Fire Emblem Three Houses Cindered Ashes COULD be Nintendo’s BEST DLC YET! Gameplay Breakdown + MORE!

What does everyone OJ here welcome
back to another video and I am beyond excited to finally get to this topic on
a dedicated video because as you guys all know I am a huge fan of Fire Emblem
three houses and now that the violent hype everyone that was so excited for
violet to be coming into Super Smash Brothers has settled just a little bit
and hopefully you can sense the sarcasm is that right there we can take a look
at the DLC for Fire Emblem three houses this is called the cinder shadows DLC
and it’s the final piece of the expansion pass for Fire Emblem three
houses now índice de you’ll take control of that ashen wool this is a secret
fourth house that is below the monastery so garret mark monastery you have this
huge sprawling just big piece of land that has a town kind of put into there
it is metropolis or to say of that time period and below it is this shadowy
different type of atmosphere that you don’t see portrayed at the top okay so
that’s what we’re gonna be exploring with the abyss and the Fire Emblem DLC
cinders shadow so I want to go over the official information for this game
because believe it or not there’s still a lot people that don’t know how does it
connect are you gonna be able to recruit the characters what’s going on with this
and of course my thought process on all this what I’m thinking overall and how I
think that this could be the best piece of DLC that Nintendo has ever released
honestly it’s looking like it’s going to line up right with torna the golden
country when it comes down to it so let’s go ahead and get right into the
official information for this game so the Fire Emblem three houses cinders
shadows DLC will be officially launching on February 13th not too long from now
and as previously revealed ill feature brand new characters from the ashen
wolves house a new area below the Garrick mark monastery and it’s called
the abyss now once you’ve downloaded the DLC it can be acts
on a new side-story option on the main menu and this side story will be a
different save data than the one used for the main game so you’re not gonna be
able to carry over like a New Game+ or have some extra things in there it’s
completely separate except for one little part at the end which we’ll get
to now the gameplay well will be different from what you’re used to with
Fire Emblem three houses there won’t be a calendar system to probably the joy of
many people out there or maybe to the dismay of some and instead you’ll be
fighting battles using predetermined squads of characters so it’s more
straightforward kind of like torn of the golden country compared to xenoblade
chronicles – now this explains the scene in the reveal trailer where it shows
edelgard and Hilda fighting on the same side which normally is impossible
because for those who don’t know you can’t recruit hilda and edelgard on the
same team so it just doesn’t work that way it won’t let you so that explains
pretty much everything that was happening in that thing which is cool I
like them adding in things that you couldn’t have done before now the map
since endured shadows is also going to be using all sorts of different types of
tricks and gimmicks to mix up the gameplay so don’t expect a similar type
of things that you saw in three houses just like the backup coming up when you
get to certain plot points and everything there could be a lot more
things that they add into this one in order to mix up the gameplay and kind of
provide a different experience than what you saw before
now this DLC will completely be separate from the main story kind of like I
alluded to before once you beat the side story you’ll be able to recruit the four
new characters Balthus yarny happy and constants into the game’s main story so
it is going a little bit a step beyond what we saw the torn of the golden
country and some of Nintendo’s other big expansion DLC for their single-player
games because you’ll be able to actually recruit these characters into the main
story and that’s going to be something that’s really going to change the
mechanics if you’re playing on maddening or if you’re playing on hard or
depending on what you’re trying to do with the game right because these
characters could be broken Opie for all we know or they can be really good that
add in that missing element that you need
to get past one certain point or to beat this one certain map especially with all
the new DLC and new stuff that they’ve added in with the auxilary battles and
tougher difficulty this could really bring out some new gameplay
opportunities for many people in the mainline story quest and I absolutely
love that transition like I said it’s a little bit better than torn of the
golden country because Xenoblade Chronicles 2 came first then it was torn
and there was really no tie back in terms of after you beat ona and then
what you can do in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 or even vice versa right whereas with
this one here they’re actually saying you can take those characters and put
them into the main game absolutely phenomenal and makes it completely worth
the $24.99 that I paid for the expansion pass now we don’t know how long this is
going to be but based off of just what I’m seeing here and the amount of
members how it’s predetermined it does seem like it might be somewhere around
like 9 to 10 hours maybe a little bit less maybe it’s not as deep or in depth
maybe as what we’ve got with torna I’m not really sure we have to wait and see
what the replay value at the wait and see what they’re doing with all of the
content I don’t know exactly where it’s gonna go but I’m just guessing on that
front if I had to make a guess just based on the size of what they’ve
already stated so far but I’m extremely excited for this DLC it literally looks
all kinds of amazing so far URI looks pretty cool I like constants as well and
they’ve actually even started showing more of the characters Nintendo and
intelligence systems are showing off little clips of each of the characters
of the ashen wolves and I think that these people have big personalities and
they’re gonna be really fun to play through but I think the best thing about
this if you play through fire in three houses and you talk to everybody
you’ll start understanding a little bit more that garrick mark monastery and
this DLC we might find out exactly what happens exactly what Garrick mark is
about because we don’t even know who built Garrick monk we don’t even know
the original architects we don’t even know so many different things and maybe
behind all of the riot charm and everything that’s on the top the church
therein lies the secret and therein lies the actual
origins of what happened how was Garrett mark bill who built it and what was the
original purpose of this that’s what I think that cinders shadows is really
going to reveal it’s going to show off the origins what happened and how these
students were banished to this underneath of this and that name is just
absolutely terrifying for some to live underneath Girt mark and you’ll start
noticing when you play the game or if you’re playing it right now they start
talking about beneath Garrick mark on how there’s so many mysteries and they
don’t know things and that’s what I’m excited about the most because I noticed
that during my playthrough I was like man like you go underneath a couple
times then you also have the extra DLC where you can go to the amiibo gazebo
and you can go underneath again so they Ballou did to it quite a bit before we
got this DLC so it’s good to see them kind of tied up the loose ends with it
and cinders shadows absolutely looks amazing when it comes to the graphical
style and the design of the characters I think there’s probably been some
graphics improvements throughout the DLC in terms of the patches and updates it
definitely looks a bit sharper not at this point than it did when it first
launched so I love how intelligent systems really just brought their all to
this I think for their first real HD game first real HD Fire Emblem they
really hit it out of the park with this one and I’m really excited to see what
they do next because if this is a taste of what’s possible with Fire Emblem
going forward man fans are in for big surprises and even better games than
what we got with Fire Emblem three houses but I also wanted to mention
another thing that really excites me about the cinders shadows DLC and it’s
something that maybe some people thought might have been a negative but I think
in this regard which kind of ties back to the length of the campaign I think
that having a set team where you have all of the Lords that you can have
Dimitri you have Claude and also edelgard you have all of them plus your
main character you have one house representative from the Black Eagles the
golden deer and the blue Lions with Hilda you also have ash and then you
have Linhart and then you have the
new characters I love that there is that predetermined team I think that it kind
of ties back to their not being the calendar system not having to worry
about recruiting this character and that character having to make a bunch of
flowers and invite people at a tea time it’s just really focusing on the story
the DLC itself Garrick mark underneath and the characters so I think that in
many regards just kind of like California is a more pure form for some
people out there and some actually enjoy it more than Xenoblade Chronicles two I
think that the cinder shadows for many people could be enjoyed to an extent
probably a little bit less when it comes down to because there’s no core crystal
nonsense and Fire Emblem three houses but I think that a lot of people might
find this as a more enjoyable smaller bite-size experience for those who maybe
aren’t as big into the whole sprawling type of calendar systems and different
types of stuff that you have to do in the regular game so that’s exciting for
many too and for me it’s a nice change of pace I don’t need the same exact
thing that we got in the main campaign because I’m still playing through that
as we get with the DLC so that’s also something that I’m really excited about
– with this dlc cinder shadows what are you guys this thought process when it
comes to the cinder shadows dlc are you guys excited for this one do you plan on
picking it up did violet in Super Smash Brothers motivate you to go out there
and buy Fire Emblem three houses I saw that quite a bit when it comes down to
the reveal people who are matter like oh man this sucks well let me go by fire
amber than three houses in the meantime grumble grumble go papa
that’s what it seemed like from some people so it looks like Nintendo’s plan
worked in that regards but man this is just really cool as a super Fire Emblem
fan I’m so excited that this is a major franchise that gets this type of DLC
this type of attention it’s just great to see considering where Fire Emblem was
ten years ago or so man this is like a complete u-turn 180 from potentially
Fire Emblem disappearing like f-zero or like Golden Sun going mi-8 for a long
time to it being one of the key franchises for Nintendo going forward
pretty much one of the earliest announced switch games back in 2017
being announced a new firearm game or the system even launched completely
different and I love every single second of it so what are you guys this thoughts
on this new centered shadows dlc are you guys planning on picking it up a lot
with fire in three houses if you don’t already have the game let me know your
thoughts in the comment section below alright guys that wraps it up for this
video here go to check out the links in description below we got Facebook and
Twitter gonna give us a like and a fall on our social media hit that like button
if you did like this video lets me know you guys want more consoling this going
forward in the future and make sure you check out our brand new second channel
ojx for funny gameplay videos and more thank you guys so much for watching and
we’ll catch you guys for the next one peace

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34 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Three Houses Cindered Ashes COULD be Nintendo’s BEST DLC YET! Gameplay Breakdown + MORE!

  1. The new characters just look weird to me tho..they look like “background extras” than main characters 😂 except for the Claude 2.0 lookin guy

  2. The DLC announcement convinced me to start my Azure Moon playthrough.
    I've only completed Crimson Flower and Verdant Wind so far.

    And then I'll go through Silver Snow when they are released.

  3. I need to finish my Claude route before this comes out so I can have at least played 3 routes, also already have the pass

  4. I am a little disappointed that Byleth is still the main character for this. I would much rather play as the house leader, not someone who acts as an extension of the player when allowed but a plot device when demanded.

    Having a set team is cool though. For a game called Three Houses, there weren't a whole lot of opportunities to see all three lords together.

    Getting rid of the calendar is a huge relief. I never particularly liked the idea of using time as a limited, constantly depleting resource.

    I do still have my concerns. Is Fog of War going to be a recurring thing or is it going to only appear in one mission? Is the dialogue system still functionally useless? Is there more map variety and more combat options? At the very least they should bring back height advantage.

  5. Honestly can't wait for the DLC I put on hold my Azure Moon playthrough till I get and beat this DLC so I can get the 4 new characters in my main file and S Support Constance or Hapi!

  6. Can't wait to play this DLC. Have beaten 3 routes already and currently on my last one. This game just knows how to keep bringing me back.

  7. The DLC is going to be hype! I need to get back into the FE after I work through Tokyo Mirage.
    I think the set team structure will be fun for a different experience.

  8. Little typo in the topic? Cindered Shadows and Ashen Wolves merged toooo Cindered Ashes 😀

    I so hope that, after recruiting them over to the main game, they will also have a post timeskip appearance.

  9. The timing is great, I’m almost done with my GD run so no matter how long this DLC turns out to be I can focus on that before the next full run.

  10. Meanwhile I'm still trying to complete my second play through. The base game is already enough but this DLC just makes the game even more beefy. This may be the longest game Nintendo has ever made.

  11. Bro, you just uploaded this video in the right time because I completed Crimson Flower (The rest of the routes are completed as well), Maddening Mode. So I'm ready to go in and play the DLC. 👌😎

  12. Good stuff PE Ninja Master.

    I am glad this DLC 4th House is Separate from the Main Story, I will definitely pick it up. Ashame it's not a Standalone Physical Release tho like Torna, that would have been very cool which is disappointing it's not.

  13. I can confirm that Hapi and Constance are the best of the four characters. Hapi is number 1 and Constance is number 2. All characters have major Crests also.

  14. Honestly doubt anything can beat Torna. And another thing, the characters in Torna were already in X2… What are you talking about?

  15. Best dlc yet? Xenoblade’s dlc was amazing. A whole new game in Torna Golden country. It will need to be better than that IMO

  16. I am guessing this happens During The School Part Cause I don't see Edelgard Dmitri and Claude Working Together later on

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