Gothic Symbols #1 – ☥ Basic Semiotics & the Ankh ☥

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75 thoughts on “Gothic Symbols #1 – ☥ Basic Semiotics & the Ankh ☥

  1. this is really cool! I'm excited for the rest of this series and as far as I know the ankh definition is pretty accurate it may have been associated with one of the ancient Egyptian gods too (Osiris maybe) but I'm not sure. (your pronouciation is really good too!)

  2. I find the idea of explaining all about the various gothic symbols really cool, I can't wait to hear what you will tell next! This first episode was really good, well done ❤

  3. Thumbs up for wanting to educate people on your beautiful subculture.
    If you want to make the videos longer, you could give examples of how they were used and how they are used now and maybe show some images of how the symbol or sign has changed over time and use

  4. Oh gosh I'm currently studying linguistics and Peirce's semiotics, and Saussure as well! I think we're at the same uni
    Thanks for this quick refresh because I already forgot it :s

  5. The sandal strap is the most popular theory Lila and is probably correct. Before the Roman period the ancient Egyptians didn't use keys  – (another theory I've heard  says its a key – the 'Key of Life')  If you look at old carvings of the hieroglyph for 'ankh' it does look like a sandal strap – you put your foot through the loop with the long stem between your big toe and your second toe. The end of the long stem attaches to the front of the sole of the sandal and the side stems attach to the sides of the sole. Great video.

  6. You didn't mention a famous character from Sandman comics. She was called Death and she wore Ankh symbol on her neck all the time. Her look is very iconic for goths as well and had quite big influence on the subculture itself I think.

  7. This is a fabulous video! Thank you for making this 😀 I have heard that the Ankh can also symbolize union (one part of the symbol representing female and one representing male), also it can illustrate the sun on the horizon line. I think a lot of Goths wear the symbol since it can represent eternal life, and that links us to our interest in vampires, too. Those are just some ideas I dug up in research before I started wearing Ankhs. I'm not sure how much of it actually is attached to the Egyptian meaning.

  8. I love this video and the whole concept for the series! Just like you said, occult imagery and symbols are such a big part of the gothic culture especially at the moment. I personally don't feel comfortable wearing a symbol if I don't know what it means or if it holds a significant meaning to a group of people and I'm not a member of that group. I feel like I'm appropriating their beliefs. Maybe I'm over thinking it?

  9. I feel like a lot of Goths wear the ankh with relation to the whole vampire thing. I'm not entirely sure how long Goths have been wearing the symbol, but I feel like it started when Death from the Sandman comics was shown wearing it back in the late 80's. Which obviously is an oxymoron. So it may have started as a joke that became serious over time…

  10. When I was in Jr. High School (3 year transition between primary and high school, I was 12 years old)– We had a history teacher who was obsessed with Egypt, Egyptian culture and history. The entire year we learned about Egypt. We got to touch papyrus, recreate small mummies using this clay colored fluid that she said was almost identical to what was used historically– I can still remember that smell– And by the end of the class she wanted us to be able to read hieroglyphics. She would write sentences in hieroglyphics for tests and we had to interpret their meaning. It was VERY interesting! It was because of her that when I was approached by an offended North African couple while I was wearing my big silver ankh who asked me 'Do you even know the meaning of what you're wearing or did you buy it because it looks nice?' I gave them the full definition and history, verbatim (lol) that Mrs. Darab had given us on our key sheet. It shut them right up! I think I was 16 so the information was still fairly fresh in my brain 🙂

  11. My boyfriend is actually studying archeology and he has a whole dictionary of the old Egypt and it mentions that an Ankh could mean a sandal's strap, such as many other things!
    I am also studying linguistics and semiotics, therefore it was so very interesting to watch this video! Can't wait for the other ones on similar themes 😀

  12. I recently discovered your channel – great video. As a suggestion for another symbols video, I would be very interested to learn about the differences in pentacles and pentagrams. Also; some pentacles/pentagrams have one of the five points facing directly upwards, while others have one of the five points facing directly downwards. A video explaining these would be much appreciated. – Chris – FL – U.S.

  13. This is a really great video. I cannot wait for the next one. It is not a subject that is widely covered in schools in South Africa and it is truly very interesting. Your way of explaining it is also lovely. Thank you so much 🙂

  14. Attention Greek people! You can now choose to watch this video with Greek subtitles thanks to lovely Nadia from Dreaming Spirits ( <3

  15. I really think goths wear the ankh a lot because of its connection to ancient Egypt and ancient Egypt's connection to the occult. Just a theory, though. The symbol has a really beautiful and personal meaning to me.

  16. Not to be glib, but as an old ex-goth, often the symbols we used, actually meant "hey I'm a goth, and I hope other goths identify me as one of them". Yes there are many signifieds for given signifiers but in the context of the subculture I strongly suspect that it is part or a game of signs where we could build and experiment with identity. The signs gain new and powerful meanings within the specific social context and despite that we were probably not aware of it then, we loaded them with our own meaning and significance particular to us.

  17. Such an awesome idea for a video series. I learned a ton of new things about the symbol, which is kinda funny since I'm part Egyptian and wear an ankh, shouldn't I know this? Haha 🙂 Can't wait for more!

  18. I wear my ankh all the time but not because I am goth. I'm also a modern Kemetic polytheist so it has religious meaning to me. 🙂

  19. Uuuumm, The ankh wasn't just about occult symbolism in Ancient Egypt, the Ankh represented way more than that….

  20. Love this video! Semiotics takes me back to my university study – I did French & Communication Arts at Huddersfield University, and much of the first year was devoted to semiotics as well as stuff about perception. Later on we did some basic linguistics too.

  21. The sandal strap thing made me think of a series of pictures my parents have on the wall in their hall, which they bought while in Egypt. It depicts a wedding ceremony, in the ancient Egyptian style, with hieroglyphs and so on. The bride and groom each wear one sandal from the same pair, indicating that they are now one. If as you say the ankh and the sandal are related then this has a deeper significance than them being each half of a pair of sandals – it shows that their lives are both part of a paired life together. I think that's beautiful. 🙂

  22. SWITCH THE TITLE THE ANKH IS Not A GOTHIC SYMBOL! It is an ancient Egyptian symbol. Period. You are not qualified to educate people on this symbol.

  23. This was cool and I wear the ankh symbol and few other symbol but it think this cool on what your doing 💀🖤🤘🏼thanks

  24. So nice to have found your channel, Chris! You are absolutely right, symbolism is everywhere. I am currently studying not only symbolism but also sigils.

  25. Watched your video, despite the fact that I already knew everything about this symbol) It's all your dark beauty) Perfectly

  26. The ankh is my favourite symbol and I am gothic. I have been gothic since I was a child and I have always been fascinated by Ancient Egypt. Whenever I had to do a project about another country, I chose Ancient Egypt whether the project was for Social Studies, Visual Arts or Travel and Tourism. While I had seen ankh necklaces in a couple of shows I watched, I didn't truly become familiar with the ankh until it became an important symbol in my favourite show when I was 14. The show is called Dark Oracle and it is about a twin brother and sister who came across a comic book called Dark Oracle that actually predicted their futures and kept entering their lives with new issues. The comic features characters that are supposed to be them but the comic book characters have different names. There were some gothic characters, but the ankh was connected to a main character's (she is the furthest thing from gothic) comic book counterpart. Anyways, I love the ankh and I own some nice ankh jewelry. I want more!

  27. No video is old enough to not be cited with merit because of being an attempt to introduce depth and precision in the discussion about the subculture.

    Great Iliachris,

    Hope you the best

  28. Idea about what to make video about. How Imhotep got a vision about world in being pyramid architect ?

  29. Now I see why there is so little understanding on the ankh. This symbol is the symbol of life like she said but it is not a gothic symbol. Most people who wear it follow kemetic principles. It's really like telling people a cross is a symbol of satan. This is why everyone is so afraid of african spirituality. If you really want a clear understanding of the ankh go to the source (people of color), or look up Kemit cause this is very disturbing how they are using this symbol.

  30. The ankh if attached to a tuning fork . When the tuning fork is struck it will double the length of the sound . This symbol reverberates , regenerates , lengthen's it's energy in the sound of a tuning fork . Humans produce highest energy levels in the body when they climax in sex . When you can focus that energy back into your body and hold it instead of releasing it . Your supposed to be able to strengthen your health .

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