Fire Emblem Echoes Character Death Challenge – Meme Livestream Highlight

so basically we’re just gonna have fun
we’re going to play through the game but we’re not gonna take anything too
seriously if I lose units I’m gonna eat one of these
you know perhaps if I have to use the milas turn wheel or anything last time
I said I was gonna do this but I didn’t so this time if I do forget I don’t
think I will but if I do make sure that you remind me in the chat because I’m
gonna eat those nasty beans I’m pretty sure we ate all of the good ones like
playing it in the past and now it’s pretty much just only the nasty ones
left so it’s gonna be pretty awful if I do have to eat it but yeah so if
somebody loses I mean it the whole point of the game is to spin this little
circle here and then you either get one that’s taste good or one that tastes
awful depending on the color there’s two that look exactly the same so you never
really know what you’re gonna get but like I said we ate a lot of the good
ones already I know that for sure so there might still be some good ones here
but probably a lot of nasty ones left I might try to do something where every
single map we try to do a little bit of a test for a character and what I mean
by that is some kind of ridiculously stupid risk that could potentially end
up with someone dying oh boy you’re going to do a stupid test again I nearly
ran you tried to kill cliff cliff actually was very impressive last time I
will give him that we gave him a pretty hard test and he kept like creating
people so he was good okay this is the most beautifully made map in the world I
just wanna let you know that as we take a look around just pristine the amount of thought and
and strategy that they had to put into making this map as good as it is still
just astounds me it’s amazing best map in fire emblem right here. Ooh
do we test gray what do you think I think you might it might be time to test
gray and I ain’t giving him a shield he gets the woods though that’s about it
you guys noticing any choppiness or anything let me know I could tweak
things I haven’t seen any complaints for a while though oh my god rip so we got a lot of crits they also get a
crit our IP what do you think we turn meal
that that was obnoxious and he gets a good level through after that of course
of course you get this this always happens to me if somebody loses the next
level up I get after they lose after one character loses will be like amazing like
that speed he gets the speed I mean I guess he’s mad cuz gray lost but wow
it’s time boys and girls it’s time pick a color what do you think you know what
this is only fair if I tell you what they are right the problem is if I tell
you this I know exactly what color you guys gonna go for cuz you’ll pick the one
that’s really bad the peachy ones are either peach or barf flavored the green
is either mmm juicy pear or booger the really lime ones I think we’re out of
those but there might be one is either lime or lawn clippings there’s no more
blue ones the really nasty looking one that’s like peach with spots all over it
is either strawberry banana smoothie or dead fish that one is I have had that
one like twice it is really nasty I’m gonna have to let go
I’ll eat it cuz I told you how to eat it but it’s really it’s really bad and the
dark red one is either chocolate pudding or canned dog food and let me tell you
that one’s ooh that one’s a taster too the really light one the white one is
either coconut or spoiled milk which is pretty gross and then the kind
of creamy looking one is buttered popcorn or rotten egg basically
everything has a nasty one all the ones that are like they’re really easy ones
the blue one is either berry blue or toothpaste like those really easy ones
we’re already all eaten because people when I played this the actual game that
you’re supposed to play with this people just knew to go for that one because
it’s the easiest one to take now all that’s left is basically the really
nasty garbage the trash white alright I see a lot of people say in white which which one you guys are gonna pick
all right top left I’m gonna assume top left for you is up here which means it’s
this one so rest in peace let’s see what it is it’s spoiled milk oh that’s so
nasty I’m gonna eat it I’m gonna I’m gonna eat
it though oh that’s really these have also been sitting for a like a very long
time so I feel like it’s worse – oh I’m almost done with it by still really bad that water’s gonna be so nice when I
finish eating this. Demonetized! oh there’s still like a chunk stuck in
my teeth Oh I told you I told you there’s a lot of
bad ones left gross all right I’m gonna be tasting that as
we continue to play because there’s also still more of it stuck in my teeth but
let’s um mila’s turnwheel and undo that toothpaste was the bad
flavor yes it was either berry or toothpaste that’s why everybody ate that
one cuz it’s easy and she missed two that was awful really bad but yes oh you’re not doing anything so you’re
gonna go there yeah let’s do this it was just minty if I remember
correctly can he hit there? Okay good Oh! Ooooh mistakes were made.
mistakes were made pick a color any color I did it again three dark Reds I just got three dark
Reds all right you’re all you’re all saying dark red or brown what what
corner and now okay now you crit wait pause pause you fool all right
all right it’s dark we’re going dark red but now pick a corner so I keep putting
this in the wrong angle there’s like some down there there’s some here and
there’s one over there top right okay are we doing it’s this
one so this is either gonna be chocolate pudding or canned dog food and I get the
sneaking suspicion that even if it’s the chocolate one it’s probably gonna taste
really bad so let’s go it’s dog food yeah YUM is that really what dog food tastes like we should do a stream of just this. I don’t
hate myself nearly enough to do that all all I’m still trying to eat it describe
the taste you know as hmm I don’t mean this in a bad
way but it tastes like rotten Chinese food and I’m not making the connection
between dog meat and Chinese food no I’m just saying that’s what it tastes like
in my mouth you heard it ladies and gents
Steve you love his dog food wash it down with some Ram vine it is not exactly Ram
vine but would be nice I bet I betcha Alm would, he probably already has uh uh
the brain the brain has has ceased to function for hours it because now either
cliff loses or I put silk there to heal him and then she loses. Fantastic
strategic planning Thank You Stevie cliff do you live? Adrian Lopez I hope Kliff loses.
Okay all right the final beam of the evening what color what are you picking
here we have seen the death of a god unfortunately however I will use the
turn wheel people are saying yellow again just do yellow all right which
yellow this one all right here goes nothing
oh this is so this is either gonna be this is either gonna be buttered popcorn
or rotten egg I know that one tastes nasty ready are you ready for this what
do I done it myself mmm-hmm I can’t tell any it’s rotten egg oh god it tastes the same as the other
one delicious yeah this is the third one they’re so old they’re all starting to
taste the same I bet you even if I ate a good one it would probably still taste
nasty defective box no all the good ones are even people lucked out too much
early Oh once again still stuck in my teeth still taste it very wonderful
absolutely of course now you get the dodge now you make it look like you can
actually do this and take it huh Stevie eats for our sins. (Laughs) Rotten egg so it’s
Mangs flavored? Maybe. I’ve never tasted Mangs. He wants he wants us to believe he
hasn’t tasted Mangs. My goodness. Oh look at that
we live oh so he he got scared of he was afraid of home
really you jump out to come and attack Kliff but you’re afraid of all the only
thing Alm has on cliff is more healthy Wow okay well I don’t know I don’t think
we could do it with these guys there’s just too much going on here I didn’t
like Slayde is not baited properly maybe if I let him free and he ran back to
heal but I don’t know if he’s gonna do that at 6hp I’m sure at 1hp he probably
would but I don’t know can I even get him to one yeah do I try it now we find out what
happens because I don’t really know oh yeah okay got my army back and we
should be blocking his backside cuz it rip yes Slayde will retreat he will retreat
to heal no he changed his mind halfway which means another one I hope you’re
proud of yourselves pick a color spin the spinner it’s not a
very good one it gets the yellow one again the spinner
got yellow I don’t know if you saw that and landed here for yellow orange all
right which orange pick an orange okay I see a lot of middle so what like one of
these this one maybe alright let’s do it from the middle
alright y’all ready for this cuz I’m not so this is either gonna be alright so
it’s hard to tell because there’s two that look really similar it’s either
gonna be peach or barf or strawberry banana smoothie or rotten fish so I’m
praying that this is gonna be peach but I get the feeling that it’s not going to
be peach oh my god I can’t tell it’s so old it almost
tastes bad but it doesn’t taste that bad so that one wasn’t that bad okay oh oh now I can’t yeah we can’t tell I think
that what was supposed to be good all right well I think we should call it a
night here well do you see there’s there’s a lot more which means that
there’s a lot more loss to come in this playthrough so we will definitely
continue this I don’t know if it’ll be next week or two weeks from now but we
will try so keep in touch definitely stay tuned and you can follow us on
Twitter for any updates there otherwise there’s also gonna be updates in the
Discord server so if you haven’t joined Discord yet be sure to do so I don’t
think there’s a link in the description of this stream but you can go to the
channel and go to any of our videos and find the link in the description there
thank you guys so much and I’ll see you next time good night everybody once I mila’s turnwheel..
The crits. Always the crits when someone loses Yuck. So Gross.

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30 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Echoes Character Death Challenge – Meme Livestream Highlight

  1. I'm doing a level cap run. My villagers are godly. A lot of grinding though. At least all of my villagers can solo an entire map

  2. Any idea when the next stream is? I'm kinda sad we didn't go d r a c o s h i e l d, but Kliff's death was enough to end it. We

  3. I love those beans, it's the best thing to do with friends, the first one to run to the bathroom to throw up loses. They just don't know the secret: toothpaste and grass clippings beans are delicious.

  4. Make sure to tune in next time for another installment of Boey Botz Every Flavour Beanz ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  5. Question of the day: Who is your favorite "bad" unit in the series?
    I guess that would probably have to be Fir from Binding Blade. I am perfectly willing to admit that she is garbage, but I love using her.

  6. Favourite “bad” unit? Nino and Odin. Python too if he counts but I’d say he’s more average than anything.

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