What’s up guys I’m Pheonixmaster1 and welcome back for some more Fire Emblem Heroes and today I’m gonna be giving you guys my first impression on the Spring Banner, which is coming out in two days And this is our second Spring Banner, so this banner has got some pretty interesting characters And the first one is spring Catria, so Catria is extremely popular in Japan you know Unrequited Love it’s something else, but she is a blue mage Cavalier, and she’s got this weapon which gives her +3 res and if she’s above 50% HP Then she will inflict minus 5 defense and minus 5 attack on the foe who has got the lowest resistance On the enemy team so it has got chill attack two and chill defense two built into it and it also has an extra threshold Condition and this is actually a legendary weapon because there is no plus sign beside its name So it cannot be inherited to any other unit and only Catria can use this, because it targets the lowest resistance of an enemy unit it is gonna be hurting units like Sigurd Zelgius, Black Knight, Hector, Ephraim, and tanks like Lukas so because they have got pretty low res they’re gonna Be affected by this and minus 5 defense can be pretty annoying for units like Sigurd and Hector And she also has Drawback as an assist skill Which is pretty good one of the best after Reposition, her slot B skill is Chill Resistance 3 Which inflicts minus 7 res on the foe of the enemy team who has got the highest res And this skill is great for magical nukes like Sanaki, Lilina, Julia, and this of course helps Reinhardt a lot he has a new tool to play with and Chill Skills can be enacted by anyone so Reinhardt can definitely run this on his slot B he runs Lance Breaker as of right now for his most popular slot B option and Lance Breaker deals with units like Wary Fighter Effie and It is also good for taking on high resistance Pegasus Knights and also helps him take on Fjorm But he can definitely run this for his slot B skill and do a lot of damage to his counters Plus 14 damage if he gets Chill Res on them And he can definitely hurt Julia, Deirdre, and Fae units like that a lot And it’s much more of a trouble for units like Nino who barely check Reinhardt with the help of Fury so Chill Res is going to Be quite annoying for those kinds of counters but even outside of Reinhart a lot of the magical nukes can make really amazing use of this actually And if you’re running a blade tome on a unit who has got low speed you can definitely run Chill Res on their slot B one example for that is female Morgan who has got a pretty high attack and She does not really have much speed for a blade tome unit so you could definitely run this on her And then she’s got Drive speed for her slot C skill So she’s got pretty good skills overall Chill Res is definitely gonna be something which a lot of people are gonna be foddering her off for and I really hope that I can actually get two Catrias I’m One for the obvious Reinhardt, but let’s see how lucky I get on that banner so she’s nothing gonna be facing competition from Reinhardt, Olwen, L’Arachel, for this blue mage cavalry category and Then we’ve got spring princess And this is Sharena so a lot of people were thinking that it would be Sharena and she’s actually there And she’s an infantry green mage and once again she’s got the same weapon as Catria pretty much, but it has got some different conditions and It is also a legendary weapon which only Sharena can use so just like Catria’s tome it gives her +3 res and if she’s above 50% HP Then she inflicts minus 5 res and minus 5 attack on the foe who has got the lowest speed So instead of Catria’s minus 5 defense she inflicts minus 5 res So if Sharena is gonna be targeting their speed Then it definitely hurts and effects units like winter Tharja, winter Chrom, Effie, Hector, and units like Reinhardt who run brave weapon so definitely effects units who have got low speed and if they run brave weapon they could be susceptible to This effect and once again This is a legendary tome and cannot be inherited, and she’s got Rally Attack/Speed a dual rally skill Which is pretty good, Rally Attack/Speed is pretty amazing and previously only bride Cordelia and the cavalry Erika had this skill and she’s got a brand new slot A skill in Swift Stance which gives you plus 4 Res and plus 4 speed in the enemy phase, so it is the enemy phase version of Swift Strike Which Brave Roy has got and I think Mirror Stance is a better skill than this. The only units I can see using this skill is maybe Halloween Henry and maybe Valentine Lyn plus four attack and plus 4 res It’s better for a lot of the defensive mages I think and she has got Live for Bounty which Spring Camilla and Halloween Nowi had and this can give you more shards and crystals from the training tower map so you basically go to the tenth stratum and have a unit with this skill and get more crystals and shards if you use them I definitely use them for I’m leveling up the unit’s who I’m about to fodder And I’m just gonna be upgrading them for foddering them off So I definitely used those crystals for that and she’s got Res Tactic as her slot C skill so overall I think that Sharena is gonna be a fast unit along with Catria. I cannot see these units being too slow, and I see Alfonse being quite slow So she’s gonna be taking out this blue mage and that’s Spring Sharena for you a green infantry mage and she also has a legendary weapon and Swift Stance and Then we’ve got spring Prince Alfonse finally getting some limelight and He is an axe cavalry unit and it is really good because we do not have a lot of axe cavalry units we only have Titania, Frederick and Gunter and That is pretty much it there, are just so many axe cavalry units that they could add from the main Fire Emblem Games Hopefully in future and he has got a really interesting weapon so he has got Giant Spoon+ Which is intractable because it does have a plus sign beside its name It’s basically the axe version of Wodao+ and a lot of units can make amazing use of this for example: Anna she can definitely ditch her Noatun and go with Giant Spoon+ as her weapon and Make up for the low damage output that she has got and units like New Years Azura, Performing Arts Azura, and Titania can make amazing use of this and you can even use it on some defensive sets on units like Beruka who Have got low damage output but it will definitely face some competition from Slaying Axe which is much more easily available than this weapon for the defensive sets and This is gonna be a seasonal weapon unfortunately and we don’t really know if It’s gonna be returning because we never got any kind of normal dagger version of Kagami Mochi Which is a killer dagger So who knows if we will ever get a normal weapon of this type, and then he has got Noontime Which does make sense because he does have Sol on his normal version and his normal version does have Death Blow so this time he Has got Sturdy Blow and then he has got Defense Smoke 3 as a Slot C skill and this leaves Res Smoke as the only skill which is to be released From the family of these skills and Defense Smoke is gonna be quite amazing But unfortunately it’s gonna be locked to a seasonal unit and I do think that Alfonse might be bulky We already have Gunter and Frederick as bulky Cavaliers, but he’s doubling this blue mage right here So I think he might not be too slow, but he just might have mediocre speed like 30 or 31 He is a 41 HP in this trailer, which is decently bulky both Frederick and Gunter have got 43 base HP And then we have got Spring Ninja I honestly thought that the last unit on this banner would be Anna because we saw Sharena and Alfonse Or maybe Marth because Catria is on this banner, but out of nowhere it’s Kagero and honestly, I was not expecting her Because I don’t really see her being in this outfit. Maybe someone like Orochi with a playful attitude could have been that unit but Orochi is the least popular female character from Fates in Japan so that’s why I guess they went with Kagero last year We got spring Camilla, and this year we got Spring Kagero and she is a Flying dagger unit so that is definitely a really good surprise a lot of people were thinking of flying Archer first As Reina, but we got a flying dagger unit before that so it’s definitely a really nice surprise I actually really like the style of this artist it looks really smooth And they’ve also made the art for Tana and Palla, and I really liked Tana’s art in particular And she’s got Lethal Carrot+ as a weapon And this is inheritable because of the plus sign it is a dagger version of Wodao+ and it does inflict minus 7 defense and minus 7 res after the combat and it is actually gonna be a pretty good weapon but Once again, it’s locked to a seasonal unit I think this is gonna be refineable Just like a Kagami Mochi, but the effects are not gonna be too big. I also think that Giant Spoon+ on Alfonse is also gonna be refineable Just like Wodao+ sword, so I do think a Kagero’s weapon is gonna be refineable And it is gonna be a really good weapon for normal Gaius, Matthew, even Saizo and a lot of dagger units can make amazing use of this dagger And then she’s got Glimmer as her special and Speed Res Bond, and then she’s got Live for Honor and this is amazing for the people who want to forge a lot of sacred seals because They take a lot of badges And this skill was previously on Spring Xander and also on Halloween Henry And now Kagero has that. I would have Really liked if they gave us Hone Fliers on her instead of Goad Fliers because we can easily get Good Fliers from Palla and Hone Fliers Is much difficult to get so with this Flier Emblem gets there first Colorless unit and Only Dragon Emblem is the Emblem team left who does not have a colorless unit but a colorless dragon is on its way As they have said before and she’s got 36 HP, so I think she’s gonna be quite similar to normal Kagero And she says Ninjabbit attack as one of her quotes, who comes up with the stuff? And if you look at this specific art You can already tell that she’s got a hidden exclusive skill known as Backache like you can tell from this Art I feel bad for her. This banner looks pretty solid. I’m pretty surprised that there is no armored unit on this banner and A colorless flying dagger is definitely a pretty nice surprise and these units have got pretty good skills that you can use for skill inheritance, like Kagero’s weapon and Alfonse’s spoon and also Sharena’s Swift Stance if you want to do that and Catria has got Chill Resistance Which is definitely gonna be quite useful like I said for a lot of the magical nukes So this banner is coming out on 22nd which is after two days And this is gonna be lasting for a whole month unlike the first spring banner, which only lasted for two weeks last year So I’m really excited for this banner actually definitely gonna be something on this banner for a flying dagger unit and Catria who is a really good debuffer, and she also has Chill Resistance And I’m interested in seeing what kind of stat line they give to Alfonse because it has been months since we got our last axe Cavalier and that was Titania which was really way back So hopefully you guys enjoyed if you did then please be sure to leave a like and let me know about your thoughts on this banner In the comment section down below, and if you haven’t already then make sure to subscribe for more Fire Emblem Heroes content and without being said I’ll see you guys next time. Thank you so much for watching and have a great day

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99 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Heroes – SPRING SHARENA, SPRING KAGERO, SPRING ALFONSE & SPRING CATRIA First Impression!



    Well… it better better be a shirtless Ryoma! His pecs and rock hard abs would be worth the wait ❤️

  2. Me: god I hate fan service so much, and the amount in this game is honestly disgu-
    >sees S.Alphonse's art
    Me: …where are my orbs

  3. Kagero is my weakness; I'm fully f2p on this game but if I have to spend money to get her I will.
    Whether she's good or terrible don't matter, definitely worth it. :^) you know what I mean bois

  4. The only reason I’m pulling for Kagero if for lethal carrot+ for gaius tbh. Besides that I’m going for the askr siblings

  5. Got my taxes back and Catria came out as a seasonal unit…. kill me. DUCK I was saving orbs and my lunch money (any fast-food I'm tempted to goes to orbs instead lol) for Leif reeeeeeeeee

  6. Thanks for the continued content despite difficulties. You are still one of the most reliable people for FEH strategies and hype on the platform.

    EDIT: Spine of steel, my man.

  7. has phone in pocket hears "whats up guys its pheonixmasterone" video instantly skips to the end yeah phone, not like i wanted to hear what he had to say. hits replay

  8. If it were anyone other than Catria, I'd only be interested in the other 3….but it's Catria….and she's freaking adorable…. Shareena looks SO HAPPY, and Kagero is hilarious….

  9. I don't know why you're mentioning Julia, Sanaki, and Reinhardt in conjunction with E!Catria's debuffs, but not Gunnthra, who basically gets +14 Atk against the enemy against whom she'll need it most from Chill Res, as well as +10 Atk against the enemy that already has the lowest Res. (Also, lowest Def gets Atk/Spd -6 from Chilling Seal.) Depending on E!Catria's Res, she could also run Ploys or tactic skills to pair up with a unit like Sothe or a certain Ninjabbit and throw massive debuffs everywhere, making Gunnthra much more potent.

  10. Also, WOOHOO! A shout-out for Cuboon! Cuboon is my second-favorite artist in the game (especially since I love Olwen), and people should definitely be sending feedback to IS about their favorite artists so that they get more work.

  11. Anna is being saved for the bride banner as Sharenawas a big part of the easter paralogues and boom here she is so with Anna being big in the bride paralogues its pretty obvious that shes gonna be the new money bride (and maybe Fjorm too since Alfonse was just randomly in this banner definitely wouldn't mind Bride Fjorm).

  12. I'd rather have 4x against lances than 7 more damage for the two hits, which may not be enough for the bulkier fliers. (Also, that debuff only works on one enemy at a time.)

  13. "Orochi is the least popular female character from fates in Japan"

    I love Orochi and I've been wanting her since day 1 of this freaking goddamn game's launch.

  14. first time that I only care about colorless
    come to think of it this will be the first time I'll be touching colorless since brides

  15. Chill Res is great, but not on Rein
    LBreaker should stay on him with all the blue lance matchups he struggles on

  16. Oh darn that's right, whales can now have +10 +Atk Reinhardts with Chill Res… looks like he's not falling out of the meta anytime soon…

  17. Huh, I guess I'm getting too used to getting free seasonal units with Corrin and Eliwood… still, I'm a bit surprised that as far as we can tell so far, there's no free TT unit or anything like it.

  18. I want an Alfonse (preferably two so I can give his regular version that Sturdy Blow), and that is why I will get Sharena. Jokes on the game because I would be cool with one of her too…as long as I get my Alfonse soon after.

  19. I want Alfonse. I’m hoping Sharena doesn’t pity break me too much. If I do get extras of her though I wouldn’t mind making my baby Henry more powerful

  20. The only unit I’d be interested in would be Catria. With the legendary banner and Thracia banner right around the corner, I think I’ll save my orbs.

  21. The only comments I’ve ever seen about Alfonse were “WOAH! LOOK AT HIS BULGE.”, and “If we had [blank] instead of Alfonse, we’d get someone sexier.”

    Guys, chill lol

  22. 3:57 Actually Brave Roy has steady blow which gives +4 def and spd in player phase. It’s Summer Corrin who has swift strike.

  23. Hey PM1.
    Could you please update your Tier List? It is soooooo outdated by now, it could use some love 🙂

  24. Thats a cool banner,but its getting hard for me to farm for free orbs,so I will let this banner go with the tharcia one as well,I know better banners will come

  25. Kagero looks like a Playboy bunny in that outfit.
    And then there’s Catria, who doesn’t want to be here but is somehow even more charming because of that. Catria best whitewing, fight me!

  26. I can already see a great poison strike/savage blow build with Iote's Shield as Kagero's S skill, it will pair nicely with the big carrot effecting more than just the unit being attacked. I think you can just keep the A slot default. I'm definitely getting that Kagero and maybe Catria after

  27. I would like to know if theres any way to gain ingame orbs consistently except for story cuz I already finished normal and hard… Im about to run out of f2p? Im kinda new in the game but I like how you explain everything.

  28. Id be interested in seeing an updated tier list from you. I'm guessing kagero will lose some points due to that back ache skill, it's such a hindrance

  29. Lol backache! This was actually my first thought when I saw her attacking art, because seriously her back must be killing her. If not then I legit want her spine. Also there is no way that outfit would actually be able to support her bust, in real life there would definitely be a few wardrobe malfunctions. Really interesting video PM1 thanks for continuing to provide content of such outstanding quality!

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