Fire Emblem Heroes – Tactics Drills: Grandmaster 12: Bridge of Friendship & Skill Studies 25

Just as I planned. Genny: Oh… Ishtar: Your orders? Hana: Who next? Hana: All right. Effie: Who to crush? Ishtar: Yes. Genny: Sure! Effie: Let’s go. Hana: Okay! Ishtar: Send me. Hana: Who next? Effie: Let’s go. What’s the plan? Marth: Together. Azura: Yes? Marth: Right. Marth: What’s my move? Azura: What can I do? Marth: Together. Marth: Right. Azura: Let’s go. Marth: What’s my move?

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53 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Heroes – Tactics Drills: Grandmaster 12: Bridge of Friendship & Skill Studies 25

  1. Doesn't look like mowing down to me. More like face tanking and hoping for the best lmao. Thanks for always doing these.

  2. I dont trust any bridges! The last bridge I trusted led to some place called terabithia and it was not a great place at the end ;~;

    That and I still haven't gotten a unit from the legendary banner. I am at 16% now -~-

  3. Tactics Drills:

    Grandmaster 12: Bridge of Friendship
    Hana: Can someone see anything?
    Effie: No I don't. Perhaps it's just nothing.
    Genny: Mm… Something's not right. I feel it somewhere far off from the East.
    Ishtar: What do U mea- Your right. 3 of U! Watch your front & sides! They're not gonna take us lightly.

    Skill Studies 25: The Binding Shield
    Azura: Oh dear! I fear this won't end well for us Lord Marth…
    Legendary Marth: No! We'll manage to survive. U'll dance & sing won't U? Then I'll keep away from those fiends Azura & we'll cross them through out of this.
    Azura: I see… I'll provided U with my dance for support.
    Legendary Marth: Thank U. Now… I'll show U my strength as I, The Hero King Marth of Altea!

    Me: There could be a lot of tutorials to manage things to help the Players out the same as always or perhaps on a different occasions anyhow.
    Still, It's good. ☺
    BTW, Good job Pm1! 👍👏😄

  4. When you started the TD I saw your morgan and I kinda wanna build one too and I already have 10 copies of him, but I dont know how I want him to be. (I have access to About every skill ingame)
    Has someone an idea how I can build him? ^^

  5. I hate how this Grandmaster map expects you to believe Ishtar will survive a hit from the LnD axe cavalier. Even on a defensive tile, it sounds pretty wild that she'll survive

  6. Ugggh, I would have had this on my own if I remembered Smite can throw across water. Got to the final turn so many times and couldn't crack it because of that one detail.

  7. Thanks for doing these. I really wish I enjoyed this game mode enough to try and figure these out for myself, but I just find more frustrating and annoying than anything else

  8. Lyrics:
    Fight for my friends
    Fight for my friends
    Fight for my friends
    Fight for my friends
    I Fight for my friends
    Sword clank
    You're open!
    Sword clank
    You're open!
    Minna Miteite Kure
    Mitete Kure
    cuts out

  9. Can someone tell me how long it took to get Azura? I think it's random but I wanna know how long it took you guys :3

  10. Yo I sorta just started the game and a have a few noob questions

    1. If I pull two of the same five star characters what should I do with them?
    2. Is there anything left to do after a unit reaches lvl 40
    😅 Please help a dude out🍖

  11. Thanks Phoenixmaster your guide are always surprising me and I appreciate every single video you make . Anyway thanks again oh and also looking forward to more theme battles.

  12. Came to say that this Grandmaster one was the first one I figured out on my own, without the guide. Still at 100% for the Skill Studies doing on my own. There's really the one way to do it, and glad I found it on trial and error.

  13. WTF. I just followed this move for move and then the manakete at the end killed Effie lmao

    Edit: did it exactly the same and she survived with 2hp that time. WTF.

  14. How the fuck is a non Pheonixmaster1 player meant to figure this out. It's as if fire emblem games take skill or something.

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