Fire Emblem Heroes – 200+ Orbs Summons: Bride Fjorm, Groom Pent, Bride Tanith & Sigurn [FEH]

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100 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Heroes – 200+ Orbs Summons: Bride Fjorm, Groom Pent, Bride Tanith & Sigurn [FEH]

  1. Sorry for the late upload one this, I still have C&K Quests to do tomorrow. Have been busy this month and was not home for few days after that. Btw How did your summons go?

  2. I think what people forget when talking about the whole Belgium thing and FEH ending is that…if you spend money on the game, yeah the game is going to end eventually but the reason you spent money on it is to buy enjoyment from the game in the present. Even if FEH ends tomorrow, most of the orbs you've spent since you started playing have already provided you hours of entertainment… so it's not exactly wasted once FEH ends.

  3. Theory: next year's bride banner will be called bridal beasts and they will all be beast units

  4. #question What do you think about your channel and how it has shifted focus multiple times as time goes on?

  5. While I know they probably intended Fjorm to show interest for the Summoner, I'm just gonna stick with my gut and say she has a crush on Sharena – who was right there all the time <3

  6. I feel you with Pokèmon, I was heavily into it with my friends from XY to ORAS, but when Sun and Moon came I just got bored of it, I didn't even bother to start the Ultra Beast story

  7. FEHeroes had better not shut down. Too much time, money, but especially love poured into this game for me…

  8. I don't think America will ever ban loot boxes and stuff like that I may be wrong but just like casinos you gamble and they are still up and running I just hope feh lasts a bit longer for everyone who spent money on the game because let's be honest them orbs aren't cheap

  9. #Question

    Hello PM1, I absolutely enjoy your content.. ♥ Your theme-battles and Gran Hero/Legendary Hero sulutions are doing a damn great job!
    My question(s) would be:
    What is your favourite FEH special quote? Mine would me from Deirdre when she say triggers her Special and says ''I'm sorry!'' before smashing everyone with her Devine Naga. Also, whats your favourite death-quote? Kadens ''I'm too gorgeous to die…!'' is my favourite one.

  10. If they stop heroes. I'm gonna be tight. We can finally see all types of fire emblem guys and gals. It's like a big fat fanfiction.

  11. #Question if FEH stop entirely what youtube videos that are you going to do next? will you make a youtube video based on similar style game to FEH or do some "lets play" video with newer Fire Emblem titles?

  12. #question As your Malaysian doppelganger, I would like to ask what is your preferred programming language and what is the one you least like.

  13. Man all I got were three stars, i mean i didn’t want anyone but fjorm but they didn’t have to give me useless three stars

  14. I got a free summon fjorm, which was great. Now I’m split between saving for mythic or spamming Fallen Heroes for one of those colorless dragons.

  15. Tbh, Pokemon in general is just boring compared to the older days. Might just be us grown ups not having time or our standards of gaming went up while Pokemon stayed the same over the years lol

  16. #Question: Which unit(s) do you most regret investing in, whether with orbs, feathers, skill inheritance, or even just time?

  17. Hey Phoenix, it's always nice to see your summoning videos. I actually stopped playing Fire Emblem Heroes. Last time I logged in is the banner where the legendary heroes Azura, Lyn, Mythic hero Duma, and Halloween Myrrh in one random free pull to get Halloween Myrrh.

    I mainly play FGO now since I find the game more enjoyable and more salt mine summoning for 4 and 5 star servants and Craft Essences.

    In Smash Ultimate, do you have a main? If so which one? Any secondary?

  18. I'm still feeling bad because Fallen banner gave me the first 5* after 250 orbs, which turned out to be a pitybreaker

  19. #question What House do you plan on picking in Fire Emblem Three Houses? I'll pick Blue Lions.
    Also, did you see the Reddit leak?

  20. #Question: Would you ever consider doing a full playthrough of yourself figuring out an FTP Abyssal map? Like just start recording in the team editor and don't turn it off til you've cleared it. I think that'd be a great learning experience for everyone!

  21. #Question Like your content. I noticed your FE game tier list tweet that you ranked the 3DS games (minus Conquest and Echoes) so low. A lot of people I talk to in the FE community consider these games as if they're as bad as Sonic 2006 or Fallout 76. Do you think of Awakening and Fates as bad as those games or just bad in general?

    I've played Awakening, Fates, Blazing Blade, Echoes, Sacred Stones and Shadow Dragon. Favorites are Blazing Blade and Awakening, low points for me would be Echoes (which I think is a good game) and Shadow Dragon. I would like to play the Jugdral and Tellius games, but I can't figure out how to use an emulator.

  22. # Questions
    What do you do when you have a character with low res and he keeps getting killed by mages and healers.

  23. #question do you plan on doing another list of units who need a refinement including GHB and nonseasonal TT Units

  24. #question Which unit do you think you've gotten pity broken by the most? For me, it's Flying Nino, but I'm not really complaining about that.

  25. Paused to see themed battles in the making. Is it just me or has PM1 not made one for L ephraim and L eirika yet?

  26. Hey Phoenix are going to-play three houses when it comes out and are going do a walk-through of it #Question

  27. I stopped playing the game because it was getting boring
    Then this banner came out and since Fjorm is my waifu, of course I have to have Bridal Fjorm
    So I download the game again, and I use my free summon on this banner. Guess what unit I get?
    Bridal Fjorm <3
    The game knows why I started playing again

  28. #Question Have you ever played League of Legends? If your answer is yes, which champions did you play?

  29. A Spring Loki showcase? Looking forward to that, I like her statspread and I wouldn't mind getting an idea of what's possible with her.

  30. I don't think the games going away anytime soon, fire emblem heroes is definitely top class in the gacha games, rates aren't absurd and go up with every 5 summons under a banner and they are very generous with free orbs. The overall quality is on point providing more tactically intense situations then truly any other gacha out there, I don't see lootbox bans being the end at all they can easily sell heroes for upfront amounts and leave the gacha to orbs obtained through play, no gacha is going to disappear just cause they can't sell the gacha aspect they will all adapt their business plan theres too much money to be made from honestly low effort, it doesn't take much to get some art, voice lines, and plug and play skills compare that to making a DLC or a full game which is marketed at a normal 60 dollars, 4 little characters in heroes or any gacha will easily surpass the money made from a full retail game with barely a fraction of the cost. Even if they can't sell gacha a straight up sell of heroes at lets say 5 bucks per will still rack in tons of cash cause 5 bucks isn't much to a casual player to get a guarantee of the hero they want while the hardcore will be throwing 50 to get max merges. All the while free to play can still gacha for the heroes. Now some games will certainly break doing that sort of model as they often have only a handful of viable characters while I consider fire emblem to have honestly have some of the more balanced set ups where theres plenty of uses for most of the characters whether it be skill fodder or a special situation for lunatic difficulty and up theres no real end all be all set up, more difficult maps will always need tweaking of the line up. Something like epic seven which is a pretty popular gacha you can literally clear their more difficult content like abyss using a team of what are originally 3 stars but need heavy investments thats all, you literally just run that team and you can clear the last 40 floors with little issue while if you gave heroes a tower no 1 team would let you clear from mid to top floors which makes the game great.

    Bottom line heroes is an amazing gacha and it won't just die the amount of videos on it alone are evidence enough its got a good following and its tied to a pretty popular series which gives it constant renewed interest from fans of the games.

  31. #question what type of videos are your favorite to make and what is your favorite video you've made so far?

  32. Fun Fact:
    Wada Sachiko is also the one that did FE7's art for Pent and Louise.
    Sooo, that is a win-win situation for me.

  33. #Question : With all the Three Houses exposition we are having lately do you have it pre-ordered? And do you have any thoughts of doing LPs of FE games in general? Like playing FE4 some time?

  34. You should definitely make a video about how much you have spent on the game so far.
    Would be a great source of information.

  35. #Question

    Is there any chance for the NINTENDO INTELLIGENCE. to add the 8 legendary heroes mentioned in FE7? Like Athos or Bramimmond.?? Thanks for answering

    Active subscriber since 2018 really love your summoning sessions. Especially your GHB vids..keep up the good work. More power 😁😁

  36. pent is cucking the shit out of me. thea and mordecai have pitybroken me and im so sad. pent PLEASE ur wife and children are waiting. i love you

  37. #Question
    Sorry if this was already answered, but have you met any FE voice actors IRL? If so, who? Thanks for answering! Also, Bridal Mordecai?

  38. So the current bill under way in the us is targeting the games and game companies that sell lootboxes and the like to underage gamers (under 18) meaning that companies could be punished by the FTC for marketing to underage children.
    This however does not mean those games won’t shut down if they’re in the way of this new bulldozer.
    For clarification: The bill has barely been introduced, much less debated and actually created with bicameral support.
    That does not restrict an agency from creating a regulation banning these practices anyway.

  39. #question what is you opinion on the gamepress arena tier list. What are some units that you don't agree with their tier (mine would haft to be Duma in tier 1)?

    Who is your favourite character in Fire Emblem:
    -Mistery of the Emblem
    -Echoes Shadow of Valentia
    -Geneaolgy of Holy War
    -Binding Blade
    -Blazing Blade
    -Path of Radiance
    -Radiant Dawn
    -New Mistery of the Emblem
    -Heroes (only Heroes characters)
    I really love your videos

  41. #question If a Fire Emblem Movie was to come out what Fire Emblem would you like it to be?
    Also I might skip the Bridal banner this time since I want Fallen Corrin BUT I GOT ADRIFT FEMALE CORRIN (There were no colourless stones so I picked green and got her) AND TWO TIKI'S. I think my luck is almost getting worse than Arthur's!!!!

  42. #question Have you considered showcasing solutions submitted by your followers? Thanks for all the hard work you put into these free to play solutions, and I hope you remember to take breaks and never overwork yourself. I think I speak for everyone here that we greatly appreciate your hard work, but we also want you to always take care of yourself first!


  43. So i just started playing the game about 5 min. Ago any tips on what banner i should summon first ?

  44. #Question do you think IS will hold an event in July to celebrate the release of Three Houses? Like they’ll have a paralogue banner for the three lords and Byleth? What are your thoughts if this were to happen?

  45. #Question:what budget healer should I use because I have 5*s of every color besides colorless.Please help me senpai.

  46. I had reasonably good luck on this banner. Roughly six sets and about 70 orbs netted me Sigrun. She is dominating my team setups now. I turned her into a beautiful offensive powerhouse. Now, I wonder who her special someone is…

  47. Took me 98 orbs to get my sigrun for -atk +res. She's going to get sacrificed once I get the dragon flowers I think.

  48. IS: okay okay, youve been a loyal fan as of late, despite us giving you only -atk five stars. Here, have two focus units on your first pull.

    Me: oh my god, thats great! damn I guess I was wrong about


    Me: I'm not even surprised anymore…

    IS: okay then, have a +atk Mareeta

    Me: finally that will come in hand…

    IS: WITH -SPD!


  49. #Question Are you waiting for a specific Character to get added to FEH to do a Theme Battle With them as the protagonist? Personally i really want to use Cormag and Joshua only to beat Valter's GHB

  50. How do you get the orbs ??
    I have passed all the history and extras and i dont know how to get more orbs
    Somebody helps me ??

  51. Who do you think needs an alt skin? And of what would u want this character to be in? I’d love a picnic stahl. #Question

  52. I know I'm a month late on this video but I just wanted to tell you how fun it is to hear you so genuinely happy about getting Pent. That was awesome!

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