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18 thoughts on “HalfTone Globe Logo – Inkscape Tutorial

  1. I am still new to Inkscape, but I need to create a hockey ball.
    This is the closest tutorial I can get to what I need to design.

    I just experience that once I make the clone and pressed under trace the submit button, my dots don't fill the circle – it scatters them. My trace settings are the same as yours, but how can I fix it?

  2. To avoid having to delete the additional dots created outside of the image to be traced, simply create a square just large enough to cover the image to be traced, change the fill of the square to white at 100% opacity and place it behind the object to be traced making note of the size of the square to be entered in below the 'rows & columns' value as width and height, make sure that option is selected and your "circle" to be cloned is in the upper left hand corner of the square and vualaaa! no unnessasary deleting of undesired dot-fill needed

  3. It all went downhill after I cloned the small circle — my dots were all the same size and they covered the original circle completely

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