Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (Hard/Classic) – Part 6 – Act 2: The Pilgrimage [Chapter 2]

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56 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (Hard/Classic) – Part 6 – Act 2: The Pilgrimage [Chapter 2]

  1. im sure the reason sabar wasnt in the focus banner is because there are already way too many sword units in heroes. nevertheless i would love to see him in the game in a future banner

  2. Do you promote your units right away in this game? Or should you level them up more before promoting?

  3. I really wish these cutscenes didn't look so shitty lol also the in game models/animation could have been better polished plus some more bright color wouldn't hurt

    (Insert salty "comeback" here)

  4. Is it just me, or does Mae sound like the Dubbed Lucy from Fairy Tail with a tad more accent and attitude?,

  5. I like your videos and the way you speak is so calming and relaxing that it just blends with the run through the game. I'm excited to see the chapter of my fav character- Camus

  6. Where did you get the clean image of Celica's Cipher art? I really like it but I've only seen some with water marks.

  7. the only thing I don't like about the game is that you can only hold one item but everything is grate

  8. So this is where Radiant Dawn got the cool ideas!
    Except Alm won't be nearly as EXP starved when we go back to him.

  9. Can I just say that Celica's map music named: With Mila's Devine protection. Is one of the greatest map songs ever.

  10. 14:20
    Phoenix: I might get a crit' . . .

    Celica critical hit animation

    Phoenix: I got a crit' . . .

    Me: Teach me your ways O' Great Master of Phoenix's

  11. 6:09 Uh… Rúµuùúµuùde?
    7:11 You are completely wrong. The reason why you want Genny with you is not because you need a healer, but because she is absolutely adorable <3

  12. 18:05 idk Pheonixmaster1, you underestimate the versatility of uses for a cat and what it could do to the battlefield.

  13. the cinematics in this game are amazing…..i hope that if any other FE game gets a remake it is on par with this quality

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