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Hey guys, this is Rossum Today we’ll be developing our graphic design concept by using some great techniques using these techniques You’ll be able to create a variety of alphanumeric designs if you look at this design We have got two different structure by using the same concept our main objective is how to create this Alphanumeric cubical box once you create that you’ll be able to create a variety of design, so let’s begin with designing process So here is a cubical box. Which is going to be the base for our graphic design using this cubical box You’ll be able to create out the whole design So to create this box take a rectangle tool then with the alt + shift pressed create a small square Then fill it up with red color Now we’ll create another copy of the square shape so with your press click and drag to create duplicate After that it’s like a two squares and take a copy then rotate it Then please this square under the first two squares now We’ll use this square to create a check pattern so select all the four squares and go to object pattern and click on make This will open a dialog box in that box It will show that the selected shapes has been added to a swatches panel like pattern now click on OK Then we’ll get a pattern option panel in this panel me the copies to 5 by 7 and click on done and Now we can delete out these square shapes after that Select the rectangle tool and create out a rectangle shape Will apply the check pattern to this shape so click on the pattern and the dispatcher’s panel Now we want all the square shapes to be separated so select the shapes and go to object and click on expand Then go to Pathfinder panel and click on divide option this will divide each square next right-click and click on ungroup Now we have separated the squares Next bleed out the incomplete square shapes click and drag to select and delete it out After this we need three rectangular shapes with a different proportion of width and height This can be considered as three faces of the cuboid For the first one we need 7 by 6 division so to get that we’ll make use of these checkboxes we’ll select seven by six square divisions and Drag it out with the all pressed to create a duplicate for the second one select five basic division count the squares vertically 5 and horizontally 6 and select the squares Then create a copy in the same way. We’ll create a shape for 7 by 5 square divisions now Delete the remaining squares and place the three divisional square shapes on the artboard after that open the symbol panel and drag and drop the 5 by 6 divisional square shape into the panel and Name it as 5 or 6 Then repeat the same process for the other two shapes name it with a specified divisional number Now we need to create a cuboid with a ratio 7 is to 6 is to 5, but that has to be a bigger dimension So we multiply each of the proportion of values with a bigger number like 13 You can choose any other number this will give us our 210 is to 180 is to 150 these numbers are in the ratio 7 is to 6 is to 5 Now select the rectangle tool and click on the artboard then enter the width value 210 and the hide value 180 After that fill it up with a color Next go to effect 3d and click on extrude and bevel Here switch on preview option and set the extrude F. Value to 150 Then start adjusting the perspective angle with x y&z values manually Give it a nice perspective view Now with Matt the check symbol on the cuboid surfaces so click on the map art and Switch on the invisible geometry so that we can see only the check symbols and not the cuboid after that place the 7 by 6 division symbol on the right face of the box and Click on scale to fit and now read it and scale it to fit to the box to match the same by 6 proportion Next click on this right icon and select the 5 of 6 surface after that apply 7 by 5 divisional symbol on the left face Then we read it and scale it to fit to the H Now once again count and check the rows and columns of the left and right faces Here you can see that the right face has got 6 rows So to fix that let’s get back to the surface again, and as this symbol and scale it to fit Now see the rows and columns are in equal position after that select the six of six surface and apply fiber six divisional symbol for the top face Then click on ok here once again check the edges are fixed with a pattern or not Then edge is that Next slightly cuboidal box and place it aside Then create a copy of the shape and place it on the artboard now go to object and click on expand appearance after that go to Pathfinder panel and Click on divide option this will divide each square shapes separately after that Right-click and ungroup it now each square can be selected separately Next slide the cuboid and create a copy then keep them aside from the artboard here in this cuboid segi squares to form an Alfred or a number shape and click on unite option This will combine all the shapes and form a single shape Hence we got a letter A on the left face Now let’s leg the shape to get the letter O on the right face Then apply unite option And now in the same way we’ll create a number six shape on doll face after that take some more copies of the cuboid But these cuboid we can create any number or alphabets by selecting the squares and uniting them With these techniques we are going to achieve these types of perspective alphanumeric graphic design Now after creating some more alphabets and numbers Take a copy of the cuboid and go to the object then click on expand appearance Then right-click and ungroup it Now each face will be separated So select the right face and click on unite option after that switch the fill color to stroke Then under stroke panel choose align stroke outside so repeat the same process for the top and the left face and Apply the same stroke with the eyedropper tool Next select the cuboid stroke and make a copy Now here check the placement at the corners and please sit edges into each other Now select both the outline strokes and create another copy with the all pressed And place it edges into the lower edges Here we are forming a step shape you can arrange this keyboard in many ways after that Select the alphabet and the numbers from one cuboid and set them on the outline cuboid matching these faces will Do the same for the rest of the vectors so select the – America vectors and place them on each corners of the outline cuboid? Then edge them properly after that say the corners of the shape on the outlines Mix check the front and the back placement and bring them to front in order to get our design after That select one outline cuboid and edges the corners Now Sega top face outline Take your copy by pressing the Alt key and place it at the bottom Next select the line segment tool and create a line from the top face corner to the bottom face corner Now take a copy of this cuboid then select the alphanumeric shape and set them on the outline Check the corners placement Now take some more copies by pressing the Alt key And place the shapes on the outline Using the smart guide it becomes very easier to place it on the corners After that select the shape on the outlines and bring them to front Next select the artboard tool and increase the width of our artboard now take the rectangle tool and Create outer rectangles same size of the artboard for our background Then fill it up with any color and send it to back Let’s do some color adjustment So let’s select the text vector from a previous design and drag and bring it to our main file Here select the vectors from each side and pick the color using the eyedropper Once done. Let’s change the color of the background Now to select only the outline cuboid select all the text vector shapes and Group them up by pressing the ctrl or command G Then Lock them using the shortcut command or control tool now drag and select the outlines and pick a dark color from the color picker panel Now we’ll change the stroke color of each of the cuboid box So select them with the shift pressed and apply dark faded magenta color using the color picker Next we’ll create a new geometrical design using the alphanumeric cuboid You can use this shape to create any structure it depends on what you want to create Place the box according to your imagination in any perspective shapes use the shortcut Camero control open square bracket to send any object back and snap each corners properly Once you are done with the placement of the cuboid We’ll edit the color of each faces Select the shape from the right freeze and pick the light green color from the previous design using the eyedropper tool We’ll do the same process for the other faces as well Select them with a shift pressed and choose the appropriate color Now we do a little adjustments with the outline cuboid zoom in and try to match the edges and corners snap them corner-to-corner with the help of smart guide Then select all the individual text shapes and arrange them to front This way we’ll get all the outlines on the background Do the final adjustments before going to the next step? After this we do further assessments in Photoshop, so drag and drop the design into a new Photoshop document Scale up the size and place it around here Now double click on the background layer to open the layer style panel We’ll use this to change the color of the background so activate color over the option and choose a proper color using the color picker panel as It is sliders to experiment with different color tones Let’s choose a color that is little similar to our design then click OK Now drag in our second design as well We’ll prepare the cover design for both the geometry skip it up and place it on the right side Now let’s add a title to your design use the shortcut T to activate it x2 then type out variation Choose a proper font for the text. Let’s apply this font now do some adjustments with the text to give a nice look In the same way will create the Kovach for the second design use the same font style and Finally we have completed designing a geometrical alphanumeric concept using some very simple tools and options We have used a very unique techniques to achieve the final output The possibility of this design is very large each time you can create different Geometrical cubicle shapes with different numbers and alphabets follow tutorial along and create your own designs Upload your projects and let me know if you have any questions in the comment section. Thank you

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