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– [Demonstrator] The Logos
mobile app lets you read, study, and reflect on the Biblical text with smart navigation. Taking
you deep into your study of gods word, No
matter where you are. The Logos mobile app
gives you quick access to your bibles, commentaries
and other resources with just a couple of taps. To set your preferred bible version open the navigation menu from the bottom right of the screen swipe down to settings, then tap the version listed under preferred bible, and make your selection from the list of versions that appear. This makes the version
you selected the default bible text Logos will
open each time you select a biblical reference. From here you can quickly
jump to a verse or passage using the verse
picker, then scroll up and down to see more of the text. The library button lets
you open any resource in your Logos library.
So to open a commentary or study notes along side your reading of John 1:1 you can tap the library Icon, and enter the resource you want to open. Or you can tap the tab view icon follow by the tap on either plus icon. You can add additional
resources by following the same steps. Each new
resource will appear in a separate tab without
interrupting your work flow. From the library you
can locate resources by title, abbreviation,
or author. Then select the title to open the
resource in a new panel. Now you can quickly
navigate between the bible and commentary with a right or left swipe for simultaneous scrolling
link the two tabs together by tapping the link tabs icon in tab view, then choose the resources you want to link. Now where ever you go in one
resource the other will follow. To rearrange the order of your open panels tap and hold the panel you want to move then drag it to a new
location. This allows you to quickly and easily
set up your work flow the way you want it. Want to stay on top of your reading? Use the Logos reading plan to set up a schedule.
Send daily reminders and keep you on track with
any text in your library open the navigation panel and choose reading plans. You can
open a pre-made reading plan by tapping the plus
icon and choosing the plan that is right for you. You can also create a custom reading plan for your resources. All you need to do is choose the resource you want to read, decide how long you want your plan to last, and
select others or no one to read with. Logos will
then remind you to read according to the schedule you’ve set. When reading a text Logos
offers two main menus. The navigation menu, and the actions menu. The navigation menu gives
you access to guides and other study aids. The actions menu offers
a list of actions you can perform on the verse or
passage you are reading. As you read and study your
way through the bible. The Logos actions menu
lets you create notes and highlights on the passage you’re reading. Launches study on a
passage, verse, or word. Compare version and much more. Logos makes highlighting
a resource as easy as dragging your finger
as dragging your finger across the text you want to mark. From the actions menu tap view settings, and ensure swipe to
highlight is toggled on. When it is, all you
need to do is select the Portion of text you want
to call out and Logos will apply the last
highlighting style you used. To change the style tap
your highlight and select a different option from
the selection menu. Or tap the context menu
icon to see more styles. You can also add a note
to the highlighted text from the selection menu. All you need to do is tap the new note icon, and Logos will open a dialog for a new note anchored to the selected passage. Just type your note in
the take a note field. Select a notebook to add
your note to if you want. And tap done. You can also add a note, the listed passage from the actions menu. To view all the notes you’ve taken. Open the notes tool from
the navigation menu. When you’re ready to go deeper Use the actions menu to
launch your next study on a passage or verse. The passage guide gives you access to
commentaries, and other resources, helpful for
preaching and teaching. And the exegetical guide
allows you to examine grammatical and textual issues. Want to study a particular Biblical word? All you need to do is double tap the word you want to study to access
your favorite lexicon. Launch a search on the words Lemaform. Or open a Bible word study guide that lets you investigate your
selected word and unearth it’s meaning. These advanced setting tools open up in a separate
tab, so you can easily navigate from tools,
to text, to resources. Even if you’ve never studied the original Biblical languages, and
the discussion of lemas and clause structures is all Greek to you. You can still use the text comparison tool to see how different
English translations present the passage you’re
studying. Open your bible to the verse you want to compare. Then tap text comparison in the actions Menu. Logos will then open a new tab. Displaying the English
text of your selected passage from each of your top Bibles. For offline use, you can
download your resources by returning to the
library panel searching for resources and tapping
the download icon next to the relevant titles. You can also Tap the information icon to the
right and tap download. Now You’ll be able to
read, search, and add notes to this resources even
when you are offline. With the Logos mobile app Your Bible study doesn’t have to stay at
home. For more tips and training on how to use
the Logos mobile app Visit the Logos Help
center, at Support.Logos.Com

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