Fire Emblem Heroes – Tips & Tricks: Discover Mythic Peony

Hello, summoners! Matthew from the
Nintendo Treehouse here with some quick tips for the
Fire Emblem Heroes game. Book IV of Fire Emblem Heroes
is upon us, introducing yet another
world called Ljósálfheimr. Ljósálfheimr is a world created
from the fabric of people’s positive dreams, however,
in a world of dreams, not everything is what it seems. Today, I’d like to introduce
a new original mythic Hero from this mysterious
world of dreams, Peony. Peony is a light elf or ljósálfar that has the power to give
people pleasant dreams. Even though her ability works
on everyone, it’s said that people forget about the
existence of ljósálfar as they
grow up. I know that I certainly did… Because of this, it seems
that Peony’s interactions are mostly limited to children,
so she knows how to talk to them on their level. In this latest story,
the Order of Heroes find themselves in a dream
with Peony. Can they successfully
navigate the dreamscape and fend off the
incoming nightmare? Play Book IV to find out! Alright, let’s take a look at
Peony’s default skills in Fire Emblem Heroes. Almost as if bending reality,
Peony’s skills give her the ability to support allies
whether they are close to her
or far away! Her weapon is Flower of Joy. This weapon adds to Peony’s
fairly high resistance, but its true strength is the
ability to grant +3 to attack and speed to any ally
in a cardinal direction. Best of all, Peony doesn’t even
need to attack to trigger this ability as
it is always active. Just make sure you consider
your positioning carefully. Her support skill, Gentle Dream,
gives an ally another action just like dance and sing,
but also gives 2 other benefits to allies. First, the target will also
gain +3 in all stats. Next, anyone in cardinal
directions of her will be granted a status to
move to any other ally
within 2 spaces. If you plan things right,
you can increase the mobility of all of Peony’s allies
at the same time. Peony’s B skill Aerobatics
also gives her the ability to move to a space adjacent to
an ally within 2 spaces as long as they are infantry,
armored or cavalry units. These two skills used in
harmony can have your team making fast advances and other
unique movements on the battlefield. Lastly, Peony has
Fortify Resistance 4 as a C skill to support
units next to her. This gives any adjacent
allies +7 to their resistance at the beginning of the turn
and is great for extra defense against magic users
and many dragon units. Although Peony’s skills are
a great fit for many teams, I would suggest a team with
a variety of movement types. Peony can help infantry and
armor units move up to 3 spaces at a time and help cavalry
units get across forested areas. Her abilities can also get
these units over rivers, cliffs and other obstacles! I would suggest seals that help
bolster the support she can give to her allies. If you are using a team with a
variety of movement types, Tactic type seals can give
her allies within 2 spaces a +6 boost to either attack,
defense, or resistance depending on which you chose. Also, Flier Formation
will allow her to move within 2 spaces of another flying unit, increasing her movement
options further. Use her together with
Eir in Aether Raids during light season for a boost
to successful offensive attacks and better movement to help
achieve those successes. Lastly, if you want to use her
for both attack and support, you can use skill inheritance
to increase her attack with skills like Fury
and Death Blow, and then give her a
Darting Blow seal to increase her chance
to do follow up attacks. Peony is an excellent support
unit that can give your team a great movement advantage
over your opponents while also increasing
their stats. And the best news is that
anyone can get her to join their army! All you have to do is clear
Chapter 1 in Book IV of the story. So enjoy exploring a
new world of dreams with a great new guide! That’s all for today Summoners!
Good luck!

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