Generations React To Love Has No Labels

– It’s just so cool seeing people
be themselves and being celebrated. – We need to love one another. And if we can do that,
that will make the biggest difference. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – Oh, I’ve seen this!
– Oh, I’ve seen this before! This is really sweet!
– (gasps) I love this video! Oh my god.
– Oh, skeletons. Huh. – Okay. Whoa.
– I haven’t seen this before. – I love how their heads
make a heart. So cute. Who would’ve thought?
– I always thought that that was a really cool concept
of just having skeletons together and people are like,
“What is this?” ♪ (soft piano music) ♪ – I’m so confused. (gasps)
Are they gonna just pop– Ohhh. – Oh my. How fascinating! – That’s really cool.
– ♪ …can change ♪ – Is this a “try not to cry”?
Gosh dang it! – “Love has no gender.”
No, it doesn’t. It really doesn’t. (chuckles)
– Ah, cute! They’re dancing. Love that.
– I like the concept behind this. – God, I love this.
– ♪ My love, my love, my love ♪ – Interracial couple.
We love that. – They like each other?
– Wow. – ♪ Keeps me warm ♪
– Oh, wow. – This is crazy how we have
to just teach people this. – (chuckles)
– She’s so cute! – “Love has no disability.”
– This is so cute. I love this! – ♪ Even if I try ♪
– Awww. – ♪ Even if I wanted to ♪
– Aww, this is so cute. – I love that they don’t just do
romantic relationships. They talk about familial
relationships, friendships. – ♪ She keeps me warm ♪ – (chuckles) “Love has no religion.” – No matter the color, our bones are the same.
– (man) We are neighbors and best friends.
– (woman) We all have different religions,
but we have universal love as well. – (child giggling)
I love my sister. – Awww!
– (man) Our family is no less than any other family.
– Wow. “Love has no labels.” Wow. I’m impressed.
– I have the same bones as you. It doesn’t matter your color.
It doesn’t matter your lifestyle or your religion.
– It was… touching that you can love
whoever you wanna love. – There’s just something
so personal about it, you know? Gosh, dude.
– (Cena) Patriotism. – I’ve seen this guy before.
– John Cena! – (Cena) It inspires passion debate,
and it’s worn like a badge of honor and with good reason: love.
For a word designed to unite, it can also be pretty divisive.
– Look at all those American flags. – (Cena) Close your eyes for a second.
I wanna try something. – Am I supposed to close my eyes?
– Okay. – (Cena) Picture
the average US citizen. Think about it.
How old are they? What’s their hair like?
– He’s really making me think. – (Cena) How much can they bench?
– Ooh, ooh. I don’t know that one. – (Cena) You got one?
– A Latina woman that’s, like, 32. – He’s asking me all these questions
and I’m projecting him in my mind. – I just imagine your white,
like, middle-aged man. – I was just picturing
me and my friends. – The average American
can look like anything. They can be any race,
any color, any size. – (Cena) So, chances are
the person you’re picturing right now looks a little different
from the real average American. There are 319 million US citizens.
– He’s really teaching me something. So weird.
– (Cena) 51% are female. So, first off,
the average American is a woman. Cool, huh? Is that what you pictured?
– No, I didn’t picture that! – (Cena) Is that what you pictured?
– (chuckles) It is! – (Cena) 54 million are Latino.
40 million senior citizens. – Talk about diversity.
This is great. – (Cena) 18 million are Asian.
That’s more people in the US than play football
and baseball combined. – Whoa!
– (Cena) Nine million are lesbian, gay, bi, transgender,
more than the entire amount of people that live
in the state of Virginia. Around 10 million h redheads.
– I like how they have the people in the background.
– They have everybody in this video. – (Cena) Almost half the country
belongs to minority groups, people who are lesbian,
African American, and bi, and transgender…
– I feel like a lot of people don’t know this.
– (Cena) We know that labels don’t devalue us.
They help define us. – Preach!
– (Cena) Keeping us dialed into our cultures and our beliefs
and who we are as Americans. – (claps) Preach! Yes!
– (Cena) …freedom to celebrate the things that make us us.
– Wow. – (Cena) To love America
is to love all Americans. – Tell ’em, John Cena!
– (Cena) ‘Cause love has no labels. – Aww, I see the Pride flag
in the background. – Good message.
– It’s okay to disagree and have different viewpoints.
We don’t all have to be on that same page as long
as we respect and love one another. – I think I’m gonna cry.
This is not a perfect country, but it is the best country… in the world.
It really is. – Diversity, more than anything
is powerful. It’s not supposed to divide us, but bring us together
no matter what our background is, who we are.
It’s John Cena telling this. It doesn’t get more powerful.
– He really changed my point of view on that,
because for me, I was always like,
“I’m not patriotic. I feel like our country
doesn’t represent everyone,” so I’m like, “I’m not
gonna support that.” But he kind of redefined it for me.
– There is no one set person. It’s so diverse, and that’s what
makes the country so great. That’s why when I joined the army,
I joined to protect everyone that lives here. – “Kiss cams have been a part
of sports culture for years.” Yeah. They can be really awkward too.
– “The 2017 NFL Pro Bowl in Orlando, they became a part
of something bigger.” – ♪ And don’t let me show… ♪
– I like the music. – Kiss cam!
– ♪ I got a crick in my… ♪ – Ohhhh! Ahh! (laughs)
I didn’t see that coming! – Ayy! (claps) I love that.
Hell yeah. – ♪ It’s very sad, no more love ♪
– (chuckles) – ♪ All that I could do ♪
♪ Was remember you ♪ – Oh, this is great.
– I mean, it’s just– aww. Dude, you’re always gonna get me
with the– oh my gosh. Those kids.
They’re so loving. – It’s really sweet to include
platonic relationships or familial relationships,
because families don’t always look the same, or you wouldn’t
expect certain people to be friends, so to include everyone is just nice.
– Awww. – Seniors. Yeah!
– Everyone is so frickin’ cute! My hearts want to explode. – ♪ I see… ♪
– Wow. “Orlando survivor.” – (crying and laughing) – God, this is so sweet.
– If kiss cams were like this, I’d like it a lot more.
– It’s just so cool seeing people be themselves
and being celebrated. – ♪ Show me love ♪
♪ Show me love ♪ – (sniffs) My brain moves too fast,
’cause now I started thinking of all the hardships
that those people have probably gone through
to get to that place. – I love this campaign.
I really do. – I love seeing people
be so proud of themselves and being so brave
and courageous. It’s so cool. Seeing this just makes me
wanna show more love for others, for the world.
It makes me even think about– reflect and think about
times where I didn’t show love. – Every single crowd was supportive.
Our world is getting better as time goes on.
You can live your life however you wanna live your life
and love yourself however you wanna love yourself.
– Seeing these kind of reminds me the importance of spreading
this message just across the country but then also globally
of reminding people who maybe aren’t as exposed as I am,
“Hey, people come from all kinds of different relationships
and backgrounds, and we’re all human, and we should just love each other.”
– (FBE) So, all the videos you saw today are from
the Ad Council’s campaign called “Love Has No Labels.”
What does the term “Love has no labels” mean to you?
– You can love whoever you wanna love. – You don’t look at the person’s,
like, gender or who they are, their background.
I look at two spirits. That’s it.
– Love is beyond what a person is. It’s just what you have in you heart
and what you have to offer to people. – We’re all human.
We’re all on this world for no set amount of time.
So, why spend all of your time hating or being negative when you can
just empower each other to grow. – Another person cannot define
what love is to another person. We all should, you know,
love and respect and honor everyone’s decision to how
they choose to love. – I could feel it throughout
each of the videos. And it just got to me. Love! – (FBE) So, this campaign is all about
celebrating all types of people despite what may
be different about us. So, we’re curious to know,
how do you think people label you? – Well, sometimes I might
look silly, weird. The inside of me
is just a kind person who likes to be silly.
– They see a young Asian female. I see myself as a person.
I don’t see myself as just strictly a female
or just strictly, like, oh, my ethnicity.
– Maybe they see me as gay, which I am.
Older, as someone older. – I kind of just assume people think
that I’m a straight, white woman, when in reality, when it comes
to my own sexuality, I’m really open and don’t care,
and I’m a Latina woman. – Intimidating, probably because
of the tattoos or the eyebrow goes up. People are shocked to find
that I have a heart and I cry and I do have emotions.
– They see an elderly senior, attractive, overweight.
People who might have some issues with an African American woman,
they probably think I’m uneducated. And then when I open my mouth,
their perception of me changes. – I am non-binary, trans.
And so, I know I have a high voice and I have
a very feminine face, but I present very
masculinely normally. So, I think it confuses people.
Labels don’t degrade you. They do define you.
But also, labels are just there as I’m sort of like this,
but I’m more than just that. I am this whole person.
I’m this personality. I am so much more than
what someone may label me as. – (FBE) Do you think people
make assumptions about you? Does that bother you? – (choked up) I don’t know
why I’m emotional. Just a lot of emotions inside
that I don’t ever talk about. – (FBE) It’s okay. We can–
you wanna just move on to the next– – Yeah. No, I mean, I’ll chill.
I wanna answer the question, ’cause I’ve always been
real on this channel. A couple of days ago,
I was thinking about how desensitized we are now,
like people getting killed and everything.
And then, two shootings happened and I was like, “Whatever.
It’s just a normal day.” And I didn’t even kind of assess how [bleep] up we are in the head now. So, it just all came out right now. While I want someone to see me,
I don’t want them to see a Muslim or a Pakistani or whatever.
I want them to see that I’m a compassionate human being.
That’s it. Humans first over everything.
That’s all I have to– if I have to say anything
for this episode, that’s it. – (FBE) Why do you think
that this campaign has resonated so well
with so many different people across the world?
– Because it targets everyone. Like, you know what I–
it’s saying that everyone has love. – It’s just the truth. The truth resonates
and it stands over time. – Because it’s right and it
makes everybody’s heart warm. It’s so nice to see that.
That made my day. – It’s a positive message.
There’s so much negativity in social media,
in the news. It rings true for a lot of people,
where they’re like, “Yeah, my label doesn’t define me.”
– There’s so much darkness. There’s so much hate.
– There’s so… the visceral communication
that’s going on now. So, people are looking
for something to heal. They’re looking for hope.
– (FBE) So finally, to end this episode,
if you could add your own thoughts to what love means
and how it has no labels, what would you wanna say? – I think love has no boundaries.
Love is unconditional. – People should have the freedom
and ability to love whoever they want. – Love is magical,
the only magical thing. It makes people unite.
– Love is just embracing somebody’s struggle
and walking that out with them. Love is just making sure
that everybody around you is taken care of
including yourself. – You don’t have to like
every individual, but you should not discriminate
against people ’cause of who they are, what the color of their skin is,
what they look like, where they’re from,
what their religion is. – Love really does mean treating
people the way you wanna be treated, like the golden rule.
We need to love one another. And if we can do that,
that will make the biggest difference. – Hey, everyone. It’s Sierra,
producer here at FBE. Huge thanks to the Ad Council
and “Love Has No Labels” for partnering up with us
on this special episode of React. To see more from them,
check out their YouTube channel right over there.
Bye, everyone.

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