Fire Emblem: Three Houses – All Named Enemy Critical Hit Quotes (Subtitles)

Lord Lonato: Clear the way! Lord Lonato: Filthy servant of Rhea! Lord Lonato: Impudent brat! Lord Lonato: I will not fall! Kostas: Hate me yet?! Kostas: Die! Kostas: Ngh! Kostas: Just die already! Pallardó: My my! Pallardó: I’ll take your money and your life! Pallardó: What did you expect of a bandit?! Pallardó: Empty your pockets! Death Knight: Squirm for me! Death Knight: Die! Death Knight: Rapturous! Death Knight: Your life ends! Randolph: I won’t fail! Randolph: I’ll show you! Randolph: I’ll protect my family! Randolph: I’ll do what I must! Kronya: Just a nuisance! Kronya: Guess you want to die! Kronya: You fool! Kronya: You’re in my way! Solon: This is the end! Solon: Beasts! All of you! Solon: Beg for mercy! Solon: Die! Miklan: You can’t stop me! Miklan: You brat! Miklan: The relic’s power is mine! Miklan: Out of my way! Metodey: Your work here is done! Metodey: Hahahaha! Metodey: Writhe in pain! Metodey: I’m going to make this hurt! Cornelia: I’ll take good care of you! Cornelia: Don’t look at me like that! Cornelia: Muhahaha! Cornelia: Sweet dreams! Acheron: Unsightly, aren’t you?! Acheron: Scum! Acheron: I’ve got ya! Acheron: Just die already! Flame Emperor: Perish! Flame Emperor: Ready yourself! Flame Emperor: Disgusting! Flame Emperor: The end comes! Judith: Past my prime? Never! Judith: And now you’ve made me mad! Judith: How invigorating! Judith: Here’s how it’s done! Thales: Do not stand in my way! Thales: A waste of life! Thales: Behold my revenge! Thales: You cannot stop me! Rhea: You must be purified! Rhea: It is your time! Rhea: Suffer for eternity! Rhea: Traitor! Nemesis: Repent! Nemesis: How ’bout an [anime sounds]! Nemesis: No forgiveness! Nemesis: Ignorant fool!

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5 thoughts on “Fire Emblem: Three Houses – All Named Enemy Critical Hit Quotes (Subtitles)

  1. This is incredible. Most of these enemies only show up once and getting a crit from them is something you want to avoid in the first place, but instead of just giving these enemies one crit quote, the devs gave them FOUR. Really shows you the care given to this game.

  2. Thank you so much for this. The part 2 of Fate Await was so awkward to watch because of how weirdly the audio was because of people complaining about the music. So thank you so much for making these comprehensive video.

    Also for Nemesis i believe it is
    "I'm unbeaten!"
    But other than that the only thing I will miss is hearing these next to God Shattering Star lol.

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