Fire Emblem Heroes – 300+ Orbs Summons: Ryoma’s Legendary Hero Summon Banner

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100 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Heroes – 300+ Orbs Summons: Ryoma’s Legendary Hero Summon Banner

  1. How did your summons go?
    I am happy with this legendary banner I got lucky!
    Also, don't forget to enter in the giveaway! –

  2. Wow great job ! You summoned so many good units with good IVs 😮
    I'm personally saving orbs for Linde in the New Power banner, wish me good luck !

  3. I saved just 95 orbs for 5 full circles because I really want bridal Lyn. So I pulled 4 full circles with no 5*, and then in the last one I got all the 3 colorless focus units in a row haha

  4. A matt mercer emblem ? You're a man of taste.

    I'm trying to make a critical role emblem but I'm not sure which unit to use for it.

  5. I kid you not, right before you summoned Ryoma and you were talking about how unlucky you are I was definitely chanting for Ryoma. XD

  6. Got Sigurd +Spd -Def, pretty decent and a full neutral Tiki, i was just looking for tiki, and now, im saving for the bridal banners, i want Caeda and Ninian that badly, but i dont mind if i search for another bride Lyn

  7. I did all the things the giveaway said to do but it says I still have 0 entries. Did I do something wrong?

  8. Mate. The worst unit is definitely Meg. Armor Knights are already kind of mediocre in general, and Meg is such a shitty unit with the growth rates of a Pegasus Knight.

  9. Congratz Phoenix! Meanwhile, in 200 Orbs, I got a -Spd+Def Ryoma (yay…), a Fjorm, and… a +Spd-Res Sigurd!

    Overall I feel like that's some pretty bad luck in terms of the number of 5*s I got. However, after spending all the orbs in my possession on every banner Sigurd is featured on (including this one), I FINALLY got him! And his IVs aren't bad, though I would have preferred +Atk. So, I'm still ecstatic about my pulls.

  10. Ok I'm happy I just pulled Hardin from my 3rd redemption of 5 orbs and my first pull off the session

  11. I pulled a neutral a!tiki, it was only then i remembered that you can pull a hero with neutral ivs, also my a!tiki is now +5

  12. I wasn't as lucky as the last banner, but I did get a +spd -hp fjorm and another, which makes her +5 now. I also got a -spd Ryoma and a -atk Hardin. So I just foddered Hardin to Zelgius for Bold Fighter

  13. I'm so glad we were both incredibly lucky on our summoning this banner! Good luck on the next one! Let's both get lots of WTharjas!

  14. I wanted Hardin so I can make mine lvl40+ But me focus on red and colorless orbs too.

    I ended up get F!Grima Robin twice and she almost had Spd 40. I didnt get Hardin but at least I got lucky for the unit with good stats

  15. i got ny!azura on my free summon which was exactly what i was hoping for.. i was so surprised. shes -spd +res which is Kinda bad but im still really happy. i have all azuras and shigures!! the family is together

  16. I got a total of 8 5 stars from 240 stones I think I lucked out. BTW, do you know of a good team to pair with Halloween Jakob? I have most units so all are considered

  17. Can you give your opinion on every single fire emblem unit might be a two part video and when I say every unit I mean everyone not just fe heroes kind of like the aura guardians opinion on every Pokemon also include legendary and event heroes

  18. Still summoning on the bride banners but my free summon on the legendary banner was a +atk -hp Grima! That works!

  19. Good video. Watching your summoning sessions is always pretty fun and it helps me continue saving orbs haha. At a little over 600 right now saved for CYL2. Keep up the good work!

  20. After a long day, this is what I need.. nice video like always man.. btw I got 2 NY!Azura which one should I use? +spd -atk or +res -def, thanks in advance

  21. I ended up getting a + attack – Def New year Takumi, + attack – speed Young Tiki & a Neutral Winter Chrom. I wanted Lego Ryoma, Lego Female Grima , New Year Azura & Young Tiki : /

  22. My flier team has gotten so good since the Flier Hinoka banner, so I really want Ryouma since I don't currently have any red units to use. Sadly my rates are super high and still no 5 stars 🙁

  23. I was kind of lucky with this one 40-60(i don't remember xD but i think 40 ) and got L!Grima and NY!Azura and i really wanted her so i will Stop summoning now

  24. Why don't they do cutscenes with the seven heroes anymore, that makes summoning them a lot cooler😢

  25. I have a question when I inherit ignis on soleil and arvis, why won’t they do super effective damage, can someone reply to me ASAP.

  26. I spend over 75+ orbs and I got a fjorm but I didn't get a L!Ryoma and I only have 5 days left to get him and congrats on getting Ryoma!

  27. When I watch your summoning videos I don’t get jealous of the five stars you pull, I get jealous of the units I need for merges that you pull

  28. not having money hurts ;A; I'm happy about your luck though! I can't imagine being able to get this many five stars I want per banner.

  29. My first free summon was Christmas Chrom. I’m very happy I didn’t get a winter unit from that set!

  30. I just made 1 summon (The free one) and I got exaclty what I wanted (NY!Azura),
    Also a got a fodder Hardin for my Zelgius (don't kill me plz)

  31. I managed to pull a +atk -def Ryoma and a neutral W!Robin in 50 orbs. Those were the two units I didn't have from the banner! W!Robin is actually the first armor march unit I habe ever gotten!

  32. I wish I had 300+ orbs to do these with. I’d probably get a ton more five stars

  33. I've seriously just got pitty broke by sigurd again this is the second time in a row he has appeared for me I was trying to get legendary fell vessel Robin with my 10.50% chance for a 5 star unit but nope

  34. 60 Orbs in, 10.50% chance of summoning a 5*, 0 actual 5*'s and sitting pretty with 4 orbs
    Lets just pray I can gather another 20 orbs and summon an actual 5* next session

  35. I personally don't like legendary hero banners because I think they are rigged, however I would like that give away

  36. That’s rlly cool you got Ryoma ! I got a fjorm trying to summon for Xmas (festive tactician) robin but no luck at all I also somehow got shiro from a bridal banner XD and love your videos btw ❤️

    ( if anybody wants to add me on FEH)

    My friend ID is 2298625355 😃

  37. I got L!Female Robin on my second try then I nopped the heck out because I wasn't going to waste my orbs trying for W!Robin

  38. On my main account I spent 90 orbs and got 2 Legendary Ryoma's. On my second account I got him on my third pull lol

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