Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia – Act 2: Part 8 – Necrodragons! (Hard/Classic)

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39 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia – Act 2: Part 8 – Necrodragons! (Hard/Classic)

  1. I called them the Negrodragons. XD Joking don't take it seriously.

    I'm black myself and find it funny

  2. Just use genny's imbule spell to summon random soldiers to tank while you have celica use her seraphim spell to win ez pz

  3. I'm at Chapter 3 where i'm able to play Alm and Celica's routes at the same time. I would like to know do i have to keep switching to these character or can i just focus on just one character ? Because i'm not really into Celica's Team and would rather play with Alm's route.

  4. I'm only wondering how you're gonna tackle the Arcanists AKA: Dark mages but unfair because they also have bulk.

  5. i just fought those double dragons last night without that Sephrian spell.Let see how he does. Same difficutly too. i ended up dodging the 1st dragon and traping the other one.

  6. The cantor boat was better in gaiden, it was a great way to teach you about the summoning, but it was ruined since Celica is spoiled it

  7. +Phoenixmaster1 when a character gets a level up, does it choose a stat at random 1-7 or it will always be the same stat upgrade no matter how many times you play the game

  8. this map would of been a thousand times less annoying had i know in advance that the cantor wont attack you

  9. Im saving money to buy first a Nintendo 3ds then i am gonna buy Fire Emblem Shadows Of Valentia Echoes i am excited to play it

  10. Props to those who fought the Necrodragons without Seraphim!

    Oh yes it's possible!

    Yah, I was a dumbass…

    But I finished it with Kamui ironically!

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