Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Jeralt, Rhea and Sothis crit quotes

What’s the plan? No escape! Outmatched! Your guard’s down! I will break you! As you wish. Eternity awaits! Know your place! You have been judged! In the name of the Goddess! Leave all to me! Atone at once! Prepare yourself! I shall cut through! Revenge, it lives!

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100 thoughts on “Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Jeralt, Rhea and Sothis crit quotes

  1. Man, this makes me worried they’re gonna go the Fates Revelations route and just make a “everybody’s happy” route with these characters playable.

  2. Wouldn't be surprised if Sothis stuff was meant for DLC purpose like the upcoming missions and or the new playable content

  3. Maybe these three will be recruitable or usable in the future, or maybe they were originally intended to be? That's the only real reason I can think of for all these extra lines to exist.

  4. everyone's making morgana jokes while me, an intellectual, shall make jokes about eating tatsu and betraying my homeland to fight alongside the vestal of wind

  5. All I want is DLC explaining what happened to Sothis, Rhea/Seiros, Seteth and Flayn. Also explain more about the hero relics and ‘Those who slither in the dark’

  6. I think it's a good nod still with Sothis in this game sharing Morgan's VA that she tells you to go to bed and go to sleep here too. Entirely different series and you still can't get away from that.

  7. Lifts hand… uhm sir jeralt and rhea can crit in the game on certain maps without even getting this "cut content" the only unique one here is sothis seeming she's literally not in the entire game

  8. "Eternity awaits, know your place, your judgement awaits, in the name of the Goddess."

    Ok lowkey that sounds p metal as a sentence and not multiple quotes

  9. So literally all I hear is Morgana for Sothis and this is before I even knew her VA was actually Morgana’s VA

  10. So from reading these comments, it seems that Sothis has the same VA as Morgana… I guess that explains why she seems to be so sleepy so often.

  11. “Revenge, it lives!” is a strangely specific thing to say there Sothis… Wonder if that’ll make more sense in DLC or if there’s something that’s been lost we’re not understanding.

  12. Im confused why Sothis has critical quotes, maybe she was going to be or is planning to be a playable character after the chapter where instead of her and Byleth fusing she gains a physical body. Maybe right when the 5 year time skip starts she and Byleth unfused

  13. The fact they took the time to record all this leads me to believe they have dlc plans for all three characters. Rhea will probably be a free patch character like Jeritza was for church path only. Sothis and Jeralt will probably be part of the abyss reality thing coming in Wave 4 dlc.

  14. Aw man! It's a shame that Geralt, Rhinea, and Vyorsothis isn't playable! Maybe they'll be playable in the upcoming DLC!

  15. Are these people actually playable? This must be a mod, right? But if it's a mod, why do they have level-up quotes?

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