Fire Emblem Heroes – CHRISTMAS Banner First Impression,Opinions & Discussion! (Winter’s Envoy)

What’s up guys, I’m Pheonixmaster1 and welcome back for some more Fire Emblem Heroes! So today, we got the trailer for the new? Christmas banner, which is gonna be coming out on Monday, and I’m gonna be giving you guys my first impression and telling you guys what I think about these units and how their skills might affect the metagame. So, the first unit we have got on this banner is Christmas Lissa. She’s an axe armored unit, and they do explicitly state that, so these are her skills: So her weapon is Handbell+, and it grants +2 speed, +2 attack, +2 defense, and +2 res in the enemy phase, so this is pretty good for armored units because they function usually really well in the enemy phase so this is pretty good, and this weapon can be inherited to other units, because we do see that plus-sign, so it can be inherited to a lot of the enemy phase units like Hawkeye, like Titania, and it can also be given to units like Camilla, so that’s pretty good, and her Special is Bonfire, so this does mean that she’s gonna be having a relatively high defense stat. Her Slot B skill is Bold Fighter 3 Which is so insane as a skill, because it basically functions as a Follow-Up Ring in the player phase without any kind of threshold condition, and it also gives you faster cooldowns for your Special, basically behaving as a Heavy Blade or Steady Breath so this Slot B skill is amazing for a lot of the armored units. This skill is gonna be restricted to armored units, because it has got “fighter” in its name just like Wary Fighter, so it is definitely gonna be restricted to only armored units, and a lot of armored units will be able to make amazing use of this skill. So, like I said, it works like Follow-Up Ring but only in the player phase. Arden’s Follow-Up Ring also works in the enemy phase, so he’s able to double attack in the enemy phase, but if you give this skill to an armored unit they will not be able to double attack in the enemy phase. So some units like Effie and Halloween Jakob can make amazing use of this skill and even Hector can be a bigger threat because of this skill. So, Effie has got monstrously high base attack, so she can run Brave Lance+ and run something like Death Blow or Brazen Attack/Defense for her Slot A and then run Bold Fighter in the Slot B, and she’ll be able to quad attack every single unit in the game except for the ones who are running Wary Fighter or Lancebreaker, and she will be able to proc Ignis, Aether, or Galeforce in every single round, because this skill does fasten up your Special, and she’s gonna be quad attacking so with Brave Lance she’s gonna be able to do massive amounts of damage, and she can be much better in the player phase compared to a unit like Arden, who suffers from really low res, and Effie does have better res, so she can be pretty good and tanky in the enemy phase as well, while doing a lot of damage in the player phase, but still, her Distant Counter set is still the best in my opinion and she can definitely run Robin’s lance, which you guys will see, for her Distant Counter set. So this was Lissa. She does have Fortify Armor as well. I’m expecting her to be someone like Sheena but have much lower speed, and have those funds go into HP or her bulk–that could be a thing–so she could be a mixed tank because Bold Fighter means that she’s gonna be having pretty low speed, I think. So those are my expectations from Lissa. Her weapon and Slot B skill does conflict because her weapon is for enemy phase. Bold Fighter is clearly for the player phase, but it’s gonna be interesting to see how this set is gonna be, and Halloween Jakob is another unit who can abuse the Bold Fighter skill, because he can run Brave Bow, and quad attack every single unit. He can make good use of this skill, and proc Ignis in every single round, or proc Aether or Galeforce, so you know, like, Halloween Jakob who can quad attack all the time, unless his opponent has got Wary Fighter or Bowbreaker. It’s gonna be pretty insane because he has got good base attack and he also has good bulk on both spectrums, so Halloween Jakob does get a pretty nice buff with this, and you know, like, Halloween Henry can also use this if you have him with -spd IVs, he can also make great use of this skill. This skill can also be run by Black Knight and Amelia if you’re gonna
Be running a more player phase oriented skillset on them, and Hector receives a pretty good buff with the skill, because as you guys know in Arena, people do bait out Hector. They do not initiate an attack on him, because they’re gonna get hit with his Armads and the Quick Riposte 2 built into it, so that’s why people like to bait out Hector, so if Hector runs this skill, then he’s gonna be able to double in the enemy phase as well as in the player phase, so baiting out Hector is definitely gonna get much harder now because of the Bold Fighter skill. His Slot B is open. He already has Quick Riposte 2 built into his weapon, so Hector got much better with this skill, and Draug can also make good use of this instead of focusing on his +spd IV. He can just go with +atk IV or +def IV and run this skill and quad attack every time, and he does get outclassed by Arden, but still, I’d say it’s a buff for Draug as well. So this was Lissa, and let’s see what her stats are gonna be. And if you see right here, she’s gonna be proccing Bonfire, and she gets 15 points of additional damage. Now, the units which they show in these trailers are not at level 40, but at least we can tell that she’s gonna be having 30 defense or higher than that, so she could be a mixed tank, like I’m expecting her to be. So, we have got another Christmas unit: Christmas Chrom. He’s an axe armored unit, and he’s carrying his Falchion, but he’s just going easy on you by not using his Falchion, and instead using his bag of gifts to attack you, so his weapon is similar to Lissa’s, it just has a different name, nothing more than that. Then he’s got Pivot as his assist skill. Pivot is pretty good if you’re gonna be running an armored unit on a mixed-movement team. If you’re gonna be running an Armor Emblem team, then Pivot is not really that good, because it’s not very versatile, and Swap is a much better option if you’re just going, off full-out armored units, so that’s the thing, and then we have got Brazen Attack/Defense 3 for his Slot A. This skill is just so insane! I really, really, really hope that these skills are restricted to armored units, because these are just too good. These skills do outclass Defiant skills, because they’ve got a much better threshold condition, and they give you spur bonuses instead of buffs. So it says right here it gives you +7 attack and +7 defense during the combat. During the combat means bonuses just like Darting Blow, Death Blow, stuff like that, and that’s pretty insane, because Defiant skills were not really used that much because they had a really bad threshold condition–below 50% hp–plus they acted as a buff, so you could not stack them up with other Hone skills like Hone Attack or Hone Speed from their allies, but with these skills, you can stack up those Hone buffs, because these are in-combat buffs so you can definitely stack up Hone Attack or Fortify Defense, and this skill has got amazing synergy with the Wary Fighter skill, because the +7 defense is definitely gonna make it much better for you to stay in the Wary Fighter range, so Wary Fighter units make amazing use of the skill, and this is definitely the best Slot A option for Arden, because it gives him +7 attack which is much better than Fierce Stance or Death Blow, while giving him +7 defense so that he can stay in the Follow-Up Ring range, so this is a pretty good buff to Arden, and then he’s got the Wary Fighter skill. So this is Christmas Chrom. And I think that he’s definitely gonna be a heavy hitter, I think. So he’s gonna do that damage to that knight and take him out, and then we have got Christmas Robin. So, he’s a lance armored unit, and we do not have too many lance armored units. We only had Gwendolyn and Effie, so he’s the third one, and these are his skills: His weapon is similar to Chrom and Lissa, so it does give him all of those boosts in the enemy phase. He’s got Reciprocal Aid and Brazen Attack/Speed for Slot A. Now, this is why I really, really hope that these are restricted to armored units because this skill basically outclasses Life and Death and Swift Sparrow, and all of those skills like that, because you’re not taking any kind of penalty, and this synergizes really, really well with Desperation or Vantage, so that’s why I hope that these are restricted to armored units, otherwise Life and Death and Swift Sparrow are just out of business and it gives them +7 Attack and +7 speed during the combat. These skills also work both in the player phase and in the enemy phase, so that is pretty insane as well. This is really good if Christmas Robin is gonna be a fast unit, which I think he’s gonna be, because we’ve got Amelia as a fast green armored unit, we have got Black Knight as a fast red armored unit, and I think Christmas Robin is gonna be the blue variant of that with around 34 base speed. So, he can be a pretty good unit with that. So, of course units like Halloween Henry, Black Knight, and Amelia can make amazing use of this skill if you’re gonna be running a more player phase oriented skillset with them, so this skill is amazing. And then he has got Armor March, so he’s the third armored unit who’s got Armor March. We’ve got Amelia and Halloween Henry before who had Armor March, so armored units are definitely getting much better. And then we have got Christmas Tharja…now, I just do not get it, if she loves Robin so much to wear this thing in Winter, or she’s just celebrating Christmas in Australia or Brazil, I just do not know. like She’s a red mage armored unit. Yes, she’s a ranged armor unit. She has a red tome, and she’s armored…just let that sink in for a second. Like, why? Like, I know people joke around with the RPG female units in various games, where they will have a lot of defense in these kinds of quote-unquote “armor”, like, if you even can call them armor, like, come on. So her weapon also functions like Lissa, and Robin, and Chrom’s weapon. She’s got Iceberg as her special, so she’s definitely gonna be a res tank, which is not really too bad because green mages like Nino are pretty common in arena, so that’s good, and then she’s got Close Counter as her Slot A skill–that’s insane! So, previously only Takumi had Close Counter, and we thought no other unit in the game will ever have Close Counter or Distant Counter as their Slot A skills, but we were wrong, I guess. So, they can definitely give Close Counter and Distant Counter to more units now. Close Counter’s nowhere near as good as Distant Counter, because there are only a few units who can Make good use of Close Counter, units like red Henry, Halloween Henry, Halloween Jakob and green units like Boey, Merric, stuff like that. So she’s definitely gonna be used for her Slot B fodder. So, for her Slot B, she’s got the best skill from this whole trailer: Vengeful Fighter 3. So, it basically is a better version of Quick Riposte, and it gives you faster cooldowns for your special. So this outclasses Quick Riposte on armored units: why run Quick Riposte when you can just run Vengeful Fighter, which has got a better threshold condition and also gives you faster cooldown charges? It’s ridiculous how good the skill is, and it also removes the need of running Steady Breath on Black Knight, because it gives you faster Special–it does not stack up, so you can just run Brazen Attack/Speed or Attack/Defense on Black Knight. So, it’s amazing on Black Knight, and pretty much on every armored unit, because all of the armored units have got the bulk to take hits, so they can easily take the hits and nuke someone with their Special. So, Vengeful Fighter is an insane skill–like, actually an insane skill. I’m so glad this is locked to armored units, and, of course, Brazen Attack/Defense has got good synergy with this skill because it does help you stay in the Vengeful Fighter range, and a lot of like armored units, like I said, can make amazing use of this skill. Now it does say “+1 charge”, which might throw off some people, but do not get misled by that: check out the description of Steady Breath or Heavy Blade, and you will see that “+1 charge” means that you will be having a faster cooldown Special. And then she’s got Red Tome Valor, which is pretty good. Of course, now we are only missing Staff Valor. If we could have Staff Valor, that would be amazing. Especially with the new healer buffs, you require a lot of SP on your healers, so hopefully we can get some kind of healer with a Staff Valor. That would be pretty amazing, but unfortunately, this Valor skill is also locked behind a seasonal unit, so yeah that’s definitely unfortunate, and as you can see here, she’s gonna be proccing her Iceberg, and she’s gonna be doing 15 points of additional damage, so she is at least gonna be having 30 res or above that. We can tell that from this damage, and like I said, the units which they show in these trailers are not level 40, also her HP is not really too bad, much better than Halloween Henry. 39 hp is pretty good. I feel like she will have the boosted BST. There’s no reason why they would not give her a boosted base stat total, just look at this: They can also give boosted base stat totals to the melee ranged units, and have them have the same base stat total as Amelia. Yeah, so that could be a thing, and then we get this banner on Monday, and it is gonna be lasting for only two weeks! It is not gonna be lasting for a month. So, we do get a Legendary Heroes summoning banner at the end of December, and it is gonna overlap with this I think, so you could just spend your orbs on this or save for the Legendary Hero summon banner. I’m actually excited for this banner, because I do run Armor Emblem team a lot, and my main core for Arena are three armored units: Amelia, Effie, and Hector, and they do benefit from these kinds of skills, so that’s good. So, let me know what you think about these units in the comments section down below, and if you enjoyed then please be sure to leave a like, and if you haven’t already, then make sure to subscribe, so that you do not miss out on more Fire Emblem Heroes content which i’m going to be uploading in future. So, with that being said, I’ll see you guys next time! Thank you so much for watching, and have a great day!

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100 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Heroes – CHRISTMAS Banner First Impression,Opinions & Discussion! (Winter’s Envoy)

  1. Of course, these skills are better for players than for AI. It will make you have an easier time while using Armor Emblem.

    For Arena Defense Baiting units with Vengeful Fighter is easy and Wary Fighter is more annoying but Bold Fighter could pose a threat especially from units like Hector.

    Sorry if I repeat myself at times in the video that's because I have my finals going on right now so I am a bit stressed out, hopefully, I gave good enough overview of the units & skills.

  2. It doesn’t lower cooldown charge dumbass then it would be the best skill…guaranteed follow up up to certain ho threshold while also getting a special cooldown no….they are adding 1+ not 1- on special charge in these abilities Cause they’re over powered then, you wanna double okay then take a +1 charge as trade off not straight up give you both abilities that r perfect by themself into one monstrosity

  3. I better skip this banner as a whole is keep saving my orbs. I'd need 4 Tharja to be satisfied (1 to keep and 3 for my dragons). I stick with my Plan to Salve orbs until a new dragon is released.

    Edit: if Tharjas B slot ist armor exklusiv it's even easier for me to resist.

  4. I always prioritize the unit with the valor skill because they are useful even outside the double SP events. I will get the rest in due time. Tharja is the reason for my summoning season lol.

    Hopefully there's another second Christmas banner like the summer season. I'd like to see Elf Eliwood, Reindeer Lyn, Santa Hector or it'll probably be Fates characters like always.

  5. This banner is pretty disappointing in terms of actual characters imo thanks is the only one I have even slight interest in this is the first time I've actually agreed that awakening and fates shouldn't be represented.

  6. Might actually buy some orbs for once!! I was really excited for CHristmas robin since his datamine!
    I dont see much of any downside to this banner :DD I really love these seasonal banners as it makes usually some of my favorite units all with a theme and really nice skills!

    Sadly I've found it hard for me to pull the focus units I want on these kinds of banners :c

    I got Bunny Xander from the spring banner (when I wanted any other unit BUT him lmaoo)
    I got Summer Xander from the nohrian summer banner as well as summer elise and frederick.
    I only recently got Bride Caeda due to the legendary banner
    on the very last day I pulled inigo from the performing arts banner
    and I wasnt able to pull any focus units from the halloween banner :cc

    Im hoping as a FTP player I can have as much luck on this banner as I did on the original brave heroes banner. I chose B!Lynn as my Free pull then later I got B!Roy and then in the same summon session I got Ike and Lucina!

    It really is sad that the banner is so short :c

  7. Idk how but I knew Tharja would be a red tomb user and it makes sense because candles are hot and she was already a red mage which I predicted a long time ago

  8. I always go for at least one unit per Special banner. The most I've ever gotten, seeing as I was going for waifu, was 3 out of the 4 Performing Arts

  9. How is Brazen Atk/Spd 3 better than L&D?
    Shouldn't you be using L&D on glass cannons anyway which means that character with it are going to have a hard time getting into the threshold in an arena match most of the time since they'll likely die anyway? Maybe it's just me, but I don't think this outclasses L&D. Maybe Swift Sparrow though

  10. Brazen skills also have great synergy with Wrath. Give Brazen Atk/SPD and Wrath to a refined Lyn, for example, and she'll be a very dangerous unit. This assuming the Brazen skills are class-exclusive.

  11. It’s funny that Chrom carries falchion but does not use it and instead uses a bag to hit you. Who the f uses a bag of gifts as a weapon?

  12. “We thought she was a girl disguised as a monster. She’s a monster disguised as a girl.” Thotslayer Ike, we’re gonna need your help. Like, seriously.

  13. wouldn't it still be good to run Brave Axe+ on Lissa as Bold Fighter guarantees a follow-up + the special cooldown +1 which allows you proc specials faster

  14. I didn't realize at first that they're all armored units. XD Love the designs of Lissa and Chrom, and Robin is cute. Tharja would die in Michigan…

    Thanks for the first impressions, PM1! Hope everything's going well for you! 🙂

  15. IS's reason for making Tharja an armored unit could be because she's wearing that cloak to keep herself warmer than her usual

  16. damm.. i regret having spent 100 orbs on the Amelia banner. What a waste :/ and the worst part os that i still haven’t pulled a 5 star unit from that banner smh

  17. Tharja made me audibly laugh. You get the cute and normal designs for the other 3, then Tharja looks like a stripper. Just why, Tharja didn't even like talking about her body in Awakening.

  18. Sheena is already slow. I couldn't imagine them making Lissa even slower. I could see them making her a lot like a Res version of Amelia.

  19. I have to wonder if them all being armoured units/OP Skills is a leftover design choice from about a year when they were first announced. At the time, skill inheritance wasn't a thing and armour was the most underused class out of everyone, with the exception of Hector and Effie. Still, seems unlikely, and doesn't really excuse just how broken some of these skills are, or the fact that we've gone yet another special banner with just Fates and Awakening units… seriously, it's getting beyond old at this point. (To anyone going to comment; yes, I am aware that Caeda and Lyn were part of the Bridal Blessings banner. Really doesn't count for much at this point)

  20. I will wait for what the legendary banner has in store before summoning on this
    Only have about 100 orbs and want to stay f2p

  21. Any signs/traits of character Tharja has, outside of her obsession with Robin, that some of her fans want to talk about just keep getting thrown out the window by IS lmao.
    She seems to be handling the cold so well in that outfit, yet in her ending with Lon'qu…
    "Lon'qu returned to Regna Ferox and served as Basilio's right-hand man. The cold Feroxi winters proved too much for Tharja, who left time and again in search of heat more in line with a Plegian desert."

    Then again, Heroes had also randomly decided to make Caeda say something about feeling helpless/defenseless in her confession line, despite her talking about how she feels the opposite in the games she was from.

  22. Me: "Thanks to Halloween Henry I've finally finished my armor emblem, now I'll save orbs"
    IS: "New Christmas banner with armored OP skills"
    Me: "Oh, that's bad for me, but I'll save my orbs anyway"
    IS: "Christmas Tharja with sexy outfit"
    Me: "…shut up and take my orbs"

  23. Tharja already has the most expensive for the highly coveted CC + Vantage Bladetome/Owl set. Amusingly enough, all she needs to do is inherit the tome from her "normal" self (the original Tharja, that is)

  24. Tharja is since Awakening my stalker nightmare, why, why cant i enjoy banners without seeing Tharja? >->

    But okay, Robins weapon name makes it up. OH, TANNENBOOM! OH, TANNENBOOM!

  25. wait, is this next legendary banner just a rerun or are they going to alter the units? if its just a rerun, I won't be interested

  26. Hector was scary because of how well he could abuse vantage. If he doesnt, I'll be encouraged to just ORKO him with Ike

  27. Man Tharja and Robin are looking nice. I was able to get aemlia recently so this Tharja and Robin will help with armor emblem. Also I was just wondering do you still use something to play fire emblem on pc? If so can you make anohter video explaining how to get it to work? I tried nox but I didn't realize that Nintendo made it to where you can't use that

  28. how to buid effie in an armored core? I got a spare hector but with these units I dont even know if a berkut lance DC build would be worth it

  29. You know, I haven't heard anyone bemoaning Sheena's attack before; for me, she's only ever hit like a wet blanket, and has more than 10 less attack than even my Anna. So I went back and checked her IV's again… she's -Atk. She still has rather low attack at base without doubling.
    I wasted 20k feathers on promoting a -Atk Sheena right before Henry came out, and she's still my only armored axe that I have. Fun.

  30. We don't matter if tharjas clothes doesn't make sense in game in our eyes the less the better 😂😂😂 damn I wasted 300$ on the 8% and got shit…. let's see how much I waste for robin and tharja😂😂😂😂😂🤷

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