Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (Hard/Classic) – Part 1 – Prologue & Act 1: Zofia’s Call

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100 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (Hard/Classic) – Part 1 – Prologue & Act 1: Zofia’s Call

  1. So in terms of difficulty what would you rate hard. Im playing it on that difficulty do hopefully I dont have any issues and thank you for lets playing this!

  2. Nice. Also PM1 have you played the original Gaiden? Alm and Celica are pretty good units in the original. Also I remember back when you didn't do commentary on your videos lol.

  3. Alright so I'm gonna watch the first 2 seconds of it then leave because it comes out tomorrow and I'm dying for it

  4. Just played awakening and fates so far, Should I play this on normal or hard mode? I'm going to do Cassual mode because I'm still an avarage strategist though.

  5. just cause there more voice acting here doesn't make it better the passed game just got lazy The would have been just as great if not better than this but what little they have was also pretty good nigga lol also the cutscenes from previous game are wayy better than the crap we got in this game if we are going with the comparisons( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  6. Can't wait to get this tomorrow! Sorry, PM1, but I gotta pass on watching you play it! I will once I beat the game myself. 🙂

  7. hey pheonix I admire ur videos and I'm grateful that we have 99 stamina thanks to u abdallah, rasouli but this time can u help me try to give Nintendo feedback to give us 5 orbs a day and make it unlimitles or 8 just plz I need your help!!!


  9. I'm sorry Phoenix but I can't watch till after tomorrow but I'll be back to see just how much better you're doing at the game

  10. Hmmm, watch the first chapter of the game or avoid watching it to avoid spoilers?

    Well it's only the first chapter, I should be fine.

  11. it feels different from the old titles. but, I'm liking it so far. the amount of freedom the game grants you where amazing. I probably watch more playthroughts before I buy one

  12. Still, I like where this story is going. Celica and her dark, unspeakable past…

  13. Question, PM1, are you still going to be doing Heroes or is it strictly SoV from here on out? Just wondering.

  14. Does anyone know the theme/song of where mycen swings in to the rescue to kick mycen's butt? ( it also plays when it's the allies' turn )

  15. i started gaiden a few hours ago (because, after reading it only had 5 chapters and valentia might be the same, i figured id check out the original before getting the remake), and it's immediately SO DIFFERENT. can anyone tell me, who has played gaiden before, their opinion on the remake and the differences between it and the original?

  16. it's good to see PM1 playing an actual fire emblem game again

    *heroes isn't a real fire emblem game and you fucking know it*

  17. at 23:34 its a legend of zelda reference. it looks like the place where the master sword is hidden

  18. "Grandpapa knows a manly wreath when he sees one….Unlike some BOYS. Ha ha."
    Me: Very funny, Celica.

  19. Came to check if I missed anything because I skipped on the title card accidently. That thing lingers for quite a bit.

  20. I bought this game a while ago and began starting playing it today! Playing the same difficulty and mode as you

  21. I got this game a month after the release date. I didn't play till last month. I played a little, then took a break for a while. I'm enjoying it so far!

  22. 5:09 Faye! You’re just a kid and you are thinking about Alm marrying Celica?!

    Gray’s reaction is similar to mine.

  23. Hey can someone tell me how can i play thus game on pc.i downloaded rom from a website where it says to download two parts of rom.i am using citra emu for pc.what should i do with those two rom parts now to play game.

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