Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia – All Allies & Villains Critical Hit Quotes Showcase (60FPS)

So long! Get out of here! It’s over! (Grunts) See what you get? Go away! Stop it! I’m sorry! Stay back! Are we safe…? Damn you…! Take this! Just die! Gyaah! Heh, look who’s still standing! W-wait! Stay away! You big jerk…! Hyah! Whoops… Sorry! Stay back! No! Just get away! Ugh! I… I did it? You monster…! N-no!! Get back! Ugh! I wanna go home… Alright…! Take this! This ends here! This is how it’s done! Success! Bye now! Okay! Sorry! It’s been fun! It’s hard bein’ this good. This one’s mine! You ‘nd me! This is the part that hurts! Have some of this! Gyah! Never count Tobin out! Fine…! Don’t push me! You watching? Now you die. Ungh! Who do you think Iam? For Alm! No more! Wrong move! I’ve had it! Did you see that, Alm? This is farewell! They never learn! It’s my turn now. Pray this ends quick! No thank-you required. Be saved. So be it! Repent now! Mila judges you. Reprehensible! Poor thing… On your knees! Too late! You brute! You should be honored! May I? You bore me. Begone! In the name of Zofia! Make your peace! Farewell. No hard feelings. Enough! Submit or be struck down! The gauntlets are off! Take care, now! Farewell! In the name of Zofia! I’m a Forsyth to be reckoned with! Open wide. Hello and goodbye! Buzz off, please. So sorry about this. Shk! Heheh, sorry. Not your preferred outcome? Ready yourself for the end! Pushing your luck, I see. I will eradicate you! I save this for you! Take this! I must reach the heart of truth. I’ve seen enough. So long! My turn. Getting a little presumptuous? Hpmh. Sorry, not sorry! Let’s make this quick. ..Seeya! Who’s been naughty? [Giggle] Who do you bow down to now? Um, uh- Oh yeah! Get away from me! I will prevail! Here goes nothing! That was for Zeke. Die, villain! This ends here and now! Consider this a mercy. Any last words? Hup! I cannot fall here. …Too careless! Age before beauty! Your time is up. No mercy. You lack experience. It’s over! I’m not about to stop here! Grant me STRENGTH! My apologies. Hyah! I fight to protect what is dear. You’re not stopping me! Now I’m mad! Eat THIS, pal! Comin’ through! Whoo!! How’s that? Great, right? Have some of THIS! Sorry, friend. Outta the way! It’s over! I don’t wanna die here either. I. Do not. LIKE YOU! Sorry! You need to MOVE! Now I’m angry! Like this? Phew… I’m tuckered out. Getta load of THIS! Move. You can’t win. You don’t know when to quit. Have THAT! [Groans] Gonna be sore tomorrow… Have a taste of this! Made your peace? Time to pay! Say goodnight! I’m your shield. Get lost! EXCUSE me? We’re done here! Hands off! Hahaha, perfect! Say goodnight! You ready? You can fall down now. All right, all right… You’re wide open! I’m just in it for the money. Move! This is the end. How about this? Prepare yourself. Big sisters get it done! It’s over. Enough. You can’t beat me. Clear a path! Begone! This is a fight I can’t lose. This one’s gonna hurt! We’re done here. Feast on this. Wha’ddya think of this? Wait for me in Hell, buddy. Get lost! Show some respect! You can go now. I’ll split you like firewood! Heh~ Did I steal the show? Let’s have some fun~ Naughty child. [Giggles] Time for a little DISCIPLINE! You shouldn’t have tempted me. It ends here. Enough. Is that all ya got? Accept your fate! Child’s play. Thought you could win? Comin’ through! Nowhere to run. This is it! Wait for me, Abel! Live and learn! We’re not done just yet! Give up yet? Well, if I must. How about this? I have good years left in me. Farewell. This is your fate. Scatter before me! Consider it an honor. You’re not ready. Common thugs… Buh-bye, bad guy! Am I doing this? Oh, I’m doing this! Take this! Here I come! That was all me! Ready for my angry face? Let’s do this upright. This’ll probably hurt. Oh look, it’s nap time. Oops, too hard. [Giggle] So long. Have some of THIS! Teacher is VERY angry. Rest in pieces. Take THIS! A good old-fashioned schooling. Taste my wrath! Now, I strike! Your final moment arrives. Face my full might. I have you! My brother would’ve scoffed at you. This fight is mine! Just try and keep up! Are you finished? Submit! Now THAT was enjoyable. I am not one to toy with. Foolish rabble. Get out of my sight! You had your chance! You need a lesson. Know your damn place! Meet your end! Begone from my sight! Die, worm. Die! Excited yet? Now sleep! I think not. [Creepy giggle] The time has come! Fool. No mercy. Now, perish! You’ve had your fun. Bad move! Haha, WONDERFUL! Nighty-night! Wretched scum…! Out of my way! We’ll all die! Hah. Laughable! Ignorant fool! [Creepy laughter] Begone! You will suffer.

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100 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia – All Allies & Villains Critical Hit Quotes Showcase (60FPS)

  1. Gotta love Luthier. I put him against Tatarrah and he killed him with a "I saved this for you!". Best big brother

  2. I love when Sonya said "Naughty child"! She made me think of Camilla. 😘

  3. I will always remember about one or two maps after I got Est, even though I was recklessly training her as much as possible, she was still fairly weak compared to the rest of the army. I make a slip up and forget to account for the boss' range of movement. Est's been knocked around a bit by the weaker minions, then the big guy rushes her. Things don't look good. He's got about a 90% hit chance, probably a 3-5% crit at least, vs her 80% at best hit chance and 1% crit. One hit from him will kill her, but she doesn't have enough damage to kill him, and he's going to double her. As I see these stats, I get ready to rewind. And then happens my current favorite turn of the RNG throughout all of my FE experience.

    Est dodges the first attack. I start to think "Okay, this is good. If you can just please dodge the next attack too, Est–"
    "Thought you could win?"
    The boss falls, Est gains a full level, and the player phase starts up again. All I could think to do in the moment was cheer and laugh like an idiot.

  4. Pretty late to point this out, but I'm doing it anyway.

    Faye: "And now I'm going to… I'm going to…"

    Rudolf: "Come⸻"

    nOw YoU'lL nEvEr LoOk At ThIs ThE sAmE wAy AgAiN.

  5. >.>
    >v> why not make some crossover character crit quotes? Like OW and TF2?

    TF2 Characters-

    “I’m gonna headbutt ya, I’m gonna headbutt ya!”
    “Alright, let’s do this.”
    “I’m a freaking blur!”
    “Hard to kill a guy while he’s beating your freaking head in, huh?”

    “Last one alive, lock the door!”
    “You are a sack of vomit!”

    ((Skipping Pyro, since it doesn’t speak understandable words.)

    “I’m gonna beat ye’ so hard you’ll have a TWITCH!”
    “Come on!”
    “Kill em’ all!”

    “Come, we fight like men.”
    “Here I come!”
    “Run, cowards!”
    “I liiive!”

    “You done incurred my wrath, boy.”
    “You and me, hoss!”
    “Start prayin’, boy!”
    “Let’s do this Texas style!”

    “I’m going to saw through your bones!”
    “Diagnosis: YOU’RE DEAD!”
    “Prepare for your examination…”

    “Gods, save the queen!”
    “Let’s have a go, ya’ mug!”
    “I’m gonna carve you a new cake hole!”
    “Stabbin’ time!”

    “I’m going to cut you up like codwood!”
    “Queen’s rules?”
    “Let’s settle this like gentlemen!”
    “I’m going to gut you like a Cornish game hen.”

    Overwatch Characters-

    “Ryujin no ken wo kurae!”
    “Mada mada!”
    “Life and death balance on the edge of my blade.”
    “I am unstoppable!”

    “Death walks among you…”
    “I am the Reaper…”
    “You’re already dead.”

    “It’s better to be the hammer, than the nail!”
    “Leave this to an expert!”
    “*[evil laugh]*”

    “100% GERMAN POWER!”
    “I LIVE FOR THIS!!!”

  6. This happened in my recent playthrough.

    Me: Okay Faye, please take care of this enemy for–.
    Faye: Crits For Alm!
    Me: siiiiiiiiiiigh Of course…
    Faye: Did you see that, Alm?
    Me: facepalm repeatedly Why is that one of her crit quotes?!

  7. Why is the crit cutscene so weird in this game? It would've looked fabulous if they changed their expression to an angry one.

  8. You don't know how satisfying it is to use Luthier and hear "READY YOURSELF FOR THE END! FOOL."

    God, Lu, both you and your sister are kickass.

  9. So the kids average between a 3 and a 6 crit so in layman's terms that's like going to Staples and getting a paper cut while picking up a pile of printer paper. And too note i have played and beating this game and loved it

  10. I don't understand why people dislike Faye so much, she's an awsome unit and she isn't that bad personality wise.. I mean come on wouldn't you fall for a man who you had a crush on that saved your life, poor faye isn't at fault that Celica and alm was and already written ship, and went you think about the classes she can be and how Unholishly Bulky she is you beg to wonder who is supposed to be the main character between Celica and Faye considering the difference in power and growth.
    Maybe If they gave her a different ending people wouldn't dislike her as much. But anyways I love this video. It's satisfying hearing such lovable Characters crit (INCLUDING faye) still I think they did Faye dirty considering she's original to Echoes like Berkut I belive. No one even says anything afterward if she dies which make me even more sad, I mean come on she gave away her home, her strength and everything to keep alm safe. If loving someone is a crime then man do I really really need to look to what loving someone is supposed to be.

    (Ps. I appreciate Celica incase anyone thinks I'm being bias, shes a fine lady but MAN is she selfish and reckless, maybe Faye to but atleast she has the power and bulkiness to backup that recklessness as well as fighting FOR alm which honestly I dont see how that is a bad thing..but yeah great video Phoenixmaster1)

    (Another ps. Poor faye just exist to suffer the unrequited love curse that plagues all childhood best friends)

  11. I remember loving this game. Until i found out about Star Jacinth. It's more like a personal problem, but i can't play anymore without it.

  12. Randal has my favorite crit quotes. In my game, he even had an actual conversation once.

    "Ready for my angry face?! Hey, you! enemy dies …Oops, too hard."

  13. The graphics are great, but the way they just put still portraits and moving critical hit cutouts seems lazy…that’s like downgrading back to FE13 critical hit animations, (which still are good and not as cringy).

    The way they show the entire face, vs just cutting out the rest of the face but the eyes (like in FE13) is kind of awkward, especially since some of them look very happy or absent-minded in their portraits….

    Is it a deal breaker? No. Does it annoy me? Yeah, kind of. It seems less epic to me than how they displayed it in FE13 and FE14.

  14. I love how one of Clair's is "on your knees" because that was supposed to be the quote Xander and his retainers shared but it was mistranslated in English to "you're right where I want you."

  15. 11:07 love hearing that mans voice probably because its the same voice actor as Raven from Tales of Vesperia.

  16. Funny thing is, in the manga adaptation of Gaiden, Kliff was actually killed by Desaix. And then Desaix got killed by Alm, Gray, Tobin, & Clive, who also put his head on a pike.

  17. Kliff being killed by Desaix in this video is quite ironic as Desaix killed him in the manga-adaptation of Gaiden…

  18. I totally know all of them by heart but
    It's always epic to listen to it

    but I always laught at Leon's "perfect" remind me of so many time he said "honestly ? i was pretty much perfect back then" and I was like "Right ! You only missed 4/5 of your hits that's AWESOME =="

  19. Looking back at this game echoes looks so goddamn good in its cinematography, frame rate and visual effects it's crazy

  20. Nothing like a bunch of armored horse-mounted trained adult soldiers getting killed by a bunch of little kids with sticks.

  21. My Clair was a crit machine, as was my Delthea, though the latter can be attributed to the Brave Sword I had her hold

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