Five Things You Forgot to Label

Hi, I’m organizing and lifestyle expert Lorie
Marrero, creator of the Clutter Diet. You’ve heard me talk about labeling for years,
but today let’s talk about a few things you may have forgotten to label. First of all, how many of you have one key,
at least, on your key chain that you have no idea what it unlocks? If you don’t have just even one on your key
chain, you probably have a bundle of them in your junk drawer. There are a couple of ways to avoid this happening. Because once you don’t know what it is, you
can either try every lock you have or throw it in the garbage. That’s pretty much the solution there. Don’t let that happen. Just keep some of these little paper key tags
in stock. They’re very inexpensive. Or you can use your label maker and do a little
small label and put it right onto the key. Either way, that’s going to save you a lot
of headache later on. What happens often is people move into a new
house and the keys from the old house come with them. At least you would know then, after you move,
if you label all of them as a policy. The second thing is small appliance parts. I got a new rice cooker and this measuring
cup came with it. It was pretty flimsy, but it’s the right cup
to use. It’s kind of an odd measurement for just that
rice cooker, so I labeled it so I wouldn’t accidentally toss it out. Anyway, there are a lot of other parts that
you could do this with for small appliances that help you keep it straight. Obviously, gadgets like cameras and other
things that have cords and accessories, same thing. The other thing is that we freeze a lot of
things and we put them in the freezer thinking I’m going to remember what that is, of course. But you don’t remember how long it’s been
there, and sometimes things look very different after they’re frozen and they’re very hard
to tell what they actually are. The manufacturers almost always put a blank
space for a label on there. Just get a Sharpie really quick and write
on what it is and what date you put it in there as a policy so that you won’t be wondering
later on. Another thing is light switches. You will continue to get confused, even if
it’s your own house, after years go by and you never use that ceiling fan, and which
one is it. As you see here, it’s a great policy to just
label all the light switches in the house. That makes guests more comfortable and anybody. The other thing that happens is you have a
big control panel in many homes with a security system or some kind of internet wiring. Ultimately you’re going to need to know someday
which one of those goes with what room. As you can see here, all of that being labeled
just takes a few seconds. Next time your service provider comes over
to work on the panel, don’t let them make any changes without you standing there and
putting a new label on it. That’s what I always do. Because, inevitably, that helps later. People ask me all the time about the best
label maker and the best ways to label. You know, it’s very simple. I have had this very inexpensive $25 label
maker for my entire career. I started my career with this 16 years ago. It still works. I rarely even have to change the batteries
in it. That’s all you need, and some kind of Sharpie
marker. I like these twin-tip ones that have a fine
tip and a large tip. You want to keep these around the house in
multiple places where you’re going to need them. I always have one near the freezer, for example. If you want some help with ideas like this
and any kind of project consultations that you need, we do budget consulting. We are going into our tenth year of Clutter
Diet’s Membership Program. You can find out more about how to get very
inexpensive help from us at See you next time, and may you always be happy
and grateful for having more than enough.

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