Fish | A Chinese cultural symbol (Hello China #67)

The Chinese character yú, which means
fish with a plump body and round eyes. Yú is related to special meanings and
legends. There was a yú in the Yellow River. Yú wanted to jump over the Dragon
Gate, so that he could become a dragon. However, only quite a few yú could
accomplish that feat in the turbulent river. People with great achievements in
study or business are often compared to these yú who have turned into dragons. Therefore, carps, a kind of yú, represent achieving prosperity through
hard work. Yú is a word with the double meaning in China. A Spring Festival painting featuring a yú
is a symbol of an affluent life. Yú remind Chinese of prosperity and fortune. Thus, people like
to raise yú to pray for good luck. Yú is a produce of nature and a mascot in
Chinese daily life.

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