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87 thoughts on “Graphic Design – Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop – Drop

  1. Hello, nice video. I wonder how you make the rounded corners at 0:48 because these little circles aren't in the corners when I use my direct selection tool (Illustrator CS6). Thanks already!

  2. i just want to know how to save illustrator design logo for sending to fiverr buyer with source file.please answer i am waiting?

  3. Thanks for the cool tutorial. Thanks a lot.
    However I cannot make the lines bend 4:15 like you did. I am doing what you have shown but its not working. If I add a point with the pen tool and then use the anchor point tool to make it curve, the whole line gets curved in two ways keeping the anchor point as the axis of rotation.

  4. Im sorry i cannot understand what you say, and i amnew to adobe illustrator. What are you saying to do at 1:49 or 1:50?

  5. hello your channel are the best is so minimalistic but i have a truble when i was make the clipping mask the letter and the style make a fusion the silhouette of the letter and the style im try your steps 2 times and i have the same problem help me please

  6. At 1:57 why do you create a copy of letter A for clipping mask? Why not do it in original letter?

  7. Help.
    The Clipping mask is not happening.
    I grouped design, then selected the alphabet..and tried clipping it, but it didnt work. Help me out.
    I use CS5 verion, is this version issue??

  8. I've been looking for this design for 4 days straight , now i found youuu !!
    very good design , like & fav + Subscribe Well done mate

  9. I am again, you are great but you need to talk how you do some things, like outiline stoke and unite? how unite?? these some little things make a biggest difference to us. I need to watch a thousand times to understand.

  10. Love your work dude!! Great for a bit of inspiration. I hope you make a good income. I'm a self taught graphic designer who just quite my CD position to go freelance and this is just the sort of thing i need to get a bit of diversity. Cheers to you.

  11. man, the tuts is incredible, but your accent/velocity of the tuts makes it horrible to watch. Keep up the good work tho! Papa bless

  12. Hello creatnprogress! Hope you're fine and doing well.
    First of all to be super honest i really appreciate your job. ๐Ÿ‘Œ
    i have a question hope you answers.
    I 've been using Inkscape for over 2 months, i really learnt creating vector arts in Inkscape and tons of others and now i am eager to learn Illustrator and skip learning Inkscape. Whats ur opinion about that? Thanks in advance.

  13. please you need to explain in brief you are doing a good thing much have a little more please like unite but how to unite it was a combine okay

  14. I am so angry about your video. Are you showing just your design or you wants to people learn your design? I did follow your video almost half and gave up. You did so fast and I can't see what did you used tools. I need to watch many time and stop video and doing it. If you show little slow and doing together would be better. Thank you for sharing your design, but I don't want to watch your other videos.

  15. i want to ask. when i do make cliping mask the a letter also go4ing to be with. whats happen with that. can you help me ?? pls thid is for my project too

  16. You are very good at designing but If you want to make a tutorial for your audience then you should know how to make a tutorial. This is not called any tutorial. I am not watching your videos again. -_-

  17. sorry bout disturb you, I'm not sure how to make corner round, when I cliped (effect-stylish -round circle) and then it changed it by itself(with a terrible shape) if you have time plz reply me, because I really have a big trouble on it. anyway, thanks a lot bout your video, enjoy it a lot, and about the speed, I don't think it's a big problem for me XDD thnak you, wish to watch your next video soon ๐Ÿ™‚ wish you be good in everything ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. great work man! seen this before and wanted to know who did it ๐Ÿ™‚ I could keep up but for beginners maybe show the shortcuts on screen or something. anyways great work!

  19. i hate you so much, because you are doing everything so fast and I see lot of cool stuff, but I have no idea how to make it, because you don't explain it. in the result I'm really angry. you are really really bad as a teacher.

  20. an good tut ๐Ÿ™‚ keep going
    guys watch my videos it's maybe give you ideas ๐Ÿ™‚ i upload videos every weekend ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. hi, great tutorial again! but i think it only work on a single letter, but not on the words, for example, i want to type "chris" with this cream style, but it didnt work, so ,i want to know what;s wrong with my work?

  22. Too fast ! .. i watched more than thousand times to understand ๐Ÿ’”

  23. This is the first video Iโ€™m watching of yours, but I really think you need to slow it down. Way to fast

  24. Great effort and skill. But seriously horrible as a tutorial. You are using shortcuts without telling people how to get there. Tutorials aren't about showing how skilled you are but it's all about teaching. Hope you learn and improve.

  25. it's it too fast u need to slow video down in speed settings to 0.75 it does help also what u can do subtitles is open transcript and pause and you can read instructions there


  27. excelient graphic desigin tutorial, i like it, Now i make this design easily. thanks dear.

    Oh i am a graphic designer ..

    here is this @t

  28. excelient graphic desigin tutorial, i like it, Now i make this design easily. thanks dear.

    Oh i am a graphic designer ..

    here is this @t

  29. Those who are whining about he being fast, you have an option to watch video in slow motion. Press the gear icon(settings) and choose the desired speed.

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