FreshFinds Ep 5. Drink up fresh marketing ideas!

When you drink out of stainless straws, I
feel like your drink’s more refreshing. Hmm…because it’s, like, cooler maybe er—? I think so! Yeah. Or maybe it, like, insulates? I think that’s a thing. Yeah…we’ll go with it…we’ll go with
it. Hello, everyone, and welcome to Fresh Finds,
where we’re here to help you find products that are perfect for your brand. I’m Jason. And I’m Moriah, and today we have the Stainless
Steel Straw Set—ta-da! They come in a bunch of different colors so
you can find the perfect one for your brand, or your favorite color. They’re super durable. You don’t have to worry about throwing straws
away. Or, if it’s just a silicone straw, maybe
it won’t last as long…this is good to go for a long time! And what I like the best about it, too, is
that is comes with a cleaner and when you’re drinking a smoothie or you have stuff in there,
you want to be able to clean it out easily. This one comes right with it. You can store it inside when you’re not
using it, and it has a nice pouch. This is actually my personal one I grabbed
from my desk. We were all given these as part of our green
initiative here at 4imprint. So it’s been a great way for us to reduce
waste around the office. Your imprint, as you can see here, is right
on the front, like we have for our office initiative. And next up we have the h2go® Scout Vacuum
Bottle; it’s a 17 oz. bottle. My favorite thing about these are the color
options. There are a ton of colors for these, which
is really neat. Yeah, you can really accessorize based on
your brand colors or just the mood you want to set. These are really notable bottles, they have
dual-wall stainless insulation, copper-lined, and vacuum insulated so these are going to
keep drinks cold for a long time, hot for a long time. You’re going to be refreshed! Yup, absolutely. And I feel all my points here are aesthetics,
I don’t know, I just love the aesthetic appeal of this bottle. The finish is a nice powder-coating, which
is very cool. It feels good in the hand, and it looks nice. It’s like a matte finish, very neat. Also super functional—it has a two-stage
lid, so you can use the larger opening for putting ice in, which is great. But also, when you’re drinking, you don’t
get that spillage out the side because you can drink out of this regular size. And, if you’re on the go, a nice convenient
carrying loop too. What more could you ask for. Yeah—great bottle. And last, but certainly not least, your logo
shows up as a one-color wrap imprint on the side of the bottle. All set to go! And next we have the Dynamic Mirror Sunglasses. Whoa! Yeah, how about that! These are really neat. Yeah, these are some nice sunglasses with
a classic shape, but obviously a lot going on with this flash factor. Yeah, I could do my hair on your glasses there,
very reflective, very cool. Lookin’ good, Jason. They give you 100% UVA and UVB protection
so you can feel good about that. And you can also feel good about looking so
fly. Yeah, absolutely, and sunglasses are a great
branding piece too. I have several pairs still from college that
I still carry around. Great for events; great for weddings. These are just so on trend with the mirror
finish and the all-in-one lenses. Very styling. People are going to love them. And your imprint is going to be on the right
temple so it’ll be visible from the side. Thanks for watching this edition of Fresh
Finds. This was just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to see more cool products, check
out And don’t forget to tune in next time, for
more Fresh Finds

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