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27 thoughts on “Getting Started With The Logo Creator version 6

  1. Hey Thanks Michael!
    Let me know if you need help finding an order.
    … try the "Order Lookup" link under the Support menu on The Logo site (YouTube isn't allowing me to post links in a reply)

  2. Objects will not move with cursor when clicked like on the video, same with adding objects-no drag & drop, can't move objects around. Please help!

  3. Hey Marc, I am going to purchase the app today. What are you using for your presentation program?
    I will need to view your tutorials soon so that I may begin with our logo

  4. i love logo creator but i use it to make wallpapers for my facebook page
    but the new 6.0 version of logo creator doenst allow you to make a huge canvas page like 5.0 what can i do ? is it possiblr to get a free download for 5.0

  5. Hi Marc..great tutorial…   can I create logos with this program and sell them?  do you have a tutorial about this?   and are the logos saved in high quality …what are the settings to make them high quality?

  6. Hi Marc I am experiencing problems with creating a tee shirt in the right size logo creator I need to create a size of 3000 x 3000 pixels what size is that when setting the background in logo creator thank you for your time

  7. Hello, I'm interested in buying this product. Can you tell me if the color mode for the logos can be set to CMYK ? I'd also like to know if the product can be set up on multiple computers. Thank you.

  8. The Best Product On the Web: The Logo Creator by Laughingbird Software If your Not Using.. Then your Loosing…

  9. Why settle for ONE logo … when you can have 200!?!?… AND create page headers, blog images and youtube graphics!

  10. When I open mine up it doesn't say Logo Creator, it says Laughing bird software.
    Where do I find the logo templates?

  11. i am no cheapskate but i hate we have to pay 27$ for a program that can edit so much but for so little BTW there are multiple programs for free like this but they arent good enough but still 🙂 i love this one its one of a kind and btw is it permenentt when u buy it or is it every month or year

  12. so im new to this softwere and im try to back a out line for my twich tb how do i use this softwere to sidz it right bro can u heklp at all

  13. Just purchased Logo Creator7 – "The first thing you are gonna see are the Logo Templates". NOT – I do not have any templates. Downloaded all including "Design Elements". The graphics show up in my program file and if I click on them they open in Photoshop Elements but can't get them to show up in my Laughing Bird Logo Creator. Can someone please help me?

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