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54 thoughts on “Frozen at the Dell Logo? – Troubleshoot in 99 Seconds

  1. Worked in the first time, then the problem occurred again. But didn't work this time. I've two PCs have the same problem now.

  2. This worked for me after A LOT of research. Can't believe i went so far to find the solution that didn't work, only to find this easy solution. wow.

  3. Phew, I have the OptiPlex 790 and purchased gaming parts to upgrade it. My brother accidentally unplugged it and it was stuck halfway into that load screen! You saved me for sure.

  4. this helped! there was an SD card still in the drive so i took that out (along with d/cing the keyboard & mouse) and it restarted past the logo :))

  5. SOLUTION that WORKED: Stay away from Dell & Microsoft anything. AVOID both like the plague or get ready to spend your precious $$$$ down the trash can, unless you are the kind that changes your laptop every year or a couple of years like some flashy people do their cellphones.

  6. My computer is freez on dell logo…i tried every thing but all in vain….plz tell me solution …this problem is on my pc not on laptop..

  7. Does not work, still stuck at Dell Logo, Also stuck at "Preparing one time boot menu" when F12 pressed. Will not boot into BIOS with F2, Dell is worthless.

  8. i have 2 dell precision m4600 with this problem, 1 i7-2820qm w/ ati video and 1 i7-2920xm with Quadro 2000m video – no fix found on internet so far fixes it – dell NEEDS to address this due to the number of posts found of people reporting this problem.

  9. Same problem but on a Dell Inspiron Desktop. All I got from this video that solved the problem was to unplug the external devices from the CPU (like printers and keyboards and monitor) and then turn the CPU on with only the power cord plugged in (obviously). And I got to the my login screen 😀

  10. Here it is February 2019 and Dell shipped my wife a new laptop that still exhibits this problem. Why should you have to unscrew the back of the computer, risking damage to try and fix an obvious defect in manufacture? Goodby Dell and good ridence. I regret suggesting she buy a Dell. It appears they just don't care.

  11. taking out the wireless connector for my mouse worked! didn’t think that would be much of an issue but it turned on perfectly fine after i removed it.

  12. THANK YOU!!! I was at the end of my troubleshooting rope! I have my Dell XPS connected through an APC battery backup system and didn't even think of rebooting that unit as it's always connected to my computer. I was frozen on the DELL logo screen and nothing else worked. I shut down the APC battery backup and turned it back on. BAM!!! The Dell XPS Windows 10 64 bit – is now back up and running! I was ready to swap out the hard drive and this was a last check…. Thank you Dell Tech Support!!! I'm back to work. Fantastic note about there being "residual power" I had never thought of that before.

  13. This do not work for the majority of this problem. I found out something that did work for my. Send me a PM and i will advise you free of cost. Ps have my own pc business for more than 20 year now.

  14. this happened to me on day 2 of a brand new laptop xps , no peripherals plugged in, fan spinning like crazy had to hard boot device off again and when turned on a 2nd time it was fine , but not a good impression to my first Dell hardware

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