Graphic Design Quiz With Michael Buckley!!

– Hi everyone! Welcome back to another collab-video at Playlist Live 2014, with the one and only Michael Buckley. – Hey! Hey, Karen, hey! Hey, Karen’s audience, hey! – So, we’ve known each
other, like, forever, but– – a very, ’08,’09, a long time. – Yeah, but this is the first
time we’ve done a proper, sit-down collab-video. – Yes, we’re doing one on my channel, and one on your channel, and you’re gonna try and stump me, and I’m gonna try and
stump you on my channel, so what are you trying to stump me about? – Okay, so we’re quizzing
each other on our own knowledge, and so I’m gonna ask him 10 kind of obscure graphic design terms, and I’m gonna see if you can answer them. – And my goal is to get ONE right, ’cause I don’t know anything about– so let’s see how I do, out of the 10. – And you guys at home,
you can play along. – Play along. – And let us know in the
comments how well you do. – How many of the 10
you got correct, okay. – Okay, number one, what does it mean when text is rag right? – That means that it is
raggedly aligned to the right. – As opposed to what? – Raggedly aligned to the left. – As opposed to what? – Oh my God, I don’t know! Clearly, I’ve gotten it
wrong, what does it mean? – Well, I mean you’re sort of right, but you’re not really explaining it well enough, that I really– – Are you saying “raggedly right?” – Rag right. – Rag right, rag rub,
rag rub, I don’t know, I won’t take, I did not
get, what does it mean? – it means when text is not justified, so like, in a newspaper,
you know how the text is lined up on both sides? – [Michael] Yes. – [Karen] If it’s lined up on one side, and not the other– – So, rag right, rag right, rag right. O for one! (giggles) – Okay, number two. What is a die cut? – A die cut is when the texture of the font has been dyed a color, and so it’s dye cut a color. – How can you dye a texture? – I’m not sure! What, even, is the texture of a font? – Anything is possible in graphic design, so you tell me, what is die cut? – Okay, I actually have an example. Right here, on the
Playlist Live, they cut out this center piece, and
this, so when you cut out a special shape out of
paper, that’s the die cut. – That’s so interesting,
so this is a die cut. Now I know, and I’m o for two! How are you doing at home? Are you smarter than me? – Okay, number three. What is lorem ipsum? – Laura Ipsum– – Lorem. – Lorem ipsum is a British YouTuber. – No, although I think
somebody should take that name. – Lorem Ipsum, hey! Lorem Ipsum is so cool, like! (giggles) What does it mean? – Okay, so it’s when you’re
putting in placeholder text, and you have nonsense Latin, that’s called lorem ipsum. – Do you think I’m gonna
get ANY of these right? Is there a chance in heck? – So, the first three
were the easiest ones. – Oh, no! So okay, so I’m o for three. – Okay, what is the
graphic design definition of PMS? – Umm, pixelated members society. – No. – Yes. – But you’re close. – What is it? – Sort of. It stands for Pantone Matching System. – [Michael] Well, that’s what I meant. I said, pixelated members
of society, but, yeah. I’m totally got some PMS right now. O for four, next! – Next, okay, what is a drop cap? – A drop cap is when cap locks, oh, no, a drop cap is
when you’re writing… Ahh, I’ve, I can picture it,
I can picture, I just can’t… So, it’s like you’ve made the capital P, but it’s dropped below the– I don’t know what it means. – No, you’re close, you’re really close. – What does it mean? A drop cap is… – So, it’s like at the
beginning of a chapter, or the beginning of a newspaper article, – [Michael] That makes sense! – [Karen] When it has the large letter. – [Michael] I can picture it! – [Karen] I’m gonna give you
that one, I think you got it. – I got one! Drop cap, I can see it
right, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Okay, what is a widow and an orphan? And you don’t have to know the difference, just tell me one or the other. – A widow is when a, uhh… Well, there’s like a word,
and there’s one letter has gone astray, it’s
away from its mother, and it’s like the word ‘Michael’ and the L is away, it’s
a widow, the orphan L is away from the M-i-c-h-a-e. – You’re close. – i don’t believe you. You keep saying I’m close,
but I’m so not close. – Where would the letter go? – To the orphanage with Miss Hannigan. ♫ It’s a hard-knock life for us ♫ I don’t know where. – Okay, so it’s when you have a paragraph, and then there’s like one word
at the end of the paragraph that gets pushed onto the next page. – [Michael] Oh, that’s
interesting, an orphan or a widow. This is so interesting! Even though I’m not
doing well, I’m learning. – And then an orphan is the opposite. So it’s like the first word at
the bottom of the page, etc. – Got it. I will never read or look at anything graphically the same again. – Maybe you can get, like,
half a point, I don’t know. – So how many are we on? – So this is number six. – Okay. – Or five, I don’t know. Okay, what is a deckle edge? A deckle edge is… I think I should have
gotten multiple choice. A deckle edge is A, an
edge that is deckled. I don’t know, what is it? – Okay, so it’s, you know when you buy a fancy edition of a book, and then it has kind of the
ripped edges on the sides? – [Michael] Yes. – [Karen] That is called a deckle edge. – That’s so fun. And people who watch you,
you’ve probably told them some of these words before. – Some of them. – And they might know some of them, yeah. – This one, I don’t
think you’re gonna know, because I only recently learned it, but I want to hear your best guess. – Okay. – Okay, what is a pilcrow? – A pilcrow is a… (giggles) – I feel like, you want
to hear my best guess, I’m like, I have no… A pilcrow is… A crow has overdosed on pills. – What does that have to
do with graphic design? – I don’t know. An overdosing crow on pills! What is it? – Okay, it’s the paragraph sign, so it’s the two things, and then the P. – Oh, a pilcrow! – Yeah. – Got it. I went to college, I swear,
I’m just dumb as heck. – Okay, what is a colophon? – A colophon is… A colophon is when there are two columns, and one is more phon than the other one. – [Karen] No.
– [Michael] Colophon. When I go to the party tonight, I’m gonna be, like, raising the roof. I’m gonna be, like, colophon! Have the colophon! – So, it is, it’s kind of a
page at the end of the book where you talk about who designed it, and what typeface it’s set in, and just any publishing information. – I feel like I can’t wait to read a book, so I can be like, “Oh,
drop cap and colophon, and just pages.” – So, the Harry Potter books actually have a really beautiful one. So next time you read
the American editions of the Harry potter books, look for the colophon at the end. It’s beautiful. – Thank you. – Okay, this is the last one. And I’m giving you a hint, because– – I love a hint. – I didn’t even know this one. I had to, like, when I
was looking up terms, I found out this one, I thought it was really interesting. What is a caliper? – A caliper… – Do you want your hint? – Yes. – It is a form of measurement, but what are you measuring? – Wow, this is really inappropriate. I am measuring my caliper with how thick the page is. – Wait, really? – Yes! – You got it! – I did not! – It’s how thick a piece of paper is! – Ohhhh! So I got two and a half points! We’ll give me two and a half points. – Yes, two and a half points. – So I’m a two and a half point expert. So thanks for having me! – Yeah, this was super-fun! – And so, check out my video, where I will stump Karen
on pop culture things she will not know, and if she gets more than two and a half right, she wins, but otherwise, I win, yea! – So, make sure you watch the
video to find out who wins, and leave us a comment down below… – How you did, if you
knew ANY of these things. Bye guys. – Bye, everyone.

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100 thoughts on “Graphic Design Quiz With Michael Buckley!!

  1. I'm self trained and I got 5! I guess that's pretty decent! I'm a crafter too so I knew some terms from that side of things as well!!!

  2. If I'm generous in my scoring, I got 5 1/2. Only knew the deckle edge because Hank Green complained about it in a Vlogbrothers video once. (I agreed; they're annoying!)

  3. i knew everything except colophon, in periodical publications it's called the masthead, in web it's an overlay (e.g. typekit's corner colophon)

  4. This was so cute!!! Y'all are both so nice and positive. I had no idea what was going on but I had fun. 

  5. This is super helpful for my career <3 ! LOVE YOU GUYS ! So funny and so educational. Thank you very much 
    <3 <3

  6. i got everything right except 'colophon'. didn't know what that was till now. i knew what a caliper was cuz I used to be a machine operator and that's a profession that uses it 24/7

  7. Hahaha I got 1 out of 10 🙂 I knew the colophon because it really looks like how you spell it in my language

  8. That's so interesting, in Dutch, the word "colofon" is the common way of referring to the editors list etc in magazines, so the publishing information etc!

  9. Ah this was actually pretty hard- I'm a graphic design student now and I've never heard of some of these terms. Fun learning them though! 🙂

  10. I only knew Lorem Ipsum, managed to guess drop cap, and only know colophon because there's an option to include one if you use TypeKit fonts on the web.

    This is probably why designers don't seem to like developers 😛

  11. 8/10. Missed deckle edge & calophon because I set type (on Linotype machines initially) for a newspaper, but never got to work with books 🙁  Thanks for two new bits of design knowledge!

  12. I got only 3 of them, sad face D':,  i think i have too study a bit more, A NEW EXCUSE TO BUY A NEW GRAPHIC DESIGN BOOK 8D, thank you Karen ;D!

  13. I thought about naming my first daughter Helvetica but I never had one.

    In stage design a Dutchman is tape or material used to cover the seams between flats or to cover hinges, prior to painting.  I answered "a gentleman from the Netherlands" because I couldn't afford the textbook.

    I got the first one right because we did use that term in newspaper editing.  The other terms were for advanced graphic design.

  14. Hey Karen, thought you might like this ampersand artwork I found on Behance! It's not my work, but it's pretty cool.

  15. It was rough.. Some of the English therms I had a hunch about..
    (I am from Denmark) I am a first year as a graphic designer, but hopefully I will get a 10 when I graduate 🙂

  16. I got 7/10! My brother is a graphic designer and has "Lorem Ipsum" tattooed across his chest in a typeface he designed in art school. What a nerd.

  17. 7/10 … I hadn't heard of a "rag right" .. I guess we use a different word… or PMS, or a colophon… but I knew Caliper – they're also used by nutritional experts too

  18. Awesome!  My longtime favorite YouTuber @WHATTHEBUCKSHOW and @Karen Kavett together, in real life!?!?  And discussing Design?!!?  You both are the coolest!  So much fun!

  19. I got 7 out of 9! Yay! Maybe cause I've been a Graphic Designer since 2001
    1. Aligned to the left, not justified
    2. Die cut-Cut out of a simple shape out of paper, there is also Laser cut for complicated cuts
    3.PMS-Pantone Matching System
    4.Drop Cap–enlarged first letter in a paragraph
    5.Widow/Orphan-Widow is a large gap in sentence before the margin and Orphan is a single word left at the end of a paragraph
    6. Deckle Edge-I did not know this answer, probably because I have never had a budget large enough for such awesome paper, lol
    7. Pilcrow-I have no idea…hahah
    8. Colophon–Publishing information page
    9.Caliper-Measurement to see the thickness of the paper

  20. I would really love to see a video about the 'life of a poster', sort of a montage with commentary. Brain storming, drafting, designing, picking a colour scheme, tweaking, saving, print discussion, paper or card stock selection, printing tests, finished product!

  21. 3/10 – only got colophon,drop caps, and lorem ipsum right…I'm more of a web design person, so I have a lot to learn about print.

  22. Woohoo! 10/10! 
    The colophon can also be located at the beginning of the book, on the reverse of the title page 🙂 

  23. Justified is aligned with both margins, flush left is the prefered term for ragged right, and it's RAGGED right, not rag right.. sheesh.

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