016 Jerry would collaborate with his brother
in faith, musician Justin Bieber on a capsule collection for his Purpose tour following
the release of the album This was a huge milestone for Jerry as it
allowed him to work with one of the biggest artists outside of hip-hop and open him up
to a new world of consumers as well as bring his message of Conviction to a larger crowd. The collaboration had Jerry Lorenzo written
all over it and you could see the influence in his designs as they mimicked Fear Of God’s
inspiration of grunge. By 2017 Fear Of God had their 5th collection
ready whilst working on their own time and calendar and this time the looks were more
sports orientated with influences from baseball, basketball and even motocross. And much like the previous four collections,
the 5th collection was also heavily worn by celebrities including the likes of Migos,
Justin Bieber and Jay-Z. Jerry continues to push the Fear Of God brand
forward as he collaborated multiple times with brands such as Vans, Chapel NYC and Readymade
and even designed some more tour apparel and merchandise following the Justin Bieber stint
for acts such as Kendrick Lamar, Janet Jackson and Jay-Z.
By 2018 Jerry had shut down his diffusion line FOG and rebranded it to a new line entitled
‘essentials’ in an attempt to completely detach the 2 and focus on separate directions
for each brand. Jerry has done all this whilst remaining independent
and designing all on his own. Something that Jerry hopes to get help with in the future
by partnering with a group in hopes to take Fear Of God to that next level so everything
that has been talked about in this video is really only the beginning of Fear Of God and
I’m sure there is more to see from Jerry Lorenzo and his Fear Of God, Which brings me to the end of this video Fear Of God has been popular since its inception
and I think that’s down to the fact Jerry really has been able to create well crafted
pieces, as well as be ahead of the trend 95% of the time.
On some instances he’s even started the trend. So I felt this was an important brand
to cover and I’m also a fan of the brand as well as Jerry Lorenzo so it was something
I wanted to talk about. Hope you guys enjoyed and learnt a few things if you did, don’t forget to hit that like
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away a few things. But that’s all from me today and until next
time, ill catch you In the next one.

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