Fire Emblem Heroes – Tactics Drills: Skill Studies 22: Caution with Savage Blow Guide

New year, new resolve! *enemies take poison damage sound *movement is lowered to one sound Selena: Where to? Selena: On it. Leo: Yes? *enemies take poison damage sound Leo: All right. Selena: Yeah? *enemies take poison damage sound Selena: Where to? Leo: Yes?

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55 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Heroes – Tactics Drills: Skill Studies 22: Caution with Savage Blow Guide

  1. Hey pheonix! Remember the song "heritors of arcadia"? You'd assume it's from the elibe universe, but it's from echoes. I'd recommend looking at its lyrics. There's some shady foreshadowing in it.
    Edit: it plays during the credits.

  2. Even though the Tactic Drills will teach us on how to play Fire Emblem Heroes more strategically, the skill studies get more challenging as each new one is introduced.

  3. Well done! Even I couldn't think of a way out of that scenario…. O.o

    Many thanks for posting this, Phoenixmaster! m(_ _)m

  4. So I get this is supposed to be a guide video for people who don't care to take the time to try these themselves, but I feel like it's contradictory to have a video showing directly how to do the only super strategic parts of FEH…

    I think it'd be cool if you had 3 different sections of showing how to do these tactics: the first one would give a general hint about how to approach the first part of a tactic, aka make sure to leave unit X until last, or focus on keeping these two units together; the second would show the first few moves of the solution to give people a starting idea of what to do; and the last part would just be the solution. That gives people that want to try and figure out these strategic parts of the game themselves a little nudge in the right direction, but if they can't get it at all and want to throw in the towel, there's something for them too.

  5. thanks for the Video,it made my birthday a bit better c: I'm always happy when I see that you uploaded a new Video

  6. Cool video! I thought IS said there was only 1 way to solve these yet I completed it with different movements than you?

  7. Tactics Drills: Skill Studies 22: A Caution With Savage Blow
    Leo: U'll protect me right Selena, Retainer of my elder sister Camilla?
    Selena: Yeah Milord Leo. I got it. Don't mind if I do to take those losers down for good.
    Leo: Very well then. I should do the same. (This'll not be so pleasant. Aren't they?)
    Selena: (I hope Milady Camilla's not gonna be so frantic when she heard the news that I & her brother Leo done our part dealing those guys without her. If so, then she'll on edge to do something… naughty. Ugh.)
    Me: (Something tells for my spine feeling the chills. 😨)
    Yet overall, too specific it as does for most players EZily to strategize while some players who don't get it much.
    BTW, good job Pm1! 👍☺

  8. They need to start giving us something besides 300 feathers because imo this isn’t worth trying to figure out for such little reward.

  9. I figured out what they wanted, just not which exact place to put Leo and Selena to get the manakete in position for the special. Thanks ^_^

  10. Aha, I thought Selena’s armorslayer would come in handy with the triangle adept skill but I couldn’t figure out the positioning to draw them out like that. Thank you! It was super helpful, as always! It’s incredible how speedy you are at figuring these out!

  11. Damn this is fanservice for all of those dozen of Leo x Selena shippers… Sorry I've never seen this ship in fanart or discussions.

  12. These drills are ridiculous. I’ve tried everything EXCEPT moving Selena down so Leo could attack that armor knight in the forest. These require such specific and out-of-the-way methods to complete for negligible rewards. They really need to rethink how they design these maps.

  13. ty soo much for this it was helpful 🙂 I couldn't figure out how to get the special to hit the blue dragon unit for a while

  14. honestly, making these give too much would be bad for them (i guess?) but they could at least give like 500 feathers.

  15. Frikken Frick. I knew you had to land blazing light on the manakete, but the damn armors wouldn't line up. So I gave up and tried to have the blue armors slow down the manakete instead and eventually opted to let the green armor hit Leo to build up blazing light. I kept getting cornered or losing time though. I even tricked the A.I to follow selena, but the damn time limit. Why does I.S have to be so strict here. In math there are multiple ways to solve a problem. Anyway thanks for the guide pheonixmaster.

  16. What fucking piece of trash, this shit never gonna actually happen in a fight and this shit was supposed to teach you about abilities

  17. Okay, so I knew I had to hit the Manakete somehow with Blazing Light but the move at 0:32 was really unintuitive. Really glad this existed, I would've spent much longer on this map than I would've liked otherwise

  18. Seriously, this was a hard one. I went a long time ending up getting wasted on the last turn. Thanks for this video!

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