Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia – Act 1: Part 3 – Saving Clair (Hard/Classic)

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67 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia – Act 1: Part 3 – Saving Clair (Hard/Classic)

  1. I was thinking, " i can't wait for part 3 tomorrow," but i guess papa Phoenix is always there for us 😉

  2. I love how during the battles, the attacks have an environmental impact like the slashes are cutting the grass. Nice touch!

  3. I miss 2 Things: The creation of making an own hero like Corrin or Robin and the C-B-A-S Supports because the buffs through that helped me a lot

  4. Clair's redesign in this game looks so good….her personality reminds me of Serra's, except kinder.

  5. Oh dear Naga, I can see Faye being a perfect Yandre girl. Hell, she might as well be the new protagonist of Yandere Simulator, the last Rival would be Celica XD

  6. That mercenary, I didn't park,one my villagers before that mercenary, I only won with Alm and the healing space, never again

  7. Thank goodness for Mila's Turnwheel or I would have lost Gray to a 4% crit from that Leather Shield Merc.

  8. so apparently you should class change the villagers at first chance… I'm trying to beat the first fight in this video with them all still being villagers…

  9. Okay is anybody else liking Gray or what? 😀 He's so charismatic and chill, I like where he was heading with Alm's plan at 19:28 🙂 Gray, I like the way you think. 😉

  10. Tobin is an excellent unit as an archer from my experience, also I like faye much better as a cleric for being tankier than Silque but the main reason is that she has physic

  11. I made Kliff God by giving him all the speed fountains in Theive's Shrine, and then put the leather shield on him. The speed helped with weight issues, and the leather shield let him tank attacks, making him an exteme frontliner that trgeted low res, had speed to double, and defense to live.

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