Fire Emblem Heroes – Altina Unit Review + Mythic Banner Review [FEH]

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100 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Heroes – Altina Unit Review + Mythic Banner Review [FEH]

  1. PM1, bro, thanks for sharing Midnight Sun here as well!! It means the world to me and the rest of the team, and I really hope that people will like what has been shown in this video. 🙂 On a side note, Altina is incredible, just give her Def Smoke and Fierce Stance and she'll be sweeping entire teams by herself haha. ⚔️ Ah I almost forgot, if you want Path of the Midnight Sun to be completed, please consider sharing the following link: Thanks!! ❤️

  2. Besides Altina, I wanna go for Sothis, Tiki, Duma, Marth, and Lyn(simply because I dont have them) who should I aim for first?

  3. she has vantage, a double attack distant counter sword and neutralization aginst flier effeciveness…..i think this might be the unit i finally spend money to get

  4. I'm really excited cause this means characters like Athos, St. Elimine, Roland, Anri, the jugdral crusaders etc. Could be added as mythic heroes

  5. It's strange that Altina wants to be next to beast units, but she would still prevent their transformations…I would think a skill like that on a beorc unit would have an additional effect that explicitly allows their transformations even though she is a beorc.

  6. Sooooooooooo……
    First time I’m not pissed that a new swordswoman unit powercreeps Ayra… I actually wanna get Altina… hopefully the game doesn’t screw me like last time

  7. Hey thanks as always for you videos, also watch out in captions 15:03 “either rapes” I don’t know if there anymore since I just caught it by chances.

  8. Well I'm going for the greatest of all Brides: Fjorm, and if I'm lucky enough to get her, I will go check out red because there is no going wrong with any of those three…plus I could use some of Bantu's stance.

  9. Naga and Altina are actually amazing team mates since they are both flying units and she needs dragons to near her or no one. Dragon flier emblem light works well for her.

  10. Naga is one of the most useless units so this one is like the best unit in the game eir is rubbish no def until they bring out firesweep daggers eir is rubbish.

  11. Pm1: sorry i will do sponsored content bc youtube algorithim is eh. . .

    Also pm1: sponsors fire emblem based stuff

    Lmao its pretty cool ads too

  12. Me: Sees PM1 video: "Horray!"
    Includes Paid Promotion
    (It's fine tho PM1 I'll always watch your videos regardless)

  13. Altina opens the doors for other units like Athos or Saint Elimine, for some reason i really want Saint Elimine as a Mythic since she has an oficial art work in the fe6 cartridge and she looks so gorgeous

  14. Say PM1, are you looking forward to your obligatory -ATK Altina? ^^

    But seriously though, hope we both get her with good IVs xD

  15. Summary: just pull for reds, otherwise go blue for the memes and green if you have bad luck… colorless if you are confident in your luck. I'm going for the reds because you'll always win whoever you summon from the banner

  16. Prediction: Lif and co. will continue to be in the main story including Book 4 with Loki, so they will release him as a mythic hero at a later date.

  17. #Questions I got like five questions for you to answer please in the next Summoning Video. 1. what and who is your favourite and least favourite Fire Emblem Three Houses Time Skip Clothing Design. 2. Which class do you want to see and what changes do you want to see in Fire Emblem Three Houses because I want to see Females can be Heroes, Grapplers and War Monks and new classes like Dark Falcon, Malig Master, Sentinel and Dread Fighter. 3. Who do you want to see to get a Weapon Refined because I want to see Brave Ephraim, Brave Celica, Brave Veronica and Male Morgan. 4. Who do you want to see as Seasonal like I want to see Anna and Est in Easter Bunny Outfits, Three Houses Christmas or Summer Banner like Santa Claude, Edelgard, Dimitri and both of the Byleths and Summer Banner with Hector, Roy, Eliwood and Hoshidain Royals. 5. Who do you want to see as Five Star Exclusive Heroes as Hero Path Guide because I want to see Brave Hector, Brave Veronica, Brave Camilla, Brave, Micaiah, Flying Olivia, Ophilia, Possed Tiki, Possed Berkut, Tibarn, Surtur, Mage Grima, Marriblel, Claude, Edelgard, and Mufassa #Questions Thank you for keep up with all of your hard work.

  18. When you used up every last one of your orbs for Byleth…. well I can still try my best to collect them again. No point feeling down over this.

  19. Altina is definitely an Astra unit I desperately need for my AR experience.

    How unexpected the founder of AR didn’t become a mythic but we got one of Ashera’s chosen heroes.

    I definitely want Sothis, Bride Fjorm, and also potentially neutralizing my – Speed L!Marth (although he’s still amazing).

    Wish me luck PM1 and good luck to you too!

  20. A. Now we have a doubling weapon better than Keaton.
    B. Time to break out the Zelgius and slay that hoe
    C. Why would you make it Res and not something useful?!

  21. Altina;
    *Mt: 16. Ragnell-Alondite: Unit can counterattack regardless of foe's Range. Inflicts Spd-5. Unit attacks twice (even if foe initiates combat.)
    [So it's like having a Distant Counter effect & as a Brave Weapon… 🤔 That's really Divinely Awesome! 😃)

    Twin Blades: Boosts damage by 40% of unit's Res. Disables non-Special skills that "reduces damage by X%."
    (That is a not bad Special. Lol. Something tells me that someone like Brave Ike's can have a damage reduction effect & this one will disabled that. Oh dear… 😮)

    Ashera's Chosen: Neutralizes "effective against flying" bonuses. If unit is adjacent to only beast or dragon allies or of unit is not adjacent to an ally, grants Atk/Def+6 during combat.
    (So it's a unique effect either for Bond Skills to be adjacent to only beast or dragon allies or Solo Skills to be not adjacent to an ally, gets buffs greatly of Atk & Def… Probably an Exclusive A Slot Skill to the unit… 🤔 That's good. 😄)

    Vantage 3 would be good for the unit but it's up to U for another B Slot Skill besides that. 🤷‍♂️ I don't mind much.

    Atk/Def Oath 3: At start of combat, if unit is adjacent to an ally, grants Atk/Def+5  to unit for 1 turn.
    (This can be good skill for other skill it has but U decide. Pretty good C Slot Skill tho.)

    Me: So Altina's Weapons were like Brave Brave Weapon's effect like (WoT) Reinhardt's Meisterschwert… I didn't expect that. 😯
    Her Special was obviously a reference from the Not-So-Actual Goddess Ashera's Blessing that was bestowed upon her as her Chosen One which I guess makes sense… 🤨 Anyways, it was an opposing Special against damage reduction effect like Brave Ike's.

    Altina's another Mythic Hero in FEH & happens to be a Non-Existent from Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn & there's info about her at all which was weird… 🤔 IS had to SPOILED something like Zelgius being the Black Knight. Lol. 🤦‍♂️ But it happens. What can U do? 🤷‍♂️

    Ever since learning from BigKlingy's playthrough in a long while before she comes out, she was mentioned by people & someone like Sephiran I think he must've had his own real name before that who explains on his past lifetime… So she does exist as a Character… Lol. 😮

    About her origin of the past before the Future Present, she was a Founder & the 1st Empress of Begnion… & she wields Zelgius's Alondite & Ike's Ragnell as its 1st one to grasps them?
    She must be amazing to fight in all of Tellius… 😃
    Not just that, but she also was a Great-Grandmother of the 37th Empress of Begnion, Sanaki & the Queen of Daein, Micaiah?… 🤔 Holy Ashunera! 😯

    4:28 – 4:46 / Of course she's not the only one who was Ashera's Chosen but with the 2. Still, that was cool. It would be nice for the King of Goldoa, Deghinsea to be in FEH but… We Shall See… 🙂

    Great Job Pm1! 👍👏😆 (Sorry I didn't comment a lot sooner & I should've. Darn me… 🤦‍♂️ Oh well…🤷‍♂️🙂)

  22. i feel like altina is gonna be a monster, she litteraly denied his natural weakness against archers, has two buff skill, vast space movement, and forces herself to attack twice before his foe, My orb saving for the next Legendary/mythic event was worth it, MUST GET HER!!!
    P.D. Good Luck to everyone on this summon👍👍👍😁

  23. She out here wielding both Ike and Black Knight's swords like a mf AND shes a flying unit?? Well shit if that ain't badass idk what is 👀

  24. ~See's Altina actually getting added into the game~
    Welp time to farm up all by back log of story and paralogues. Goodbye orbs it was nice knowing you.

  25. if Deghinsea does get into FeH he better have an AoE as his special/activated skill just for the reference to his "judge attack" (as iirc the Serenes Forest website calls the AoE spam the FE10 endgame bosses get)

  26. Not to hate or give any harmful objections but her res is not as high at or around 36 from my calculations she will have around 22 res based on the extra damage she deals.

  27. Keep in mind this is her first appearance outside of a flashback reference AND her first art outside of the RD menu screen. In any case, I'm surprised they made her look like Sanaki as opposed to Micaiah, unlike the RD menu art.

  28. Hey, PM1, great video. But I have a question. In case IS releases Dheghinsea as a unit in FEH, what skills, unit type, color and stats you think he would have?
    It just happens that I really like his character. Like in Radiant Dawn that everyone was afraid of fighting him, even royal laguz

  29. I want that Fjorm…..last time i spend over 350+ orbs saved for a 1 and 1/2 year and i didn't get her, now it,s time for gettin her….i hope, pls RNG jesus help me

  30. Please i have a question. I noticed that recurrence of mythic banners at beggining is 8% but the closer the banner is to end, the better the odds of pulling a 5 star unit is. Is that right? At beggining the odds are 8% but at sunday +/- the odds increases to a whooping 10,5%!!!!

  31. Her melee and special animation is probably the flashiest melee animation to come out of this game, and that's saying something

  32. I don’t know why but altina reminds me of ganondorf’s form, where he has two giant swords,idk it just came to my head.

  33. Honestly It might be An unpopular opinion, i got Her To +3 And She is really weak, she cant kill anything At all,she fails To kill a brave ike, sigurd,or Even a plain tome user. The Best damage preview i saw It was barely a 18×2 or a 11×2. I dont know what You guys talking about when You Say she is a beast that solos entire teams…my idunno is still my best unit she really wipes out team alone with Her 60+Def And 50+res

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