Fire Emblem Three Houses DEEP DIVE! – Expansion Pass, Heroes Bonus, FINAL Sales Prediction + MORE!

What’s up everyone OJ here welcome
back to another video today we’ve got some more Fire Emblem three houses
goodness to go over so let’s go ahead and get right into it so if you haven’t
seen my live reaction to the Fire Emblem three houses ten minutes
Japanese overview trailer make sure you check that out I think they were genuine
we watched it right as it happened I think it’d be pretty cool if you guys
saw that if you haven’t seen it yet but we are gonna be going over some of the
content that was revealed in that live reaction so let’s first talk about the
actual story content some of the game stuff that we did see no spoilers stuff
some people were saying is this trailer safe to watch the 10 minute overview
yeah I think it’s safe I think the biggest thing that we saw in there was
how claude can now have like a weaver and writer class but we already knew
that all the different lords for the most part can be pretty much any class
we knew that this game was gonna expand upon classes like we hadn’t seen before
so that wasn’t really anything too surprising when we did see that but i do
want to talk a little bit more about some of the other stuff and kind of
expand upon what we saw in that overview trailer before we get into the expansion
path stuff my sales predictions and other things like that so what i did see
from that trailer is a game that has been greatly enhanced in scope and scale
over what we saw with Fire Emblem chattels of Valencia Fire Emblem fates
or awaking as soon as if they took the base formula of how Fire Emblem
progresses and they said you know what let’s just go ahead and times this by
two or by three obviously the graphics in the game the character models
everything looks really smooth although I will say the ground textures
necessarily still aren’t the best even let that new trailer but I think it’s
because of how much the rendering on screen when you fight one of the cool
things that they showed off in that brand-new trailer
was that you can actually play the game pretty much any time that you’re in the
battle right there from like the view of the character not first person’s but
from like looking at the character and all the different troops that they have
around them and you can pretty much go from each unit to each unit like that
usually how Fire Emblem plays out is like the overhead view and doesn’t quite
look as good and of course you don’t see everybody but you can actually play it
from that ground-level view in the game and that
something that’s completely awesome I think that a lot of newcomers might want
to play the game like that especially if they’re playing the lower difficulty and
you just want to have a nice experience and have it look cool I think play like
that’s gonna be a nice option for lots of people out there but then you also
have the classic view that you can do as well I also feel that the animations
which I’ve talked about many times before but the animations the slickness
of it the speed of the cursor when you’re playing the game it just all just
gels and flows together I’m actually really excited with this and the
presentation enhancements that they’ve done to it it’s the most legitimate
looking in terms of fire and blue game that we’ve seen ever because Fire Moon
games if you look at them especially with Awakening and Bates and all that
those actually will worse than what we got on the Wii and the GameCube with
radiant dawn and also path of Radiance so we actually went back when it comes
to presentation and visual style although the gameplay which some people
you can agree or disagree depends on how you feel about the gameplay above the
game feels really good and it took a big step up from what we got but I just feel
that with the presentation now we actually have that combined with the
amazing gameplay a Fire Emblem this is probably going to be the one that you’re
gonna want to play if you’re just looking to get into Fire Emblem just in
general this is probably the one I did make a video talking about this so if
you haven’t seen that video please make sure you do so talk about why this
should be the game that you start with if you’re a beginner along with some
footage what I meant to go play Fire Emblem three houses in Los Angeles
recently so let’s do and let’s get into some of this DLC stuff and my thoughts
on it some of the rumblings been going around and what I think by I’m in three
houses is going to do overall when it comes to sales so this is coming
officially from the Fire Emblem three houses page and it says expand your game
with DLC your journey continues with four waves of downloadable content you
get access to all four as they release with the expansion pass expansion pass
owners will also receive officers Academy outfits female and male for the
protagonists on July 26th you have Fire Emblem three houses plus expansion pass
bundle you can pre-purchase now to get the whole game at launch and get all the
waves of downloadable content as they release none from what I understand the
downloadable content in the game is going to be released in waves throughout
2019 and there’s going to be more of an expansion with missions and stuff in
2020 so we could see someone like torn the golden country type of situation
here or xenoblade chronicles – season pass situation as well also for all of
you Fire Emblem heroes fans you will receive a blithe tested professor for
the Fire Emblem heroes mobile game when purchasing Fire Emblem three houses so
if you purchase the game you will get that Fire Emblem heroes hero on there as
well remember you can use the online Nintendo switch game vouchers in order
to redeem a Fire Emblem three houses and purchase it on the Nintendo switch a
shop so that’s pretty cool as well if you want to get the game digitally so
let’s go to let’s talk a little bit more about this expansion pass and why I’m
excited and what’s going on with this so if you look at it with the expansion
pass what they’ve done before in the past with this this is probably the best
price and probably gonna be the most level expansion stuff that they’ve done
if you look at Fire Emblem awakening Fire Emblem fates and fire elementals of
Valencia those games had so much DLC that were just costly so much oh my gosh
for example fire mmm settles with Valencia the DLC in the game the season
pass cost more than the game itself the game was $40 and the DLC I think was $44
and then you also have the amiibo support in the game which gave you extra
content with the dungeons and things like that
for celica and also for all so yeah there was a lot of extra stuff that you
had to purchase in order to get all the content this time you’re having one flat
right for it with the expansion pass and it’s only I think about $24 before it’s
I think it’s like $88 combined total for everything if you buy the game and also
the expansion pass with it so it’s like $27 for it or whatever the case is so
that’s not bad at all that is not bad at all compared to what we got before I
personally feel because this has been coming up and I know I talked about on
my livestream recently on twitch TV backslash player essence where you can
catch all of our live streams we were talking about this and what people were
saying that they were cutting constant out from the main game but if you look
at it it’s rolling out throughout 2019 and there’s gonna be something even
bigger in 2020 so I don’t see how they’re cutting content least there’s no
evidence so there’s no proof at this point they were cutting out stuff in
order to hold it back now from what I understand I spoke with Chico from the
treehouse and when she demo fire Lu three houses she made sure to let me
know on a couple of different occasions that this is a full complete experience
to finish when it comes to the story and when it comes to what you get and it’s
not different perspectives of each of the story so if you look at it from like
Fire Emblem fates for example this is the example that she brought up that was
kind of from different perspectives but kind of the same things went on she said
this is a unique story for each one after the time skips so if you go
through the Black Eagles or the golden deer or the blue lions it is a unique
story and different things will happen now prospective stuff might happen
beginning based on what you pick but once you do that time skip it’s going to
be different for each one so you really have to play through the game three
times in order to get the complete story and there’s nothing here based on what
Chico had to say and based on what I’ve seen that says this is going to be
incomplete are you gonna have to purchase some other type of DLC so I
personally feel based on my own experience and based on what Nintendo
has said this is going to be a complete experience and they have learned their
lesson from Fire Emblem games and the type of deals say that they had on there
now don’t get me wrong if you purchase those games on the 3ds you’re still
getting hundreds of hours of content so you’ll still get your money’s worth
especially since those games were $39.99 back in the day when they first launched
and I feel that that’s gonna be the same thing with Fire Emblem three houses when
you purchase this game you’re gonna get your money’s worth this is going to be a
hundred plus hour game if you want to explore if you want to actually do all
the side quests if you want to do more with if you want to play through the
game multiple times with the different houses and see more of the story and all
the different cutscenes and everything like that is definitely going to be a
long game that’s going to give you more than your $60 value worth I think the
DLC is really just to kind of entertain the people who want the extra content
which is what I’ve talked about before even with the previous fire movie games
is that there’s people that do want that extra content and they’re rolling it out
it’s not coming out day one it’s coming out later throughout 2019 so I don’t
necessarily have too much of an issue with that and I honestly feel that
they’re not cutting out content in this game here I think that what we’ve seen
before in the past maybe there might have been some of that but I think with
this one how they’re rolling it out and now they have a big expansion in terms
of 2020 or new DLC missions of what they’re going to be doing there they’re
probably going to need some more time to make the game when it comes to some of
this other ideas and what they’re doing now from what I’ve seen from Fire Emblem
three houses and just the content and what you get and everything that’s in
the game is to me like a huge undertaking it seems
to me like there was so much content they packed into this game and so much
content but they probably had some more ideas on what they wanted to do or vana
at a time because the game has already been in development for how many years
down and they’ve already delayed it twice you have to remember guys the
announcements came back in 2017 before the switch was even launched just hey
we’re working on a new Fire Emblem game and then it was supposed to come out in
2018 and then when 2018 came around III they said oh we’re delaying it to spring
2019 so then one spring 2019 came around they’re saying oh we’d align it to
summer 2019 so already received two delays so I think they put as much
content and as much stuff as they could put in there down for those who are
wondering before I get into my whole sales prediction what caused some of the
delays which I don’t think I’ve talked about it on a regular video when it
comes to fire and boom I think it was because this is just speculation on my
end but I think it was because of what they wanted to do with the time skip and
all the different stories and making sure that those were different and not
just different perspectives but actually different stuff happening and making
that impactful for each story that you go through so I think that’s the reason
why they ended up just saying hey we need some more time to polish out some
of this stuff in there and maybe ideas that don’t make it and if we wants to
expand on what we’re going to do we can have that as DLC because there is a lot
of content in this game based on what I’ve played and what I’ve seen all the
coverage it’s looking to be quite epic so I just don’t feel that really
anything was cut or they’re trying to hold back on us but that’s just my own
personal opinion on the matter now let’s go ahead and move into the sales
predictions because I’ve talked about this before if you remember I think I
did a video last year talked about how Fire Emblem is going to be shocking in
terms of how it does and people have asked me this question quite a bit so I
thought I’d answer it and a regular video for you guys so I personally feel
on this one that fire in three houses will lifetime sell minimum okay here’s
my minimum minimum about four to five million units which would make it the
best-selling final game of all time and the maximal amount that it could sell
probably anywhere from seven to eight million that’s what I would say overall
if the game blows up somehow and if everybody’s loving the DLC and everybody
from the 3ds kind of moves over and makes that jump and this game is bigger
in Japan but I think that maybe will hit that maximum that seven or so but I
think the minimum is definitely gonna be around four million you
or so for this game everyone’s getting really excited for it it’s looking
really good it has a pretty nice release in September it’s pretty clean till
astral chain and there are some other games right you have stuff like Marvel
Ultimate Alliance before it but that’s before it once again that’s Marvel
people who like spider-man and Wolverine and all that gonna buy that but for the
hardcore RPG fans which we haven’t really gotten much this year we haven’t
really gotten anything at all when it comes to hardcore RPGs
we got God Eater we got Dragon Quest coming out earlier but once again those
are before this would be the first major RPG Nintendo releases and 2019 this is
going to be a big pick up for a lot of people and the game is gonna review
really really well considering how much content is in here and based on some
things that I’ve heard here and there is that we’re gonna review well so those
are kind of my predictions at maximum and minimum what Fire Emblem three
houses is going to sell on the Nintendo switch so I have plenty more stuff to go
over when it comes to Fire Emblem we’re gonna be doing a lot of content on here
so make sure you guys subscribe hit the like button ring the bell to make sure
you get my videos as soon as they drop and check out my other Fire Emblem
videos as well I got a lot of cool stuff from my demo game play at Los Angeles
with Nintendo’s treehouse teams so let me know what you guys think about
everything that I discussed here when it comes to the expansion packs and all
that I’d love to hear you guys his thoughts in the comment section below
alright guys that wraps it up for this video here gonna trip on links
description below we got Facebook and Twitter gonna give us a like in a four
hour social media hit that like button if you did like
this video that’s know you guys want more coffee like this one for in the
future and subscribe the players’s footage RPG japanese and intend own
gaming news thank you so much for watching and we’ll catch you guys for
the next one face

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75 thoughts on “Fire Emblem Three Houses DEEP DIVE! – Expansion Pass, Heroes Bonus, FINAL Sales Prediction + MORE!

  1. Lots of interesting info from some of the devs from the JP Expo that makes me want it now!!! I feel it could possibly surpass Fates as most sales in the series or at the very least beat Awakening here's hoping!

  2. I think you might be overestimating the sales. A lot of longtime FE fans see a lot of Fates kinda stuff in this one and have gotten really turned off after being burned by that pile of trash or narrowly avoiding it and hearing how terrible it was.
    I think it's impossible to say how many newcomers will get suckered in by this game, but those newcomers will be the majority of sales at least until this price drops or reviews alleviate the fears this has anything in common with Fates.

  3. That expansion pass outfit is a clear-cut example of cut content. People who are paying full price for the game day-one are already missing out on content unless they're willing to cough up more money.

  4. Was so happy to finally be able to pre purchase the other day however i used game voucher so ill have to get the expansion separately when it comes out cannot wait

  5. My bet is on 3-3,5 million at the end of the day. Awakening did 2 million, right? This will do better but it is still a kinda niche genre.

  6. There is also now a fanmade Trailer with english subtitles if you are interested.

    I feel kinda bad since I still have 3 RPGs I have to finish (Tales of Vesperia, FFX and FFXII) and still wanna play FE when it comes out (and then Oninaki later)… so much to play and yet not enough time.

  7. I kind of wish that the Season Pass was included in the CE, but I'll probably always do what I do with DLC stuff. Cherry pick what I want and don't want. Still super excited for FE:3H

  8. It will review well, but 2 things:
    1-How much will IGN like it?
    2-How much will the FE Elitists like it?

  9. Okay my hype is now building knowing theirs 3 stories basically I can't wait now ( still wish I knew if the game will be challenging or not but idc right now lol)

  10. Due to the poor marketing I think it will need very good reviews (which I frankly think it will get) to really get sales + a few big streamers have spoken about wanting to stream it.

  11. When fire emblem makes dlc people wanna say they are cutting content but when kingdom hearts makes dlc no one bats a eye even though it includes stuff that could have been in the base game?

  12. I'm still hoping they come up with a good multiplayer mode akin to "The Grand Campaign" in other wargames. In this case, you build an initial party using your favorite characters from any part of the series, (a recognized save file from FE Warriors could bring those specific characters in and a connected FE Heroes acct could activate not only those characters, but base versions of any hero summoned), and go forth in a continent-wide game of conquest. Due to the slow speed of the game, it'll likely have to be Asynchronous-play instead of live.
    Players could choose which battles they want to play regularly or auto-battle to keep things on the strategic level. There's a whole lot options available, so here's to hoping something like that shows up.

  13. I hope one of those expansions is based on the art, where you don't pick a house and go solo wolf and recruit other that agrees with you.

  14. I just insta-bought the expansion pass as soon as I woke up to the news, I'm a little poorer but I'd been frugal with other things so it was worth in in the end. I just want to support fe3h in any little way I can and I knew I just had to get it; this would be me buying my very first 'pass' for anything ever. I'll be sure to use them to their full potential when they come out. p.s FByleth looks adorable in the dlc outfit(but I like her og outfit too so I'll be flip-flopping with it). Nice video, I'm just watching anything fe3h related and its nice to see people just honestly hyped and excited for it as I am, just makes the experience better!

  15. 1:31 – 1:45 I 100% agree with this. I like the UI, the character models look pretty good, but the ground textures are a glaring issue. It's especially noticeable with the grass textures. It looks like it's a bit more noticeable in screenshots than in motion though, so hopefully it won't be too distracting during gameplay. I hope they somehow manage to optimize the game some more to be able to up the resolution on the textures, even if it's in a post-launch update. Looks like a great game otherwise.

  16. Fire emblem was the one series I feel Nintendo never did dlc right with, but the way they are handling dlc for this is much more along the lines of botw, xeno2, and smash ultimate. This is definitely a better value.

  17. I love FE but that first wave is weak. Really you expected me to pre-order a $24.99 season pass just to get a costume on release date? The rest of the stuff is really really far away, by then I would pick it up if the extra content is good but nope, passing on this now. I really like the extra gold, exp, weapons stuff so I can change my class but they didn't have it at launch as DLC so it's disappointing. Still gonna enjoy my CE tho.

  18. Also they could have put out FE in June but no, they have to prioritize Mario first. Just like when it comes to news. They had their whole E3 last year about Smash, then another Smash direct when we went 8 months without news about FE. Then the whole chat during FE E3 section about Zelda, Mario, Animal cross, I swear Nintendo fans are as cancerous as Sony fanboys. Just like mindless animals.

  19. I'm blown away by how little hype there was a month ago and how it's ramped up since then. I was getting bummed, thinking I was the only one excited for it, but now the hype train is in full force.

  20. Great video PE Ninja Master. Really good coverage of FE 3 Houses OJ :-). You don't have too worry about the DLC guys, the main campaign is gonna a full experience and the DLC is a nice extra on top, personally i don't bother with any DLC's the main Story Playthrough is good enough for me. FE 3 Houses i think is a safe bet too get between 5m-8m which would be awesome too see.

  21. Is it completely dumb to order the limited edition months before u know whether the game will be good? Yes. Is it equally dumb to buy the Expansion pass before u know what it will contain? Yes. Did I do both? Maybe….. Do I regret it? NOP!

  22. I'll buy the game day one, but I'll wait reviews before getting any type of DLC, I must at least pretend I'm a reasonable adult

  23. The delays are starting to make a whole lot of sence this game is shaping to be the most ambitious fire emblem game
    And they learned their lesson from fates because this seems to be a more story focused game
    Plus the addition of new villains in shadows of valentia with berkut and fernand which were very well written it gives me new hope that we won't have a corrin as a protagonist and a garon as a villain (garon had the potential to be a great villain but it was mishandled so I'm curious about the mastermind behind the disasters of this game)

  24. Me: *remembers someone joking about a 4th house called the clear wolves*

    Also Me: *Looks at thumbnail* WITCHCRAFT

  25. Ok question! I can preorder the downloaded version in the switch now, but is the dlc just coming later? Like do we just have to preorder it?

    Edit: ok I see it in eshop. But do we have to pay for every wave or is it just a free update?

  26. When you say something like "Check it out" – you might want to provide a link. I can't find it.

  27. I would like to point out, a game is finished coding a long time before release, and the programmers cannot touch the game 3 months before release date. So roughly on April 26th, the Devs had to stop working on the game so it can be put on the cartridges packaged, and shipped out. So they've had 3 months to work on dlc, it bugs me when people say reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the game came out like a week ago, they must've cut this from the game, no they've had like a week and 3 months.

  28. This is a great breakdown video, though I must say I disagree with the notion that this looks as if it's the most visually pleasing game in terms of presentation. Echoes takes that by a long shot imo. Combat animations and interactions are SO fluid its nutty to look at in that game. In comparison to some of this games attacks and animations, it still holds up better imo, even on 3ds hardware. Also, POR in particular was not a pretty game by any standard, especially for a gamecube game at the time. It's the one thing tellus fans generally agree on. Anways, Both world an character textures look kinda rough in 3 houses too. Faces look washed out and almost all models have rough pixely outlines. The visuals/animation and character designs (though I'm warming up to the latter) are my main gripes with the game pre release. I already know the music is amazing, and the combat looks great, i just hope the stories and characters are good as well. I'm excited for the 26th.

  29. I normally buy any character or story dlc. I have no interest in maps or clothes. I do hope Anna works her way into the game somehow!

  30. Three houses is a great game from what I see, yet this one's story I don't care for, I have my house and class ideas, but I really don't care for anything else.

  31. Man, you're really confident about sales, huh? For me, it will be a great outcome if Three Houses sells around 3 million units.

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