Game Maker’s Toolkit Turns 5 | Celebrate with GMTK Merch

Hi. I’m Mark Brown and this is Game Maker’s
Toolkit – a series on video game design. I just wanted to make a quick video to celebrate
five amazing years of doing this show. Since releasing my first video on November
6th, 2014, I’ve gone on to make more than 100 videos, I’ve received over 60 million
views and gained almost 700,000 subscribers, and I’ve even managed to turn this funny
little YouTube channel into my full time job. And in that time, the show has grown into
a huge empire of different spin-off series and other endeavours. So if you’ll allow me a rare sesh’ of
self indulgent back-patting, here’s what I’ve achieved in the last half decade. For starters, there’s GMTK itself, which
has taken on topics as varied as level design in Spelunky, developer intentions in Spelunky,
artificial intelligence in Spelunky, and making a good trailer for Spelunky 2. Then, there was Boss Keys – a three year long,
game by game analysis of Zelda dungeons and Metroidvanias – culminating in a 40 minute
epic on the amazing Hollow Knight. I created a chart system to visualise the
structure of these games, and that’s now been co-opted by academics and game developers
alike. It even helped drive the level generation
system in Dead Cells, which is bonkers. After that there was the GMTK Game Jam. This thing is a juggernaut – and has quickly
become one of the most popular game jams around. That’s all on you guys, who keep signing up
in droves to make amazing games filled with potench’. That leads to us smashing
records, and crashing servers. Plans are already underway for 2020’s jam. Next, Designing for Disability. This four-part mini series is a guide to making
games more accessible, and features insight from experts and players living with disabilities. This show’s legacy has been immense, with
many developers telling me that it nudged them to add accessibility features into their
games. I also donated the proceeds from the show
to relevant charities. And I’ve just started a brand new series:
Design Icons. This will be a history of game design, told
through the landmark titles that have inspired and influenced a generation of designers. The first two episodes on Space Invaders and
Pac-Man are out now. I’ve also streamed games on YouTube, under
the label GMTK Live. And I’ve done talks about game design at
studios and universities around the globe, under the label GMTK Very Live. And I’ve written articles, been nominated
for awards, been on TV, sort of… blah blah blah, I’m so amazing. Hooray. The real treat though has been to receive
so much amazing feedback from developers, students, hobbyist game makers, lecturers,
and of course, gamers who have found my videos to be informative. My videos have been used in class curriculums
and reading lists, I know that my stuff get passed around at studios like id Software and Ubisoft,
and it’s always heartening to hear that my videos have been useful to developers. Bonus points when GMTK ends up in a game’s
credits, like with this year’s wonderful Metroidvania, Blasphemous. I’ve also had some wonderful comments from
some incredibly huge names, but my favourite is probably Deus Ex director Warren Spector
who said I did a better job of explaining what he does, than he could himself. I’m putting that one on my tombstone. I couldn’t have done any of this without
you lot. Your comments usually drive me insane but
I read them all anyway, and every time you share my videos with a friend, leave a like,
hit the bell icon, or submit foreign translations, you’re helping the show. Oh, and using the creator tag GMTOOLKIT on
the Epic Games Store is real good, too. The best way to help out, of course, is through
donations. I’m incredibly lucky to receive a frankly
disgusting wage through my Patreon backers, and this ensures that I can keep making GMTK
videos forever. That’s right, I’m never going to stop
talking about Spelunky. You’ll have to rip this microphone out of
my cold, dead hands. Patrons get all sorts of goodies like early access to new episodes, their name in the
credits, a monthly reading list, bonus videos, a four-part Adobe Premiere tutorial, full
developer interviews, and access to a wonderful Discord community of nerds. You gotta get in on this, it’s great. If you want to support GMTK but are a
bit anxious about committing to a monthly payment, you can now grab some brand new GMTK
merch from my Teespring store. There’s this super limited edition anniversary
celebration one, a good old fashioned GMTK logo, and a stylish Boss Keys shirt. Patrons, check my page for a discount code
on this merch. So, once again, thank you for watching. Making these videos has been one of the biggest
joys in my life, and I can’t believe that they have such a big audience, or that I get
paid to make them. And what’s most amazing is that I’m five
years in and I still have as much enthusiasm for the process as when I first started. Sure, sometimes I suffer from burnout. And sometimes I even suffer from Burnout Paradise. But then I’ll get a new idea, start diving
into the research process, start crafting crazy new motion graphics to support my points,
and I’m right back into it. So here’s to five more years of GMTK. Five more years of arguing over whether Dark
Souls should have an easy mode, of carefully selecting the clips where I’m actually doing
good at games, of reminding people that Far Cry 2 was actually the best one, and of being told
I’m pronouncing Mario wrong. Here’s one for you, America: Mario. See, it just sounds weird when a British guy
says it. Anyway. Thank you so much for being here, and
I can’t wait to show you what’s next.

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100 thoughts on “Game Maker’s Toolkit Turns 5 | Celebrate with GMTK Merch

  1. Some damn nice achievements! I didn't feel like you were bragging at all. I enjoy most of your content and I'm not even close to making a video game. Average gamer/nerd here. Keep up the brilliant work! I'm excited about the 10th anniversary video 😉

  2. I just meet your channel last month and pretty much watch all the videos already. I like a lot everything and hope to see even more in the future!

  3. Consistently brilliant content that is engaging and utterly unique. Your victory lap is well deserved, far cry 2 is a sham tho xxx

  4. Now you mention it, not that much videos on your channel are subtitled in french, is someone working on it ? I would like to help but I lack knowledge in english and I never did something like that.

  5. Wow. Really wonderful and encouraging to see your last five years on this channel listed out like this. Can't WAIT to see what you look into next. I'll be looking forward to your next Spelunky video in a few days!

  6. So, let me get this straight…
    An American is supposed to tell a British how to pronounce something from a Japanese videogame… this something, being an Italian first name…
    Let's talk about imperialism guys 😂

  7. Toot your own horn, cause nobody else will do it like you would!! Im glad to be a part of this community even if only as a watcher. I love video essays and I have always loved game design even though I don't have any reasons to love it. Keep up the good work!!

  8. Holy shit Mark, you make $10,000 on Patreon alone? I imagined a little bit smaller amount but I guess you deserve it for the quality of the videos you put out.

  9. Congratulations!! You are an inspiration to me too when I do my videos. Your locution, editing, everything, you are one of my "see how he do it. Now do it your way".
    Regards from Argentina!

  10. I do like to buy merch from my favorite youtubers, but generally only if it is relevant to what the videos are about. So how about a mousepad or something along those lines?

  11. I don't usually comment, but you are amazing, and my wife hates you because I talk about your videos all the time! Keep up the good work!

  12. I'm still interested in hearing if you do your own video editing, if you have someone else dedicated to working on that, or if you commission various freelance editors for different videos. The editing on these videos has always been amazing and has only gotten better, and I think if it's someone else doing it that it's both important and only fair to give partial credit to such an important milestone in the channel's life. If you do handle the editing yourself, then it's even more impressive you manage to get videos out so quickly on top of the scripting, research, footage, etc. that goes into excellent production value.

  13. Congratulations!
    For a guy who claims that he never studied game design or had a job in the industry, it's almost frightening how much you know and your analyzing skills are amazing.
    First time I heard of your channel was in fact when my game development professor recommended your channel for my thesis. After initial thinking he wants to troll me, because we share the same name just in different languages, I watched the first one and since them the channel up and down at least a dozen time. I also fould opportunities to show your videos during lectures, when the topic fitted or I needed some backup to get my way on team projects, thanks for that!

    Great work, keep on!

  14. Mark, your videos go beyond video game design. I have a D&D group and when it comes to encounters I use things I've learned here to make it fun and engaging. Myself and my players thank you for your work!

  15. Do people from the USA really pick on a British guy how he pronounces Mario?
    They do realize they speak a modification of his language and Mario is an Italian name!
    It's like the scene in that Frankenstein movie, where the doctor corrects a guy how his name is pronounced and the other guy was actually way closer! 😀

  16. I hope you keep the channel diverse.
    I joined when you had cool videos on Half Life 2 and Mario games.
    Then there came a ton of metroid vania and rouge like games, and I totally tuned out.
    From the last 20 vids in my sub feed, I probably just clicked on 7-8 of them.

    There are still unexplored topics like Adventure games, Tony Hawk games or Bethesda RPGs, yet we get more on Celeste, Hollow Night, Metroid & co.
    I don't demand that you cater to my personal preferences or ignore your own, but I definitely feel like you shifted from a broad analysis of all aspects of gaming towards focusing on specific niches.

    All the best wishes, I really like your channel.
    It just doesn't speak to me that much anymore, as rouge likes, metroid vanias and souls likes aren't my cup of tea.
    (Imagine a channel you loved suddenly shifts their focus from all kinds of games to mainly cover soccer games and cookie clickers. Nothing against those, but diversity is key.)

  17. Congratulations, Mark! What you have created is no small feat, and you've been a huge influence to many people's lives, mine included. Looking forward to everything you have coming up next!

  18. I love you, bro. You haven't changed my world in any significant way, but HOT DAMN, when I hate I game I know why, and when I need to convince someone to play Hollow Knight, then I know how.
    SO nevermind, you've significantly changed my life.

  19. you've truly left a legacy in more than just the gaming community, your work is phenomenal and inspiring. I hope you can continue making this quality content for as long as your heart is in it. And remember that when you're ready to move on in life (be it 10 years or 50) all the communities you have helped grow will support you and your legacy will more than likely live on for years even afterwards.

  20. I love that I have this great resource to point people toward whenever someone doesn't get my love of metroidvanias. I could listen to Mark go on about games for days. Major props. I've been a fan ever since boss keys first became a thing. We're all waiting for that big Zelda wrap-up. No pressure or anything.

  21. I've been around since you got a shoutout from Dan on Extra Credits 3 years ago for a Christmas special. It makes me very happy you've been able to grow the channel year on year since then because the content is amazing.

    One of my favourite things I've taken away from your videos is the charts for the dungeon layouts. The method has really helped me plan out content that I otherwise just couldn't get down on paper. Building on that I would love to see a series that discusses and talks about how games are formed in the planning stages and how the evolve over development.

    Here's to many more years!

  22. onto another 5 years, give me more stuff to think about my pc gaming habbits, or how these precious gems are being designed

  23. You're the only YouTube that I've been truly invested in. And the only YouTube in which, when I found the channel, I went back to watch every single video because I loved the content so much. Thank you.

  24. Please make more of the videos like Lavaithan Axe in God of war, I have seen it so many times and i am going to watch it again when i am bored. Please make more like this from different games, also please make video on Dishonored series, any aspect of it. I know I'll love it what you'd make.

  25. Congratulations on the anniversary, thank you for all the amazing work, and for making this industry better. Also, I'm not a graphic designer, so I don't know why, but the way you kept the logo faded out (or in low light, or whatever) throughout the video made me feel weird.

  26. Thank you for making those videos. They are always a treat even the thrid or fourth time around!

    Now only the subreddit has to get back into shape again and the world is perfect.

  27. I know you said on Boss Keys you wouldn't do more until MP4, BotW 2, and HKSS, came out but what about The Other Castlevanias, The Shantaes, Guagamelee, etc?

  28. Thx to you for this channel. I'm not really a gamer has I was back in high school but your videos allowed me to keep in touch with this wonderful media called video games. You are really bringing value on the subject, simply awesome !

  29. Mark, you are amazing and deserves every bit of praise you got. Your vídeos made me consider iniciating on game creation recently, i'm so thankfull and can't wait to see more Zelda and Mario contents on your next vídeos.

  30. Warren Spector, Notch…
    But where's Derek Yu ???


    Mister GMTK you're the best!

    0:50 Level Design in Spelunky
    0:52 Developers' intentions in Spelunky
    0:54 Artificial Intelligence in Spelunky
    0:57 Making a good trailer for Spelunky 2
    4:07 That's right i'm never going to stop talking about Spelunky

    Can't wait for the GMTK about Spelunky 2 !

  31. Congrats!
    Just please don't work yourself to the point of burnout, ok? I'm sure we can all wait a bit for the next video if you need a break 🙂

  32. Such passion for video games you have, Mark! It's always great to see what you have done and what you are doing for the video game industry. Kudos to you always man
    And a big congratulations for completing 5 years! <3
    Can't wait for years to come next 😀

  33. You need to make one about people that never played a game in all there life. How many stuff we gamers just know, become game road blocks for non gamers.

  34. Hey Mark, I really like your video's, and you did teach me quite a lot over the past years. I don't agree with you 100% all the time (Far Cry 3 is the best, imo), but that's just how things go, and it allows for healthy discussion, right?

    Anyway, I just saw this, and wanted to donate in some way for what you've given to me. However, I don't have a creditcard or paypal to do patreon or merch. So, could you please look into things like iDeal, either for patreon or merch (both also allowed :p), so us Dutchies could donate easier? Or I could donate another way, I don't need something in return or anything. We can work something out ;). And if that's not possible as well, just know, thank you for everything. The video's, the results, and definitely the efforts as well. Thanks, man.

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