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7 thoughts on “Glitch Logo Animation After Effects Tutorial (The Easiest Way)

  1. Me encanta tus videos amigo, Solo espero que cuando uses una Herramienta en Ingles que las nombres tambien español, Igualmente te dejo el LIKE. Saludos

  2. Congratulations on the objective and well explained tutorial that allows us to apply the effect in an effective and functional way, enabling the editing of a video in a short time without complication. From this tutorial and the commands that were used, we can expand the possibilities in a creative way, inserting more effects like glow, more turbulence and others. There are many people who seek less complex or advanced tutorials by the need to learn what is new, unknown to leave for something to demand more and more over time. We are always learning and we thank those who allow it. Thank you very much!!!!

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