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35 thoughts on “Grand Finale 👑 Drag Race UK RuCap: High Tea w/ Miz Cracker Ep 8 | Logo

  1. Miz Cracker, you are beautiful inside and out, whether you are in drag or not. Disgustingly beautiful, funny, and genuine. Never stop love 💕 (ps can’t wait for American Woman and cough all stars)

  2. The British queens just look uglier than the American Queens, they had the language first but they didn’t get the looks that all

  3. Not from the UK but Swedish.
    And I think we have a quite simular culture when it comes to these things, but I could be wrong.
    Having to give a ”this is why I should win speech” is just very uncomfortable for me as a viewer and even worse for the queens.
    Being a graceful humble winner/loser is very important. Being forced to do a speech where you basically say this is why I should win and non of these other queens, and to do it right before they rank the three of you, is just straight up a nightmare.
    To do a “this is why I’m so great and why I deserve this way more” and then straight after be placed 2nd or 3rd is just really embarrassing.
    You are expected to say that the winner deserved it, and that you agree with your own placement. Which is a bit hard to do if you just did a speech about how great you are and why you should win and no one else.

    And when you compete you are expected to be extremely civil, you should make the competition as fair as possible so the “right” person wins. Sportswomanship.
    You should actively compete in a way so you don’t put other people down. You are expected to treat other people’s spot in the competition as highly as your own.
    So the Viv more or less directly referencing devina in her speech, was uncomfortable.
    I think Baga saw what was coming and tried her best to be able to take her placement with grace.

    I think Baga and Devina handled the situation in a way that was the most expected for me as a viewer.

    The whole idea of “fighting tooth and nail to prove that I really wants this” and to try and win no matter the cost as some sort of respect is just very foreign to me.

  4. At the end of it all, bottom line, watch carefully you can see it on Mother Charles' face—-she changes her mind at the last minute and throws it to The Viv because of the addiction storyline. Divina was truly robbed.

  5. I have been waiting for someone to notice the boob error for a long time. I was very surprised how often they were and thought they spoiled the upper portion of the Gown enormously. They should have being a little bit more enormous. The Vivian is a large girl and we can definitely Carrie large breasts

  6. OMG… We used to have peanut butter, dill pickle and mayonnaise on wheat toast!!! I have never heard of anyone else making these!!! I knew Cracker was my long lost sister. 🥰🤗🤪😏

  7. High Tea has been an AMAZING series! I would love for it to go on with Miz Cracker, but I suspect her 2020 is highly booked – lol! But if she can do both, make it so! And I am eagerly awaiting U.S. tour dates for American Woman (pls come to Atlanta, if not, then Nashville, but ATL, pls – lol!). Love this series and hope to see more in the future!

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