Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia – Act 2: Part 9 – Alm & Celica Reunion! (Hard/Classic)

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55 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia – Act 2: Part 9 – Alm & Celica Reunion! (Hard/Classic)

  1. God can't wait for my echoes to come it's coming from America and I live in Scotland because stupid 7 year old me couldn't wait to get back to Scotland to buy one knowing I can't buy a game in Scotland for it

  2. I have a theory that this masked knight is celicas father because he hangs around the castle where a king would be and has the same colour of hair as celica

  3. Pheonix, I love that reunion cutscene a lot, but that was shocking after that.

    Good episode by the way. It seems like this game is getting generous with giving you crits so far.

  4. I keep the blessed sword in Celica because not only does she wreck terrors but it lets her keep spamming that powerful magic

  5. Celica was definitely harsh here. Alm has his reasons to fight, Regelians were screwing around the country and his hometown. Mycen wasn't around that time. So Alm made the decision of his own, in order to protect the people he cared about and the town they grew up in. Alm was fine with being the team player in the Deliverance, until Clive ultimately chose to give him the role of leader, that he was originally going to pass to Mycen. Alm accepted that role, but he hasn't changed the reason of why he fought in the first place. Celica doesn't know the whole story here, and selfishly got angry at Alm for his decision.

    Look diplomacy does have its days, but there will always be people who just want more, to the point they disregard any diplomacy and decide to invade just like that. And those who want to take more from the world, will disregard any form of diplomacy. They'd find a way to get around it and still take the opportunity to take over, should the hour come. Rudolf has made his choice, and his resolve shows he's not going to back down ever. And if he's not going to back down, then Alm shouldn't either. Alm and Celica have been away from each other for seven years, so they only know what they go through individually, and it would have been easier had Celica chilled out and shared what they experienced on their journeys. But no. At least Alm was chill in this. Celica had a hissy fit (it looked like it) and walked out.

  6. This made me dislike Celica a little bit, what with all the random accusations and refusing to consider Alm's side. Gives me the impression that even if she did get her way about there being a diplomatic path for solving things, she wouldn't be very good at it. It's weird that she says those horrible things about Alm's intentions, yet is willing to give the invading forces a pass on their behavior.

  7. By naga's sugar tits, even the support conversations are on point, bravo Intelligent Systems!

  8. wow Celica is a bitch. she doesn't understand alm's feelings and his reasons for joining the deliverence

  9. Alm, Celica, it's been seven years since you had to be separated from each other, and you both end it with an arguement.
    Seriously, I can't even decide whose side to be on after that!

  10. Everyone's calling Celica horrible while ignoring Alm's black and white views, and plain ignorance. He'd gladly dump all responsibility on a secret princess in the firm belief she'd fix all of Lima's mistakes. They're both in the wrong in some way, and this clash just brought it out.

  11. >you can't just one hit units like in Fates
    cue Grey murderfucking entire armies with his lightning sword

  12. Guess its Celica's time of the red rage considering how she's critting and how grumpy she is towards Alm.

  13. Yeah, Celica really comes off as irresponsible in that last conversation with Alm, ESPECIALLY because Alm explicitly states he'd gladly hand power over to the Zofian princess, and both Celica and the player know FULL WELL that Celica is the Zofian princess.

  14. 14:58 – Acually 6 resistance is not too good but, I guess it’s still something when the highest resistance we have is on Mae with 10

    Genny with 13 RES: Am I a joke to you?

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