[FNAF] [SFM] Brand X

Ah! People love their cars! People love their dogs! People hate themselves Its the magic of the market place! I’m uncomfortable In my own skin Nothing ever goes right Im a bad person. Turns code into FEELINGS I wanna crawl up the CEILING U-G-L-Y You aint got no alibi You’re hideous and boring! SO WHY DONT YOU JUST BUY SOMETHING! Bends our alienation into a masturbatory Fantasy The most meaningful nothing. Its MAGIC! Everyone went fetal! Don’t give your tamagotchi more food than it can handle, it’ll eat itself to death. I pledge allegance to my lotto dreams. Those safety bears… KEEP YOUR BED WET!

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  2. Lyrics:
    Ah! People love their cars! People love their dogs! People hate themselves at the magic of the marketplace! I'm uncomfortable,in my own skin. Nothing ever goes right. I'm a bad person.
    TURN CODES INTO FEELINGS! I WANNA CRAWL UP THE CEILING! U-G-L-Y! You ain't got no alibi! Your hideous and boring! SO WHY DON'T YOU JUST BUY SOMETHING?!*bends our alienation into a masteratory. Fan-ta-sy is most meaningful. Nothing. *ÍTS MÄGÎÇ! everyone went fatal!
    Don't give your Tamogatchi more food than it can handle…it'll eat itself to death…I pledge allegiance to my lotto dreams… Those safety bars… KÉÈP YØÙR BËD WÊT!

  3. I’m Shook. That’s Literally Me Right Next To Ft.Freddy. I Am Very Tall But That’s Me Next To A Animatronic. Plus Has Ft.Freddy Been Shocked Too Many Times?

  4. Mono, !aybe u could reply?

    T his is amazing. Ive been a fan of ypur channel for years!! B efore i knew who you were. Y ou are amazing. Maybe we can be friends? One fnaf fan to another?

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