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100 thoughts on “Graphic Design Basics – The 5 Basic Types of Logo

  1. Hi . Thanks for your nice and valuable information .
    I don't know how , but I wanna work with you . I do logo design in freelancer for 1 year . would you kindly prefer me to work being your subordinate.

  2. Great video! I think you narrowed it down quite well. I am going to be nit-picking here but I just wanted to add to your statement about wordmarks: They don't need to be in a typeface that isn't available anywhere else, but it's rather through their massive and consistent exposure that they will become proper to a brand (which is why you can have several wordmarks made with Franklin Gothic or Helvetica for that matter). These are generally the mostdifficult ones to sell to a client, as they don't get visually catching image but might first think "our name in a font? I could've done that myself". Only the smart ones will understand the potential of a simple wordmark.
    I'm done. Congratulations (by the way, your own logo is excellent)

  3. what would you recommend for a natural holistic health logo…I really like an organic green look to the Caduceus Our company name is long but easy to read shouldn't the name be included with the symbol ? or should i rely on the stylized uniqueness of the symbol ?

  4. Can you help me I am doing nutrition 4 Health with Sally, I wanted the word nutrition 4 Health, with fruit and vegetables, not sure where I would put my name.

  5. Hey. I want to make a logo, How do I know if this particular picture has a trade mark? Does this make sense? I have a logo I made up on photoshop. I think its basic. Do you have an email I can send you this logo and can you maybe explain a little? like maybe tell me if it's useless. Plus can you explain any programs I could use to design a logo? I would appreciate it. If not no worries I thought i'd just ask. Regards Robert

  6. Hey what kind of logo is my band’s? It’s called the Penn Jays and the “P” is the head of a blue jay and the rest of the letters are just normal white letters in a marker font and all the letters that spell “Jane” are in black since when I have a daughter someday, I’m naming her Jane. What kind of logo is this type

  7. Hello! Great job. We have a notification app that we called hüthüt (hoopoe). what tipe of logo I have to create for this?

  8. don't you think there is also one another category, which are made from photos like the Apple inc's first logo with tree and USPA polo players and KFC Colonel Sanders which are almost don't fall in any of the above five categories.

  9. Im trying to work out a new logo for my city in India which has been chosen among a few other cities to be converted into a smart city. What kind of approach should i be looking at???

  10. Nice video content! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you heard the talk about – Fiymaria Graphic Gainer (do a google search)? It is a smashing one off guide for getting the best graphic design for your project without the normal expense. Ive heard some great things about it and my good mate called Gray at last got great success with it.

  11. you are really cool and you explain things very well … if i had to fix something is the sound , it could be better if it was a bit higher .. thanks a lot , you got a new subscriber 😀

  12. When I design a logo for someone, do I offer different types of logo or anything that comes back to me and my choice

  13. I want to learn how to design logo I have a burning passion for it and I am handicap now because I have no laptop and teacher

  14. I want to learn how to design logo I have a burning passion for it and I am handicap now because I have no laptop and teacher

  15. I want to learn how to design logo I have a burning passion for it and I am handicap now because I have no laptop and teacher

  16. I want to learn how to design logo I have a burning passion for it and I am handicap now because I have no laptop and teacher

  17. I want to learn how to design logo I have a burning passion for it and I am handicap now because I have no laptop and teacher

  18. Wow…I can't thank you enough. I really appreciate your sharing of knowledge and breakdown of specifics to creating wisely. Your clear, concise explanations have broadened my perspective in many areas that I took for granted, and quite frankly, didn't even know. Much appreciation and respect for you. You're the best. Thanks again.

  19. Thanks! This was very helpful as I'm doing research to prepare to design my very first logo for a small T-shirt business. I can't quite decide between a wordmark or combination logo. All but one of the clothing companies I've looked at have used boring-looking wordmark logos with plain black font (Hollister was the only one to use a combination). I assume there must be a reason for this.

  20. Thank you mr ..?? your videos are awesome … hope you do some live streaming once in a while =) got a lot of questions in GD… hehe keep on making awesome videos …

  21. Thus is really wonderful. But I wanna ask if there are other exceptional logos which didn't fit in the categories?

  22. Hi, like your videos and analysis. What do you think of logo designs that just appear intuitively literally pop out at you and then no matter what you do the one keeps coming back. It's like the logo design has taken over the idea all on its own. And some how just feels right. When that happens I go with it. But now watching your videos I'm now having doubts. Should I bring a second or outside opinion on them.

  23. I am too hard to make a different wordmark logo and combination… what must i do to made it one logo at fast time? Isn't it need to take long progress? Cause i just design in computer, not using a manual type by pencil and letter book

  24. Hi. My business registered name is Segona Systems and Technology
    After listen to your video I was thinking to do a Wordmark Logo. Honestly I cant decide.
    Would love your feedback

  25. Hey man , great video! I just wanted you to talk a little bit faster! Hope you enjoy the feedback as I enjoyed the video! Lookin for more videos

  26. Watched this twice and took notes on my second watch. I am curious how you go about deciding what particular grouping you might want to choose as fitting for the company and their industry? It makes sense you might want to be careful about doing a combination mark for a small company that hasn't had time to market their brand to a broad base and that if you're doing something like a large company that has a global brand you're probably gonig to lean harder on the symbol design, but what about the others?

  27. Hey Col! Thanks for the value!

    What do you think would be most effective for a startup vegan clothing line brand? I want to do lettermark of just the first letter, in my case the letter E, as a simplistic, yet a bit abstract design. (I changed the shape of the letter etc.) My target audience will be vegans in the US and UK to start.

    Conflicted between what style would be most effective essentially just because I’m just starting up and want people to remember the brand and brand name as the name itself is powerful.

    Thanks in advance!

  28. Hey Col thank you for your video, you are great.

    Im creating a logo for a company called Avanti Tutti , it sells replacement parts for different types of equipments and machinery eg. Chainsaws, generators, water pumps, carburetors, engines etc.

    I’m not really sure what would be the best logo design type. Do you recommend one?

    Thank you in advance.

  29. I like the breakdown. Most symbols started off as combinations and after they built up considerable brand equity the name wasn't needed any longer.

  30. Thanks for the explanation PI! May I ask, for logo with mascot character (e.g. KFC) are they considered as emblem logo?

  31. Hello sir have nice day i am your new subscriber i need a advice i like graphic design and in graphic design focus in logo design its really need to practice all of that kinds of logo or just i need a idea of one of that ??
    Need advice

  32. Very useful! my clients always ask what I mean when I say what type of logo would you like! I now have a conversation opener. (0.0)

  33. Is there a "celebrity logo" type? I've been asked to write an article about celebrity logos and I'm not sure what it is.

  34. I admire your work. I wish you could speak louder. I'm in America. I can understand you fine, I just can't hear you well.

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