Fire Emblem Heroes – Fallen Berkut, Mareeta, Corrin & Tiki – Darkness Within First Impressions [FEH]

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100 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Heroes – Fallen Berkut, Mareeta, Corrin & Tiki – Darkness Within First Impressions [FEH]

  1. Yo guys, Sorry I just goofed up in Mareeta's Stats. I didn't account for +5 Damage from Flashing Blade 4. So my expected stat spread of her now is: 42 HP / 33 Atk / 43 Spd / 30 Def / 22 Res – 169 BST.
    Btw What are your thoughts on this banner?

  2. Man these true damage skills are getting annoying if your tank is first gen… For the longest time my Beruka was near impervious to physical damage even with the inferior Fortress Def, yet characters like L!Alm now halve her HP at LEAST for merely attacking… And now FB4 on top of that…
    I mean, I understand why true damage has been introduced, what with the Idunn, Surtr, Caineighis and L!Tiki being a pain to pierce. But these implementations hurt the other tanks even more

    Still though, quite happy with the banner. Hopefully the gods are kind to me and grant me that Berkut

  3. Might have to get the burger king pack just for this banner lol
    Edit: I really like how berkut has the lif and thrasir weapon effect

  4. "What's up guy's it's Pheonixmaster1" love this channel solid content and the accent cracks me up every time.

  5. Pheonixmaster1 Also the reason why Berkut was smiling is because the enemy did zero damage! This little details I love!

  6. Wow. I've never really liked Berkut very much but his art alone makes me want to summon him. All the details in his art plus how his sprite also looks batsh*t insane with his head tilted back is amazing!

  7. Best part of Fallen Berkut? Shutting down follow-up attacks from ranged units means that all he needs is QR, and he's a great counter to L!Alm. You did it, Berkut. But what did it cost?
    Also we got Witch Rinea in the game before her default. I'm really hoping she shows up. Default Berkut's been polishing that wedding ring for like a year now.

  8. Ian Sinclair is an amazing voice actor. I want that Berkut just for Ian's voice acting, honestly. Also, he looks awesome as a res tank which I love. But mostly I just want him for Ian Sinclair's voice acting.

  9. I'm really thinking Fallen Corrin is a what if scenario if Corrin ever got possessed by Anankos

  10. I'll definitely be using a bit of my orb stash hoping for Berkut. I can't get over how good his chibi animations and art are.

  11. didnt rinea stand by berkut side during their final battle in sov…. could this conditional dc be a reference to that? him having rinea by his side making him more powerfull?

  12. i just remembered…… i finished my normal young tiki this sunday…. and now i have to get a new one….

  13. Is there even an Empty vessel corrin in the original fire emblem fates?
    I know there's an empty vessel takumi but corrin no no no that can't be right.😑

  14. As happy as I am for Female Corrin emblem, she and tiki should have been replaced with berserk Greil or Fell morgan. There are so many better “fallen” heroes out there.

  15. Silly summoners. Don’t you know how UnintSys works? You get something good and you have to abide with cash grabs for 6 more banners.

    Also, tbh, I would have been happier if Berkut just got distant counter alone in his weapon.

  16. I'm a sucker for the Fallen banners …but I will resist because I'm holding out hope Gangrel will someday join the game.

  17. Think about it this way: most people know by now to keep an eye out for Aversas. But, how many people do you know who remember to check skills? I can see Sudden Panic catching people off guard.

  18. #Question If Fire Emblem were to have an anime (I’m not counting the OVA), what game do you think should be covered?

  19. berkut's japanese voice is amazing if you see the japanese video, all the alter heroes have a amazing voice acting that surprise you

  20. Heck YES! When L!Alm GHB gets back, PLEASE make him fight Fallen!Berkut in a Theme Team Vid! PLEEEEASSSE! Lol.

    As for who I’ll be gunning for, in order:

    1. Fallen F!Corrin/Fallen Tiki,

    2. FallenMareeta

    & 3. Fallen Berkut

    Those are my choices. As for why F!Corrin was chosen, I believe it’s because she’s a lot more popular than M!Corrin (FE Wiki said so) & well, die to her heritage. Allow me to explain.

    We all remember Anankos right? The Fates Avatar’s Dad. Well, he was a god who later became mad due to his Dragon’s Blood. So I’m assuming that madness was passed off to his child (Corrin). At least in this banner. The Berserk part you mentioned could also be a reference.

    Anyway, I’m definitely going to go all-out in this banner. Better start saving up!

  21. Literally my friend and I were ranting about corrin and u said literally everything we were saying like who they could have used and me saying berserk a lot. XD

  22. I have a personal goal to collect and build every Judgral unit to the best of my ability so Mareeta is a godsent! I wasn't expecting any FE5 this soon. Yes, "soon". Stone Eyvel when tho?

  23. I reaaaaally want Tiki Wiki ;-; she looks so lonely and sad… I wanna help her! baby!!!

    berkut's sprite animation is fantastic! I love the fact that Rinea is with him. they put so much effort into that.

    TBH I… never expected Mareeta? I deadass forgot what game she was from lol

    Corrin's expression looks like something from hentai

  24. Thank you for clarifying that Corrin was not possessed in both fates nor in warriors because a few people from the fandom were saying a few theories as a means to excuse Fallen Corrin (f) for being the 7th alt in this banner. Some are saying "Because her mother died, she got possessed," or "she got possessed in warriors"

    The real reason IS added other Corrin for waifu and fates fanservice.

  25. And here we see Tiki in her natural habitat, throwing a fit over losing to Nino in the voting gauntlet.

    If you read this in a British or Australian accent, you now got the joke.

  26. To be honest Feral Corrin is actually a pretty clever pick.
    She is a "what if", what if Azura didn't intervene in chapter 5 and Corrin was left free to degenerate?

  27. Fallen Corrin is probably a callback to the DLC where Anankos wins in the Revelations path. As during the final battle in that DLC you'll have to face off with a fallen version of Corrin who's possessed by Anankos.

  28. I’m really curious about next Forging Bonds event with these units… Especially with Berkut completely insane… It will be so strange to see summoner with happy smile meanwhile these units are suffering with this evil power.

  29. I’m just EXTREMELY satisfied that Female Corrin is FINALLY being tortured like the thot she is, by NINTENDO of all people, which is surprising because they grotesquely worship her and try to shove her and her prick son down our throats as “canon”.

  30. Personally I think Corrin's whole deal is because she has the cursed blood of Anankos but honestly… Lewyn? Sumeragi? Risen King Chrom????

  31. Don’t you just love it how Berkut just looks so sadistic and insane and the fact that there is a flaming Rinea on his art? I love it, it’s like he’s coming for you

  32. i'm super excited!
    btw, can somebody help me out maybe? i pulled 2 l!ikes in the last banner. now i have 3 and i'm not sure if i should merge or do something else with them? i do use l!ike a lot but i'm so unsure aaah ;-;

  33. Spoilers
    The reason Corrin is "possesed" is because they are a direct child of Anakos who not only went insane but also has the ability to posses others
    Throw in the Children DLC where evety parent was possessed (Except Corrin, but you never see them in the dlc) and one could argur that is the route they went with Corrin

  34. Another Corrin wasn't necessary. If they couldn't handle not putting a Fates feral dragon in this, they could've put Human Anankos or a Kana instead of what might be the 6th/7th corrin. And like you said, Scarlet, Gunter, Arete, or Sumeragi would 100% be a much better choice.

    I'm very happy with Berkut and especially Mareeta, and I'm okay with Tiki. Despite us also having like 6 Tikis now.

  35. I ended up getting Fallen Corrin on my 2nd summon. +Def/-Res.

    My ID: 8624462232

    EDIT 5/14/19: I pulled another Fallen Corrin, +Spd/-Def.

  36. The constant references Fallen Berkut makes to summoning Rinea.
    Could it be them hinting at her in future? The Birdal Banner IS close by.

  37. Me: I feel like this banner is skippable, it does have some good units/skills, but after the Genny Alt Hunt, I’m good for this banner.

    Also me: This Tiki is very fair, who knew that reverse armor march was great.

    I wish all good luck in getting their Tikis as I got mine in 4 orbs

  38. Will you make a Theme Battle against Delthea with the Units who saved her (excluding her brother of course ), so with Alm, Gray, etc.

  39. Well for the fallen heroes they still got the fate revelation timeline where anankos killed everyone and then using them as vallite solders

    Except shigure boy

  40. I got Corrin at level 40 and she is one of my best units so fst, she much better than the wyvern rider archer I was using.

  41. Funny enough, Ayra, or at least the Ayra I met in the new game mode the bonds one, she's the only one sword unit I met so far, that can stand up against my Mareeta

  42. Tbh this is the like best banner we had in a while.
    not an event exclusives.
    all are useful in some ways (unit-wise and fodder-wise with those ATK/SPD solo and those 4th tier skills)

    -Null follow up and ATK/SPD solo are no longer event exclusive skills

    This is how all banners should be handled instead of having like 1-2 useful units and the rest are trash.

  43. I got 5 star mareeta in the first try I was so happy I thought I was only going to get all silver but got her she looks really cool her animation I'm happy

  44. Finally got myself one, got Fallen corrin, BETTER THAN NONE! Want all four of them, Berkut an Tiki bc of DC making any unit damn near usable but that Marietta got a cool lil niche like Lewyn BUT being I got a badass Lewyn I honestly HARDLY have ever even used him after getting him setup the way I like. Tiki, Corrin an Berkut got the stats an niche weapon an abilities to survive the future. Marietta Idk. She just seems cool but easy to deal with if you approach her properly like Lewyn.

  45. Would of been alot cooler if Corrin got the same solo skill as Duma. Dragon teams got all kinda crazy ass characters now, just be cool to have one with a skill like mordecai where he debuffs enemies after using a move skill close enough an uses his link skill.

  46. Wassup with alts for Sigurd or a legendary version!? That man got some potential an has a good nichen slow as hell. But got magic tanking skills easy!

  47. I got Corrin on my free summon and Berkut just after so i think I'm lucky btw Corrin best unit of the banner

  48. Literally came back to the game just for Fallen Berkut…I really liked his art and this banner's Forging Bonds event was just hilarious LOL

  49. I’ve pulled three Fallen Tiki’s since I just started the game when I actually want Fallen Corrin, #FeelsBadMan

  50. Hi PM1! Would you be interested in making a video about your ideas for builds for heroes like these? They are in the normal summoning pool, so they can come to us everytime.

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