Graphic Design Tutorial: Web Design Review

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100 thoughts on “Graphic Design Tutorial: Web Design Review

  1. Great video! Thank you guys for sharing some insight into the process. I listened in to one of the Ole's videos earlier today about creating user stories, and I'm hooked!

  2. I was so tired of the typical tutorial and it not providing enough real world insight this is now my go to channel keep it coming once or twice a week would be amazing.

  3. Awesome to watch the discussion with the actual designer. Not as easy to apply this to smaller scaled clients with much less content. Still, very informative. Thanks!

  4. I think Jamie did a great job! The problem with this process is that she's working with template content. You should always try to work with real copy and real thumbnails. Content should drive the layout and not the other way around. Otherwise, you will spend more time in development, trying to fit the real content in…

  5. looks pretty nice but was expecting something more creative, specially considering your work… btw when are you launching the new website?

  6. Wow.. great material here. Thank you for sharing, I learned a lot.
    I would love to watch more videos like this that shows the process of designing/building websites.

  7. I love insights into the design process, especially constructive reviews and collaboration as the design evolves. I'm looking forward to more, thanks for sharing!

  8. Hey, really appreciate this run-through-the-process format. Recently got back from a Nielsen Norman Group conference, and content like this couples with that experience beautifully. Thanks!

  9. Thank you very much.
    Excessively good your video.
    I've been learning a lot because of you.
    You are incredible.
    Have a nice Year!

  10. This is so valuable. I can't believe we're getting access to such rich information. I'm really curious to see how the companies translate the "hover over with mouse" option on mobiles.

  11. The Futur… Gotta say i'm watching your content for the last couple of days… U give away too much information for free… i have yet to find a video that wasn't teaching me / clearifying stuff, and i do indeed have a design and arts education (rusty but still…). Keep it up especially the Mix between design and business, between type-nerdery and cold money-decision-thinking is very very enlightening… Chris i really look up to you, and u give me hope that if you do this job right, you might be able to avoid becoming a pragmatic money-hungry cynic.

  12. Great video ! I had a question : Once the webpages are designed by the designer and hands it over to the developer , there are some compromises to be made with the one we designed and the one the latter is gna develop. How do we set a balance in here ? Be nice if you could do a video with the designer and developer working on a live project and discussing on the same ! Thanks !

  13. This is a great vid for your own work, but how do you control the critique, when the client takes control of the design and makes the wrong decisions?

  14. Thanks for sharing this. I am glad that when I visit the Blind site, I now get where things came from and some of the decisions made for it to be whole. I'm creating a site now and this helps a lot. Thanks for all the tips. Inspiring work!

  15. Seeing a lot of design related channels on youtube & comparing those to your channel and the rich content you put out; is like walking on earth vs. walking on the sky 😉
    Guys you are re-defining design for the masses & professionals too!
    While I think you should somehow have more audience…
    Thank you, Chris, Thank you, Jaime 🙂

  16. Long winded question –
    1: At 6:40 you talk about the clients that you have worked with over the years. Did you have to get permission from each client to use their logo? Or was this written in your contract?
    2: I recently wanted to put a project on our website that we had modeled in 3D. We went through the proper channels in our contract and a guy contacted us. He wanted to strike up a deal with us to the tune of $25,000 so we could show the model, logo, and mention their name. It kills me because our company has saved them around $40,000 on over 40 projects across the US. It's pretty much useless to point this out to him since he's not well acquainted with the construction of these projects……. Is this a common thing that happens with larger brands?

  17. Amazing explanation of the value and power of design through a portfolio critique (though that may not have been the direct intent of the video, you guys defined design and made it relevant to just about anyone). Would love more UI content as well, even a bit more complicated with more involved user flows!

  18. Still going through all your videos, Futur… and this critique video is super valuable! It gives a first hand view of what it's like to work in an agency/design studio environment, which many of you would like to get into one day! Having your designs posted up on a wall and annotated is a popular way studios critique designs and is something you can do at home too and highly suggest, even if it's for a personal portfolio! Would love to see more of these videos, with perhaps one of your case studies that you've already produced! Btw, Jaime did an awesome job designing the site! (I need more practice!! lol)

  19. Hi, im a web developer with alot of interest in web desing and ui/ux design. Do you recomend any books to learn some theory, something more deep, or just practice, practice?

  20. nice Brother the futur 🙂 i remembre me when i have started web Programming since 2011 — but you know your channel is nice

  21. Probably one of the most useful channel in this domain on Youtube! Thank you and please educate us more! Give us more insights. Great work and thank you again!

  22. Really loved this, Jamie is awesome hope she is doing great. I particularly like what Chris says at the end: Clients do hire us for our ideas and way of thinking (to solve problems), I want to know more about this especially how to transmit this, even if it is a short 20min video, thats very comfy to watch. Love the Futur, thank you team.

    Would love to see more, and would pay for more videos on it (like those videos on skillshare that you can watch from home at your own time and learn tons).

  23. So… I'm not a designer, been crash coursing branding and design on this channel for my project.
    Decided to check out the current Blind website and I noticed something I would never have noticed before. The current logo for blind is a gothic typeface, but the text is all a modern san serif.

    The logo just looks out of place for me all of a sudden. Again, 2 weeks ago, wouldn't have noticed, but I now have an opinion on this. LOL. My opinion is the site text should be a serif text. (haha). Or the logo needs a redesign, seems noisey compared to the rest of the site.

    Thanks for ALL your work, and clearly teaching me about design!

  24. Perfect, Perfect, Perfect … i really love u <3 <3 <3 high quality content. I wish i can join u in ur agency .

  25. Can you pls, make a video on Web Design styles (UI styles). For example: Minimalistic (Scandinavian), iOS, Material Design, InVision style, etc. Those I see for myself. Any other?

  26. Also, can you pls explain WEB colours wheel use vs CMYK colour wheel use. I mean, for analog colour wheel opposite colours (that gives you most contrast) would be: red and green. But for screen, which are the most vibrant/contrast colours? Hope it make sense 🙂

  27. Lol that product placement though 🤣😂

    Great and helpful video though

    Also, using copics to take notes 🤣

  28. I love this. I would love to see more web design content in the future (I design e-commerce sites for a living)! You guys are the best 🙂

  29. I love it! It’s the exact flow that I use when developing websites! My layout isn’t as cool as yours but it works for me! Keep it up!

  30. Whether I steal or study, this is too valuable information, I have no choice but to put it into practice. Much respect to you guys!

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