Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia – Act 2: Part 7 – Assault on Pirate Throne (Hard/Classic)

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37 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia – Act 2: Part 7 – Assault on Pirate Throne (Hard/Classic)

  1. This game looks to be some amazing stuff! I just bought the game myself over Amazon, and can't wait to get it! How's the experience for you, PM1?

  2. If i got my kamui and saber to level 7 and im able to promote to myrmidon, should i wait it out for growths or promote right away?

  3. that saber sike dou at they end lol

    Valbar:the tank
    Leon:literally a gay archer
    Kamui:a less defensive but more crits saber(maybe I'm just assuming here from what it was shown)

  4. Saber was my MVP for these boat maps. He held all the enemies all the bridge, letting the other hit then with spells. IT WAS GLORIOUS.

  5. Just finished Act 3… Be careful when you do. There are three characters. It's possible to recruit only two. However, one is a confirmed recruit and the other you have to work hard to recruit. Spoilers below.

    The three characters are Delthea, Sonya, and Deen.
    You can only recruit two— Delthea and either Sonya or Deen. You kill either Sonya or Deen and recruit the other one, that's the confirmed recruit. Delthea is an enemy in the last battle for Alm's side of Act 3. If she's defeated before you defeat the main boss of that battle, she's considered dead and won't join you.

    …if only Python never got that crit…

  6. I had to grind Genny to the level where she learns Invoke so Leon could survive with at least 1 HP for once…

  7. Hey Pheonix! Do you like Echoes: SoV more than Fates?

    I'm watching your series and seems SoV it's kinda cool with story and design.

  8. In case if you didn't know Gaiden growth are really low as they range between 10%-50% and 50 is rare. It is possible that the growth rates haven't changed or slightly altered. That could explain why you aren't getting good​ level ups. That or Mila isn't on your side.

  9. Okay i couldn't get Leon on my team since he died by pirates. So i can't get him anymore? Because he seems cool.

  10. Leon was super close to dying and was in the attack range of one of those pirates but for some reason he didn't attack while Leon was heading towards the provisions. it happened twice.

  11. Hold on… as healing items, you have either Bread AND Flour ?

    Flour ? As an Healing item ? Someone EAT Flour to restore health ?

    Da heck ?!

  12. so far binging your gameplay of SoV and loving it! also love the way you pronounce sword too <3 keep up the great work!

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