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89 thoughts on “Graphic Design | Fold | Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop

  1. Oh my god! How can a human being with such creativity be possible? I'm an atheist, but in those hours I get undecided. Your job is amazing. Congratulations!

  2. Nice tutorial, but hard to follow cause of the pronunciation. I need to rewind 3-4 times before i sort of understand what your saying. Ive been using this feature for couple years, still wondering photoshop hasnt implemented it yet. NOw i need to switch between both apps each time i need to something in ps

  3. The edges of my black lines are not flowing all the way to the end of the shape when curved. Anyone else have this problem? When I made the line symbol, I made sure it lined up all the way to the edge. It has a jagged edge, like the end of a line path. Any ideas?

  4. good tutorial.. but hard to understand what u say with that accent.. my english is really bad and barely understand someone speak with this accent

  5. Amazing! I can understand every word you say and this arabic (I guess) accent is nice. You arabic guys are the best designers for sure. Thanks!

  6. I have a problem, when I set the blending mode for the gradient to "multiply", it turns completely black. Can somebody help?

  7. you need to tell people to rasterize the line  so it will follow the path of the mesh at the ends of the object… guess you forgot to do that or didn't tell them on purpose…silly people

  8. हमारे चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करके सपोर्ट करें
    क्योंकि हम यहां पर निर्धन बच्चों के लिये फ्रि मे ग्राफिक डिजाइनीन्ग का कोर्स शुरु कर रहे हैं
    आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद।

  9. For someone who is fairly new to Illustrator. Why did you skip/fast forward the part to use the Direct select tool. Its hard to try to make the curves you want when you don't explain how you do it. Sorry but I could not keep up with your tutorial.

  10. you blew my mind like 3 times in a row. The cntl+D and the envelope thing are game changers. Thank you. So much to think about.

  11. Is rly necessary to create symbol? I can't just create this line pattern as a normal object?
    Amazing tutorial! Thank you so much

  12. These shapes can ofcourse also be obtained using the shapebuilder tool or pathfinder.
    That will speed up your workflow and achieve a better looking result.

  13. There's much more simple, faster ways of making those shapes towards the beginning, rather than forming it from a rectangle. You could draw a line, put a massive stroke on it, expand the stroke, and slice it off at the end with the pathfinder.

  14. My lines do not sit cleanly at the end no idea what I'm doing wrong either… they just look like cut of lines. Otherwise cool tutorial

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